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    Encyclopaedia keys

    I would really like it, if Unison League gets Encyclopedia keys.

    Encyclopedia keys could be keys that randomly open you an Encyclopedia entry you didn’t have, that you can later also use as cosmetics, if it was a gear piece, or look at the monster in the Encyclopaedia, if it was a monster that was unlocked.

    I mean as a new player I will never be able to unlock the entire Encyclopaedia as somethings there were from events I have missed due to joining this late.

    I also like collecting the Encyclopaedia and would be willing to pay 1 or 2 gems for one key. Ateam could also limit the amount of keys you could buy per week or so. So you will still need time to collect all, but you will at least be capable of doing it.

    You could also get one key once a week as a guild mission. It will bring people to join guilds. I always have problems with recruiting members.

    What do you think?
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    Not a bad idea. I like it!
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      Guaranteed one new (old) cosmetic at least once per week? Count me in.

      I wonder, would allowing us to unlock a Collab item’s encyclopedia entry for cosmetic use count as distributing it?

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        yeah it would sadly but hey at least we can have solar set

      I believe it would also be nice for us to be able to use the many keys we have to just unlock new items for cosmetics but using more keys. Such as if it is a recent item we could use like 10 keys to unlock the item as a cosmetic. Just an example though.