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    custom item from photo

    This might be of a cringe. But would it be cool to make your own shirts, pants , helmets , hats , and weapon? This is what I think, first the person has to buy a plain shirts, pants helmets, hats or weapons from the cosmetics shop. it would be cost you 5-10 gems each and then the opinion will pop up saying that do you want to start customize? Choose yes and your photo from your iOS iPhone or Android. And pick your pic that you wanted and after you do that move or resize it l. And after you do that then it will auto preview it. And tells you are you sure you wanted to be like this press yes and it will say are you sure? Then press yes again and tada you made your own custom item. As long it’s not to copyright or full on nude. I think it will be fun for everyone
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    This will likely never get done simply for the fact that some people WILL do that (in this case, nudity shirts) regardless. I mean, in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, people made and uploaded explicit stages the day the Stage Builder launched, regardless of knowing doing so would get them permabanned.