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  • Permanent Colosseum League

    I think it would be cool to to make colosseum a permanent thing. There could be a BP rank/level system. At certain BP values you rank up and get a special emblem next to your name or it could show up as a PvP rank similar to the normal quest rank. Once you hit the max BP value you get a special cosmetic body and head piece both male and female. You can reset your rank and go through the BP values again similar to the stamp book. Your rank will reset back to 1 but the end reward for each go through will be a different color variation of of the male and female body pieces. The first cosmetic could be white, second black, third blue, fourth red, and fifth gold. This would be a cool thing for people who like the pvp aspect of the game to grind for. Unfortunately I missed the recent thread about uploading suggestions, but that’s mine.

    GS: 886k lancer main
    ID: 2092150023