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Moving across screen to target with physical attacks

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    Moving across screen to target with physical attacks

    I think it would be nice if there was an option to not move towards your target when using a physical attack when using swords, lances, books, relics, and staves cosmetically. I like to use sword cosmetics but it makes it way easier to guard in PvP, and with guards buff to 90% damage reduction it makes a big difference. I tested it out in duel rooms yesterday and I was able to hit without being guarded or they guarded late when I used a bow compared to a sword. Appreciate any thoughts on the idea 🤙

    The timing of attacks should not be affected by your cosmetic weapon - if so, that's a bug.

    Even if the timing is the same though, leaping across the screen is still bad. It gives advance notice of being attacked in PvP and confuses the healer in PvE. An option to turn it off couldn't hurt.


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      Editing a comment
      Yeah the timing is not bugged. It’s just for the sake of your second point. Thanks for the feedback