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Which updates would you like to see?

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    Which updates would you like to see?

    I spoke to the team about the below suggestion (dummy for damage testing) and the team showed interest and would like to put this in; however, they are not sure which suggestions they should prioritize.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to grab a list of suggestions from which I'll create a poll so that we can rank the most sought after updates so that we can have them prioritize the suggestions a little better.
    I'm thinking of doing the poll for about 10 suggestions so that it doesn't get too overwhelming. So here's where you guys come in:

    Please post your update suggestions in this thread before 4/17. I'll go through the list after and choose 10 to create a poll from.

    Example suggestion post:

    Update Suggestion 1)
    We'd like a dummy for damage testing.

    Raise the video spawns 10th step to something like "Guaranteed Cost 26 or higher SSR" as it is rather depressing when you can only do the full step up vid spawn about once a week, only to get a 25c or less SSR you have no need for. Also, raising the rates for the new 37c gear that is in there would be nice, as I have yet to see anyone with them since they came out and with 34c being the current UR average cost, we need a better way of getting 34c+ gear that isn't locked to events.


      The damage dummy... Makes me think of the crystal event. Just without time limit so it should not be so hard to create i think.

      As for what i want to see....

      1- Number 3 and 4 of this notice

      But if anything I really want to know more of those two features. What monsters will be introduced?, How will they work? Which monsters will be allowed to evolve beyond UR?

      2- Better video spawns

      3-Jam app :3

      4-Unison league direct or developers letter: i really want the team to share month by month their most notable updates. There was not so long ago a Valkyrie connect direct to announce a new feature and i thought it was pretty cool.

      Finally. I was wondering if it is possible for the team to share with us some of the features that they have in mind, like the ones in the notice above (how they could work... What will they be about ) for us to vote which one we will like to see sooner and for them to put more resources on it.


        hum, most of the thing I think about are more of quality of life thing but I will throw them :

        - (1) some improvement in video spawn (like getting one medal after a whole 10 step, and having exchange item wich cost some medals, like the new damage down xxl and kurama could cost 10 medals each or something)

        - (2) more inventory slot (by either increasing it's minimum size for everyone or having an increase on the maximum even if it still cost gems)

        - (3) update on the elemental part of the game (in game detail still say that each elemental atk are worth 10% increase in stats while it's 5% like everywhere except mobius) ( )

        - (4) I don't have a big problem with that, but some extra preset slot might alway help (I would be fine with +2, idk for other)

        then : not really a suggestion but if it's not added this week, having the 6th ring skill update that JPUL got would be nice, since we are done with light 40c, RGB and tournament :
        ( JPUL game notice about it, a little over a month ago : )
        ( JPUL forum post with skill change I translated : )
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          I like the first one...

        I can only think of 2 suggestions for now that I really want in UL:

        1) More gear presets ! This thread has examples of what the gear preset layout could look like ( )

        2) Raise max gear inventory/locker & furniture inventory slot limit !
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          1- Video spawn improvements. My previous thread covers this topic. Its editted with more suggestions!

          2-more daily options for gems after reaching rank 121 ( unlocking new repeatable on weekly basis quests for those who reached rank 121 also fixing the rank bugg would be needed )

          3-damage testing ( dummies)

          4-elemental attack effectiveness increasing.


            One of major things is improving the graph design on the Avatar's hands something I've been complaining about for years lolz

            Two I'd like a trading system, not a trading system for spawn items, but it be nice to have a transcript of gold, proficiency, augment. Like I have a lot of augment keys a lot and way too much augment stuff I rather sell that stuff for gold. I believe it be just more medieval cool too implement a trading system like that. I'll also use the trading system to help my newbie guild members that aren't advance classes help them out, or cut off that grinding for them because they lost their account and not having them back to near same potential is eeehhh.

            Is extremely rare items with like the lowest too lowest % that utilizes the awaking gear, like maybe the first 40 cost weapon but it has a not over powered ability a useful yet overall fun ability too have. Maybe a relic that once fully awaken an exclusive ability is there like an ability called crucify that weakens heals applied to that person while deals magic dmg

            Out of everything I honestly would love too see the guild alliances, however it's last on the list because I want it too be big and I want save up a good amount of money to just drop down like crazy to just have fun.


              1. Increase guaranteed cost for the last step of the video spawn.

              2. A rework of some sort of the recruitment board. I cannot stress how incredibly infuriating and frustrating the board is. It’s basically unusable thanks to dumbdumbs that don’t use correctly. I guess a first step would be to delete posts after a certain number of days.

              3. more aizens
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              Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


              Icons 101


                1. Increase last step of video spawn and maybe a guaranteed ssr in every step. There are so many useless ssr (20c f.e) so I guess that won't hurt you guys. And we get more of this garbage medals and more cosmetics!

                2. Please don't let the fishing feature die! It was a good idea but we have nothing to fish for! Cosmetics would be cool or again some passas or mustache eggs (but please not with that amount of fish stone for exchanging!!) I would appreciate some new fishing spots too! Maybe limited time spots or random appearing spots with cool stuff to fish! Like we have some stinky shoes why not have garbage like limi cookies, keys or even one gem? Of course not always but with a little chance. Guess we all would be more motivated!
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                  Thats so many recycling medals! too op

                1- Fix and improve the recruitment board

                2- Improvements to fishing and limi races with more rpg elements to make them interesting to play

                3- More.raffles, permanent if possible , the last one was fun

                4- Chat, notes and restrictions to enter (like element points) when forming groups for missions

                5- A total rework to the guild league system (almost impossible to descend from A to B, but takes months to ascend from C to A)

                6- Customizable guild halls (at least let us chance the colores)

                7-Public guilds or guild academies where newbies can stay and play with other active newbies until they found a good and active guild, i think a lot of new players leave the game because they end in guilds run by other newbies with no experience that just abandon the game, and even if the old players want to help we cant Let them join our big guilds because there Is no incentive for us to Let a weak person join, i heard a teacher-student Is going to be implemented soon but a step further with complete "schools" can be interesting to have

                8- An option to make relics float or be held directly in the hand, i know Is silly, but for cosmetic reasons a lot of relics look weird floating

                9-Improvements and optimization to the chat, i heard that a general chat Is going to be implemented, but i think a bit of work must be done to the chat tabs first, they are supper annoying to use

                10-A real in-app encyclopedia, with all the detailed info of all the existing ítems in the game even if you dont own them, Is supper annoying when im thinking some Unison combinations with my guild mates and i dont remember the effects of some monsters, or when im checking the pool of ítems in certain spawns, in those cases i need to open and search in the Unison wiki múltiple times, it could be cool if we can easily check that stuff quickly in-game


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                  I like the newbie idea

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                  Number 7 is basically DOJO feature with certain improvements.

                  Here is a link to that update


                • Rabidoragon
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                  Thats why i said i knew a teacher-student feature was going to be added soon, however the feature Is still quite limited and doesnt solve other problems that newbies face like inactive guilds and can have some work and Improvements even if we still dont have such update, like making complete schools run by experienced guilds

                1) Video spawn improvements. The SSR rates and cost are quite low, which was already mentioned.
                2) More inventory space as mentioned above.
                3) More preset slots as mentioned above too.


                  In no particular order (some have already been posted, I see):

                  1) More Furniture slots/a Cosmetic furniture system. A way to place furniture that you've already discarded. Allows safe deletion of furniture you might place in your room, but will never equip for stats.

                  2) Streamlined/improved room like system. I try to return room likes whenever I can, but the current setup makes this a time-consuming chore. And at max rank, there's almost no reason to even do it. Bonus furniture tokens or other rewards could be nice.

                  3) Improved Limimin Races and Unison Fishing. I believe the first is already in the works (involving players' pets, I hear), so I'll focus on the latter. Despite the original notice, there are no cosmetic rewards for this, and recently all non-fishing items have disappeared from the stones exchange. I would like an improved item shop, new fishing spots, and more (than zero) opportunities to work co-operatively in this minigame.

                  4) Guild Hall Customization. More backgrounds to earn, allow furniture to be placed throughout. I had a thought on this: Add a new type of furniture exclusively meant for Guild Hall placement. Some purchasable with Bronze/Gold medals, some from events like Colosseum/Mobius (or allow the existing ones to be placed instead), and others earned through teamwork in the form of missions or ranking up. Maybe add a huge gold trophy cup for Grand Tournament winners?

                  5) Enable EXP gain and "Level up" for max level players. This wouldn't affect a player's level in any way, but would allow a free AP replenishment when the EXP bar is filled. I'd finally have a use for all these EXP Quest keys…

                  Other suggestions I'd like to second but without much to add:

                  6) More events like the recent Cosmetic Raffle. I didn't get much from the daily rewards, and we don't even know who won yet, but I had a lot of fun matching pieces from a limited selection.

                  7) Improvements to quest party gathering. Everything from Rabidoragon's #4.

                  8) More Inventory and Gear Set slots.

                  9) Announcements for upcoming events and updates. I love TaikunZ's (and ​Albus'!) JPUL threads, but we shouldn't need a third-party surveillance network to piece together what's around the corner for Global, and not everyone frequents these forums.

                  10) Improved Encyclopedia. Tagging Rabidoragon ​again!

                  11) Am I allowed more than 10? lol Video Spawn improvements as discussed in this thread.

                  I believe those are all the major requests I have. Thank you very much for talking with the team and making this thread!

                  EDIT: NOPE, FORGOT ONE
                  12) Discard unwanted Limimin cosmetics (for a portion of the costume token cost in exchange, of course). A knock-out list for seasonal items would be great, preventing duplicates from being spawned until one of each is collected.
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                  Credits to TakaEdakumi for the awesome Limimin Emote avatar!

                  Want shared Guild cosmetics? Guild Hall furnishing? Music selection, cosmetic furniture, and monster placement for your room? Like or comment on this suggestion thread and we'll see what happens!


                  • Albus
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                    Limimin races are getting a massive rework down the line so do not worry (too much) about it :3

                  Okay so...

                  1) MORE FURNITURE SLOTS. Like what PresidentPeople already mentioned above. Many people have mentioned in posts that we're in dire need of more furniture storage..I had to delete a lot of furniture that I liked in order to keep new furniture.

                  2) BEING ABLE TO PLACE UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF FURNITURE IN OUR ROOMS! (Or if you can't do unlimited amount, then 35+)

                  3) Maybe make our Rooms more like a HOUSE? And within our House we can have other Rooms within it like a kitchen, living room, bathroom, garden/backyard etc. That would be so cool!!

                  4) ^ I mentioned if we were able to have more rooms within our House instead of "Room", a furniture spawn with KITCHEN THEMED furniture, etc.

                  5) Being able to change our hair and eye color with a CUSTOM COLOR WHEEL OR CHART. (I made a post about this, Idk how to reference my post here.)

                  6) Being able to wear headwear with facewear. Example: Hats with glasses, masks with earrings, etc.

                  That's all I can think of for now..will edit later if I think of any more.

                  Edit: I actually quite like Avia's example of having a dummy for damage testing, even though it was a random example.
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                    1!!!!) Granvia DEF gears should work for Extra classes too
                    2)video spawn improvements its pretty much impossible to get +33c gears


                      1) Better rates for the Video Spawn
                      2) Higher level cap (it's been a while since it's been raised)
                      3) Legend Medal-exchangeable gear for 6th ring base classes
                      4) Granvia DEF gear for extra classes
                      5) Friends-only duel rooms
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                        Yes, i want friends only duel rooms