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    Hopefully, this post isn't abandoned and that the devs will actually take these suggestions to heart. That being said, PvP is the biggest area of this game that I feel needs some real change. As monsters continue to become stronger, the battles become more predictable and boring. There needs to be some serious balancing considered not only for the power of these monsters but to the way these battles are carried out. There needs to be a new competitive dynamic implemented to make these fights fun again. They no longer depend on the actual strength of guild members, but only on how powerful the monsters you summon are, if they are the right combination (which is dynamically broken!), and they bestow the right buffs. My guild and I have thought really hard about these proposed changes and feel that these are a good start to coming up with the best way for players to enjoy Guild Battles. In the past, I have made posts complaining about the game and its current state without giving any realy feedback as to how to improve. I hope to change that with these ideas.

    Proposed changes to GB

    - Guild Bond no longer increases Unison gauges. It is only a means for the guild to come back from being defeated. Players should not be rewarded for dying. At current, players are allowing themselves to lose the first round because they know that they will be able to use a Unison when they come back and that the other team usually doesn’t have the steam to really damage the crystal or retaliate with a Unison because they can’t easily build it as quickly.

    - ALL Unison gauges are reset to zero when players enter either the Crystal Assault or Recovery Mode and CANNOT be built by any means. This forces players to have to think about the abilities and classes they want to use in order to survive longer, rather than allowing the fight to quickly devolve into a “monster fight.” The purpose of this is to take away the dominance of monsters and restore the need for players to work for victory.
    *Addendum* To make background members more meaningful, the only way to retain the Unison that players have built up is to be on the bench before Assault/Recovery starts. This would require that players strategically trade out to keep what they worked for and creates an atmosphere that involves all members of the guild. Yes, this means that players would need to try their best to keep their power levels close to each other, but it also creates a need for the guild to work together and strategize as one. The biggest reason this is being proposed is that this is one of the only ways that fighters would be able to keep a “clean-slate” middle ground. You lose, you sit out and lick your wounds, but you DO get to build cost for the next round. You win, you get a shot at the enemy crystal. When you all come back out to the arena, you have to earn the next shot at the crystal. Monsters are powerful, and therefore should be limited. Think of them as your “rocket launcher” and ammo is scarce. The moment that a guild is able to summon a monster before the other should be momentous, not normal. That removes the awesomeness from the fight.

    - Rework the broken element scheme. Proposed rework:

    - Light beats Dark
    - Dark beats Time
    - Time beats Stellar
    - Stellar beats Light

    There should be a balance between the way elements mash-up. The current scheme makes Stellar the strongest, and therefore the meta, element to choose while leaving Time (the only thing that counters Stellar) as the weakest element among all of them because it is weak to 2 elements when only being strong against one. I know that people will argue that Light and Dark cancel each other out and would, therefore, say that they are the weaker elements, so let’s look at this in terms of numbers:

    They all start at 0 and earn points based on Advantages/Disadvantages

    Light and Dark cancel each other = +1/-1 Light/Dark (This match up leaves them both at 0)
    Light and Dark BOTH cancel Time = -2 Time, +1 Light/Dark
    Stellar cancels Light AND Dark = +2 Stellar, -1 Light/Dark
    Time cancels Stellar = +1 Time, -1 Stellar

    Stellar is the only element among these 4 that only has a single weakness = +1 Stellar

    Time = -1
    Light = 0
    Dark = 0
    Stellar = 2

    Haste bestowed upon players from Time monsters is not a real advantage anymore since most monsters boost cost/Unison regeneration anyway. Even though Stellar monsters USUALLY come with demerits, those demerits are not damaging enough to players that use them, often dealing more than enough damage to the other team so they don’t get to benefit from any bonuses given to them. Stellar also produces many of the highest stat monsters in the game. I wonder if this is blatant favoritism from the developers…

    - Change the invulnerability that the Rook ability "Devoted Sacrifice" affords. We can all agree that in PvP invulnerability is unfair and usually associated with cheating. In PvP, the ability should act differently, such as dramatically reducing the amount of damage the Rook takes from attacks but allowing the Rook to be killed. If the Rook is killed, the protection ends.

    - Give the Crystal more of a fighting chance. Allow crystals to apply more effects during its life to slow down damage to it, say every 10 – 20% life intervals or so. Either allow players to choose which of these abilities to activate from the ones they have unlocked to set up their plan of defense (as it is currently), or allow the crystal some “sentience” by randomly activating one of the abilities unlocked. You could also allow players to set up a pool of abilities that their crystal could choose from so that guilds don’t suffer from having too little/many abilities to work with. This would create more urgency for the attackers and could prove to be more exciting for them.

    Since we all agree that PvP is the centerpiece of this game, PvP needs to experience the biggest changes. Either that or allow players to choose to participate in different guild-based activities and present more variety to its players. The game is boring and predictable as it stands.


      A Mutual trade system. You have to know the ID and both sides have to agree with it. Also to make it fair, they have to be the same cost, rarity, and type of item. For example a weapon, helm armor, or monster.


        I think a cool feature to add would be a "costume" or "outfits" to the game. This would be great for just saving curtain combinations of clothes you have that you like.


          I would like a My Hero Academia collab please


            Originally posted by Jlar View Post
            I would like a My Hero Academia collab please
            I'm having forum problems again, trying to fix the link to the official Japanese My Hero Academia website.
            At the bottom of the Official My Hero Academia website is listed the main copyright holders who Ateam would have to contact for the collaboration copyright contract:
            © 堀越耕平/集英社・僕のヒーローアカデミア製作委員会
            *Google Translated: © Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha, My Hero Academia Production Committee
            I highly suggest the moderators quit removing my text on accords to giving proper credit to the copyright holders of the topic at hand.
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              I would love to see a Hunter x Hunter collab. We're getting Yu Yu Hakusho which is also made by the same author/creator. There are plenty of mons, weapons, and gear that can be made from the show. It's a fan favorite and I'm sure tons of players would love this collab due to how popular this anime has been in the past decade.


                Could you please make Video Point Spawns compatible with Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets?? I can watch the videos, but the spawn simply doesn't exist for me. I've seen it on other players screens on YouTube, and it's just not there for me. I lust after those cosmetics 😍
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                  I think it would be interesting if a level of mastery was added to the character.