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Recruitment Boards: Fix It Edition #2

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    Recruitment Boards: Fix It Edition #2

    We players know the recruitment boards are annoying to us, so Im challenging Ateam admin to go ingame with their alt accounts and try to recruit members to their guilds. Let them see how difficult it is to get someone, let alone someone good...



    (Note: I was unable to recruit one more person for RGB because the boards were full of people recruiting for their guild and people telling those people that theyre idiots for posting on the individual boards...)

    Ateam Avia , you told us that there may be something done about this?


    • Ateam Avia
      Ateam Avia commented
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      It has been on the list of things to fix for a long time now which means that it will happen eventually, but I haven't heard updates on this.
      As soon as I do, I'll announce it here!

    • Claire Fennekin
      Claire Fennekin commented
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      ★ Give the recruitment post a time lifespan.
      ★ Recruiting posts can only be accepted by leaders or sub-leaders.
      ★ Accepted posts will automatically join the guild who accepted given posts with no warning.
      ★ Make it so NO guild leaders, or guild subleaders can make a post (to prevent trolling.)
      Lastly.. ★ Once a post has been accepted, it takes 48 hours for the new person to be kicked-viable, and 24 hours for the new recruit to leave the guild (this is to protect both the guild and the recruits from trolls).

      I'd LOVE to see a working Recruitment Board. Thanks

    This will be a triump for all players ingame. I cant wait to see those people faces who post on the wrong side of the boards.


      I want this to be implemented so bad.. it's a life nessesity, not a dead feature.... Please fix it!

      (How do you tag people???)


      • Imperialroyal
        Imperialroyal commented
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        @(insertname). im not sure about spaces even though i did tag an admin before

      Too bad im not seeing a lot of support.