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    Unfriending Easier

    Can we have an option to mass select friends we want to unfriend?

    There are a lot of people who stop playing and end up inactive. When I try to unfriend them, I have to select 1 individually and after I remove them, I get sent back to the first page.

    For lazy people like me, getting rid of inactives is such a hassle and due to the tediousness of the process, my friends list is always full.


    Actually, you can filter your friend list so that the inactive ones will appear first. This way you can delete them and stay on the same page with all those inactives every time. Once you're done, just swap back to your previous filter (like recently online, or latest friends added, etc).
    Makes deleting inactive friends a lot easier and faster.

    ¤ LichtKreis ¤


      That definitely does help, but I still have to remove 60 friends .
      it takes 3 clicks to get rid of 1 person, so I need to click 180 times and I’m still lazy ;c