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Sticker ideas (feel free to add your own!)

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    Sticker ideas (feel free to add your own!)

    Small idea this time!
    I'm sure this has happened to us all from time to time, you get a message which brings to mind a very clear reaction... but there isn't a sticker for it! I always end up having to try and think of something funny to say instead and then the conversation moves on. This happens a lot but I can never remember what kinds of faces they were, so I spent the last few hours googling anime faces and drawing some appropriate expressions with MS paint in the hopes that they can be professionally pasted on some unfortunate linumin for our own convenience!

    ...I think the knowing look might be better suited to a character instead... I don't know if this selection says something about me, perhaps you can think of some expressions better suited to your needs? I haven't found a thread dedicated to suggestions like these, so feel free to dump your ideas here!

    Another idea for stickers that i've had is elemental coins!

    I've always thought they would be very useful for calling out elements like what unisons you have or are going to use~


    • Guruanu
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      Elemental coins would be sooooo useful for calling out, especially in mobius.

    • Agincore
      Agincore commented
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      Right? Its not exactly easy typing out elements mid battle, and not everyone uses auto phrases either. Elemental coins should be really easy to add as well, so I see no reason not to!

    Ohh I love these!!


      I need a rainbow puke limi sticker

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        you forgot the most important one

        Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


        Icons 101


          Expressions 2: Electric boogaloo

          Maybe less inspired than the first set, but oh well~