Ateam Forums Closing [UPDATE]

The forums will be closing at the end of April. However, we may have an option for backing up some content.

Details are in this thread.
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I suggest you fix the issue you have with the Limi cookies you know is a huge issue.

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  • Tigre_Vorn
    They are cookies. That are used to exchange for ether shards and elemental medals that are dreadful to farm. Especially cypher and star medals that is a scam to grind for.
    Ateam Avia what gives bro?

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  • Abi
    You only spend 1 gem to obtain more cookies, it isnt that much of a big deal. You can earn them back easily.
    The only thing you should complain about is the Limi races, they're rigged.

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  • I suggest you fix the issue you have with the Limi cookies you know is a huge issue.

    Many players had their limi cookies erased and by A-Team saying it was a mistake and sorry for the inconvenience is not good enough. Many players have spent money on gems to obtain more cookies with the I'll make it x3 over the span of a few weeks thats a lot of gems spent and you just say sorry? If your that sorry reimburse the players cookies or gems when you know it was a mistake. I have 2 accounts and I've sent a lot of money on this game over 3+ years. If this is left undone I'm not going to continue to play or spend money on gems they just say oh well sorry for the inconvenience blah blah etc etc. A-Team fix this and do the players right or your going to make a lot of people angry and quit spending money or even playing your game.