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Guild Grand Tournament Viewing

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    Guild Grand Tournament Viewing

    I absolutely love watching the Guild Grand Tournament! Especially with the advent of priority unison and crystal skills I find the differences in strategies between guilds interesting and entertaining.

    One aspect of it bugs me, however. The meta is currently very unison dependent. Yet, when watching the battles viewers cannot see the unison gauge of the team they are spectating nor the opposition's gauge. This makes it difficult to tell who is leading in the race to unison, or who on backline has unison, or who failed to throw unison before losing it to neg/omen.

    Would it be possible to display the unison gauge for the Grand Tournaments replays, preferably for both teams?

    I mean it'd be nice but then a team could use an alt to check who on the opposing team has the highest unison and neg them. Idk though, that might be hard to do when you're focusing on the battle.

    Edit: omg I did not see that replays oofff
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    • Faust
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      Unless OP edited, they specifically mention ‘replays’, likely for this reason.
      (You’re right about live viewing though.)

    • Tigre_Vorn
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      He did touch upon for replays, but he started off on live stream. Dunno if we can have faith in Ateam to show live stream without, but show replay with.

      As is, we can’t even start tourney on the right days.

    • nadav1230
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      I completely failed to consider this. I never actually watch the tournament live, just the replays, which is probably why.

      And displaying it only for replays likely becomes complicated on a technical front with no real payout. Ah well. As a viewer I would still like to see it implemented.

    Maybe if the time is delayed?, Like how League's replay feature is delayed by 5~7 seconds?


      The less they show, the better. Revealing too much information really screws over a lot of strategies in this game.

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