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Valkyrie Connect X Unison League

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    Valkyrie Connect X Unison League

    I think that this would further promote each audience to actually play the other because it seems like we just will log on for the 3 gems every collab only on each game..

    This is just a collection of monster ideas mainly as for what Unison League could do for this collaboration. If anyone has any better ideas or suggestions please put it below or any story related ideas.

    5 Valkyrie connect characters to represent 5 classes of UL, cosplaying in Unison League Valkyrie Gear. Each Valkyrie will have the weapon that their VC character uses, but the armors of the UL Valkyries.

    Knight Senna X Water Valkyrie

    Reaper Mia X Dark Valkyrie

    Lady Freya X Fire Valkyrie

    Cannoneer Canon X Light Valkyrie

    Shield Knight Luca X Wind Valkyrie


    Skuld, Verdandi and Urd [VC vers] cosplaying as UL counterparts

    Skuld [VC] X Skuld [UL]

    Verdandi [VC] X Verdandi [UL]

    Urd [VC] X Urd [UL]

    Odin [UL] X Odin [VC] (this is a reverse)

    Airi [UL] X Skuld awakened [VC] (this is a reverse)
    Airi [UL] X Valkyrie Radgrid [VC] (this is a reverse)

    Additional monsters:

    Odin [VC]
    Skuld [VC]
    Hel [VC]
    Freya & Gullveig [VC]
    Brunhild [VC]
    Mani [VC]
    Hero Sigurd [VC]
    God Vidar [VC]

    Separated hair and faces from

    Skuld, Hel, sigurd, Freya, gullveig, Brunhild, mani, Odin, Vidar, etc (more male characters)

    I can’t think of many other iconic male VC characters besides Loki

    Other than that I think it would be cool to have at least 3 male armors and 3 female clothings based on different VC characters.

    Hel Hound Garm limited time pet ?
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    Great idea!

    If they added Admiral Nautica to UL I may go bankrupt however.


      I LOVE this idea! Mainly the ULxVC cosplay! Or maybe instead of one of them cosplaying as the other, just have them together! Kinda like the "Asuka and Mari" or "Pollux and Castor."

      Other memorable mentions for ULxVC counterparts I'd like to see includes

      Thor [VC] x Thor [UL]
      Hel [VC] x Hel [UL]
      Alice [VC] x Alice [UL]
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      My top 5 monster setup.


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        Freya x Freya too

      • Matamume
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        Imperialroyal OMG How did I miss that?! She's even in my equipped monster list too! I'm sorry Freya I failed you!!! (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

      This is possible... I mean they had a collab with Sangoku smash. Which is another one of their games.