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  • Guild Challenge COST

    How about charging a “toll” to issue a guild challenge, or a consequence for losing?

    Charge the guild leader/sub-leader that wishes to issue the challenge a gem or something if the other guild accepts.


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    Why? Only whales will do this


    • Tigre_Vorn
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      Even whales will take a moment to think before mail-blasting guild challenges if this were the case.

      Currently, half the time, the challenger doesn’t even know the difference of challenging another guild or requesting to join them. The majority of the guild challenge requests that have come through are from 2-4 person, B-C rank guilds that don’t even stay logged in if and when a challenge is accepted.

      Alternatively, allow a feature to turn off the option to receive guild challenges and guild applications.

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    No. Instead, it should mail a Challenge Letter that the challenger must draw kanji in black ink on.

    It then has to be mailed to ATEAM headquarters and be paired with information of your opponent guildleader's full name, address, date of birth, mother's maiden name, and the last four digits of their social security code---- if you do not even know your opponent, then you are not ready to begin with.
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    • Nemurerumori
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    • Lucihere
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      I agree with most points of this idea however, it needs even more like if your opponent that you conquered is out of country or overseas 18 will personally mail you a round way ticket to go over to their address over at the other side of the world.