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Suggestion: Collab ideas

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    Suggestion: Collab ideas

    Been drinking and playing games with friends here. Conversation turned to UL collabs. We would like to see:

    1. He-Man
    2. G.I. Joe.
    3. Transformers( Not this recent garbage, only 80's Saturday morning cartoon version)
    4. My Little Pony. (Not the old garbage, just the more recent stuff.) We want to see Pinky Pie with her glitter canon. You can keep the rest of it.
    5. Care Bears (suggested by a non UL player so does count for much)
    6. Dark Crystal: Skexees summons please.
    7. The Never Ending Story.
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    Well I can't think of any collabs or anime shows except for the ones UL already had. Vocaloid can end because we had about 5 ngl, a date stay night collab would be great I need old cosmetics, another 7DS collab....Hmmm, maybe a new one like a Sword Art Online would be nice. I thought about the login bonus could be the tiny fairy girl.


      Neopets collab! With the pets as Monster gear that you reforge with paintbrushes.


      Fire = Red Scorchio (R) --> Fire Scorchio (SR) --> Magma Scorchio (SSR)

      Water = Blue Acara (R) --> Water Acara (SR) --> Ice Acara (SSR)

      Wind = Green Pteri (R) --> Cloud Pteri (SR) --> Island Pteri (SSR)

      Light = Yellow Kacheek (R) --> Silver Kacheek (SR) --> Faerie Kacheek (SSR)

      Dark = Shadow Lupe (R) --> Darigan Lupe (SR) --> Wraith Lupe (SSR)

      Time = White Tonu (R) --> Tyrannian Tonu (SR) --> Relic Tonu (SSR)

      Star = Purple Grundo (R) --> Starry Grundo (SR) --> Eventide Grundo (SSR)


        Pooooooooooooooooooo Cooooooooooooollaaaab!

        That is all I have to say.


        • Misukoro
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          Agreed 😂😂😂

        Forget Despacito collab, we need Sicko Mode and Mo Bamba Collab. Travis Scott as a Wind Mon that can cast Frenzy to you while Sheck Wes as a Water Mon that can cast Hero to you. We can mostly borrow elements from the AstroWorld cover and Mudboy cover.
        Now thats how you propose a collab idea op, smfh.
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          I just want more knight armor cosmetics.


            Shield Hero collab plsss I want a Filo and/or Raphtalia monster and an opportunity for the quest to kill Malty
            ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Oh and Naofumi cosmetics, including a Relic with some shield shapes (as big as the limimin shield, not the tiny eva collab shield)
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            My top 5 monster setup.


              gimme that friendship is magic collab

              i wanna throw some ponies out

              Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


              Icons 101


                That time I got reincarnated as a slime. Then we all be having a free slime-min pet egg :3 I want those kijin as cosmetics.


                • Matamume
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                  I second this! Another game (with initials G.S.) has this collab going right now, so hopefully one day Ateam will get a license for it too.

                • harpe
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                  And its real now

                This post has a "only 90's kids will remember" energy to it.

                Also, SheRa >>>>HeMan

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                  A collab with Epic Seven.


                  • Matamume
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                    Oooh that would be nice. I would like to see cosmetics to look like Sez or Martial Artist Ken. (⌐■_■)

                  • Jaydz321
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                    I already have cosmetics and weapons in my head.
                    And weapons with abilities that have special animations, it's pure ecstasy for me to think about.
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                  I'm going to vote for an overlord collaboration, that be amazing. Lord ainz will be a beloved 40 cost mon with the staff of ainz ool gon being at the Pinnacle of all 38 cost staff that does massive increase physical and magical dmg added effect buffs the user to max amount elemental advantage buff, the encyclopedia book by lord perro Chino 38 cost that has a chance to do massive dmg with physical and magical ability added effect does psychological dmg to your enemy disabling an ability for 10 to 15 seconds. The swords the raven black hero momon of the great adamantite level hero class swords that are 38 cost and does the same thing too added effect increases the uses cost recovery for 15 seconds. For lancers Spuit lance does the same too added effect drains effect 50% health to 10% of dmg out to your own.
                  And just to throw some more stuff in for weapons for 36 cost Mares staff fatal testament XXL added effect increases wind elemental, lancers demiurges claws 36 cost for lancers fatal testament XXL added effect curse enemy for 10 seconds, cocytus God slaying emperor blade 36 cost (maybe switch this out for Lord momons blade make this one 38 idk which one is better overlord wise) fatal testament XXL added effect paralyzes enemy, for relics the ring of ainz ool gon healing testament XXL added effect any allies with overlord collaboration gear buffs matk, atk, def, and mdef stats 30%


                    BLACK CLOVER or maybe MOB PSYCHO 100