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"Spawn details"

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    "Spawn details"

    Let's talk about spawns,

    My suggestion is each line of text below the yellow text under every spawn is further clarified. I also think the guaranteed gear tab needs rates for each gear, since they obviously are not equal.

    The first line states, the odds of obtaining each item vary.

    So this could simply mean that R items, SR items, and SSR items have different appearance. We all know this, those rates are posted for everyone as a means to give everyone a clear idea of what to expect when they spawn. And that they shouldn't expect to see an SSR in every spawn unless it is guaranteed that one will be in the spawn, usually the very last item revealed.

    But let's look at what it could also mean. It could mean that different SSR's have different rates. It could mean that the rates of certain desirable items could be very low. It could mean that items of lower cost have much higher rates than higher cost items. It could mean that out of 12 featured items of which one is guaranteed, 11 have substantially higher rates than the 12th, making it nearly impossible to obtain, no matter how many gems you throw at it. Doesn't sound like a sound, transparent line of text anymore.

    The second line states, the items that can be obtained may be changed periodically.

    So that could simply mean that different spawns can have different items, and the next spawn might not have the item you were wanting in a previous one. Fair enough, we all have seen this and expect it. Gotta grab it while it's hot. Might no be there in the next one. FOMO is real, we love it.

    It could also mean that, in a particular spawn, some items may not be possible to get in that spawn right away. Who likes to log in right after an update!? I do. Check out all the new, cool gear a spawn has to offer. Maybe buy some gems and start trying my luck. Who notices that sometimes a patch will come a few hours later, or a day later, that doesn't appear to change anything? Hmmmmm. So, they could just keep certain gear out of the spawn and patch it in later, after you've already spawned a few times? Wow, let's be a little more clear about how these spawns work.

    Last line states, the items listed are only some of what is available, and you are not guaranteed to obtain the items listed (no matter how much money you throw at it).

    This one is pretty easy to understand. It's basically saying if you don't like our rules, shady or otherwise, don't spawn. See something you like, don't count on it. Lottery, uh, I mean, gacha games are based on chance and should be played for entertainment purposes only.

    Last line is simple, see the spawnable gear page for a list of items that may appear (all the good stuff is buried under a bunch of stuff you probably don't want, especially if you have been playing this game for years already, most of which can be obtained absolutely free in our video spawns).

    Cheers. (stay woke)

    Here's to hoping for fair spawns, and better spawns, like the ones the other version of this game get. Because people like fair things. And that's how you keep a player base. Which, at this stage of this game, is very important. Compared to other games, the majority of this game's revenues come from players already playing the game. Bet on that.
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    Clearly you have not seen the influx of incoming new whales every season of the game and you also seemed very salty from the Pirilala spawn that was obviously a trap step up. The spawns are fair, it just seems unfair because you chose to do a bad spawn. Smart players avoided that spawn like a plague


    • Kashlyn_ULID
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      Compared to other games, this game doesn't get a fraction of new players. You can find that information if you look for it. And I whaled on that spawn harder than anyone in the game, I'm sure of it. More than quadrupled a fair rate. So no, it isn't fair. Yes, I am upset that I didn't get Pirilala after 147 spawns. I have every right to be. And you clearly have no reason to talk down to me.

    • Kashlyn_ULID
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      If they are going to skew the rates and favor low cost gear, we should at least know what the rates are.