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Cosmetics Made UL Great

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    Cosmetics Made UL Great

    Can we get more cosmetics, pleaseee?

    One of the biggest selling points of the game were the cosmetics.

    Almost 4 years ago, hairs & faces and seasonal & holiday themed gear were released with almost every update.
    Today, I can’t even remember when the last cosmetic item appeared, it’s just gear from the gem spawns.

    I honestly feel like a lot of players are quitting the game because it’s losing its charm.

    Some (bad?) ideas to help:

    - I think that new hairs and faces, even if they look similar to previous ones, are extremely welcome.

    - More themed gear in the Cosmetic Shop or better yet, the FP spawn (Grinding for FP for a chance to get cosmetics was so much fun).

    - Events that include cosmetics in monster drops or exchanges (examples: Summer Kraken Event and the Mechanized Maiden Event).

    - Maybe some ocean themed items in the Fishing Shop. (Like an R rarity swordfish sword)

    - Some more N, R, and SR cosmetics in any spawn, even if they’re useless, they’re still fun to collect. (Some could even drop from random mons in the main quests, it’ll add more replayability).

    - Rerelease gear such as the lacrosse stuff, the cheerleader stuff, the baseball gear, etc.

    - Add old items into the video spawns. There are gears that are outdated but still serve good cosmetic purposes (like the Riding Hood or Armor of Radiance). It would make more people do the video spawns if these were brought back.

    - There are some cosmetics still unreleased in Global UL that JPUL has (like the spring outfits).

    I think focusing a little more on cosmetics will help the game bring back old players and attract new ones because what UL has is so unique, but it’s not being capitalized on anymore.

    I’m probably just an idiot being nostalgic, but it would make me, and other players, so happy if ideas like these were acted upon.

    Also, it would mean the world to me if these ideas were relayed to Ateam.
    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm all for anything that improves cosmetic league. More options for dressing is always great.
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      Where’s fortuna’s plushie!?


        I like your ideas a lot!

        When it comes down to it, all I really want are the cosmetics.

        Credits to TakaEdakumi for the awesome Limimin Emote avatar!

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