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Collabs are all bad anime can we change this?

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    Collabs are all bad anime can we change this?

    Mecha is bad. That is a fact. Same story all the time and Eva is possibly the worst out of all of them. Now, this isn't hating on A-Team, because I assume that they're doing Eva because they are the most willing to do it (because no one likes eva). I've also seen that there was a Fairy Tail collab, which is also a pretty bad anime. But that isn't the problem. Isn't the whole point of collabs to promote anime and benefit both people. Everyone knows about these animes and frankly many people with taste despise Eva. And there's such a surplus of Shonen anime and just fighting ones in general.

    Here are some ones that would be great to do a collab with because there have been 3+ eva collabs iirc.

    - K-On!
    - Love Live! School Idol Project
    - Angel Beats
    - Blend S

    Note that these are Moe/Slice of Life excluding one. It would be a nice change if we could get a difference in the type of anime we get collabs for.
    Doing the same collabs just bores everyone and gets you nowhere A-Team.
    You've done a Miku collab, I think that Idol animes aren't much different.

    I get that not all animes you try to get a collab with will do it but doing your own custom event is better than having an Eva collab three times!
    That's terrible. And I did the second eva collab that happened 2 years ago, there was no change in items we got which just makes the people who did the other ones disinterested. This is to benefit you.

    TLDR: The animes A-Team chooses are bad.
    - y

    im still waiting on konosuba, re:zero and shonen sunday collab for global.
    I guess the main reason why the spam Eva and miku is since they have no mobile games and ateam is against mobile games seeing as they havent done a madoka collab (modaka has a game in JP), fates because of the game they have in JP and global, and danmachi because of the same reason as the other 2 that were mentioned.


    • Kyoushiku
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      those wont come i guess, since the collab gears and stats for those are already outdated or low cost.

    • Keiryu
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      Technically speaking. Eva has a mobile game. Granted it's not great, which is coming from an Eva fan. However. They do have one. Miku also has a bunch of "games" technically.

      I do guess. They don't count them due to not being proper games, or because Gainax, and Crypto really need the money. I dunno.

    • ediblegoat
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      Dear Ateam,
      Where’s my lum invader mon????

    Imo it doesnt matter about the anime to me, more or less about the quality of the collab itself and L o g i n r e w a r d s


      honestly if you want the brutal truth on this, basically every moeblob out there either started as or has become its own gacha-based game already, so it's unlikely we'll see many (if any) collabs of that nature.
      given that the primary target demographic for moe stuff is also the demographic willing to drop The Most Money on anime girl pictures, moe -> mobile gacha is a pretty common and easy jump. and then I really don't think they'd really have much interest in stepping outside that basically zero-risk zone.

      plus, Ateam probably isn't wanting to collab with competition within its own game. as others have mentioned, it's also why Fate and Madoka probably won't likely come back. they got their own anime wife games in full swing now


        That face when someone claims the most iconic anime ever created is bad and tries to justify their own moe-influenced taste as good.

        The issue with this current collab wasn't the content itself--- the quests available had a lot of different ways to play them, the plushie furnitures were excellent, and the unison animations on ShinjixKaworu and Asuka+Eva actually their best work imo. It was the fact that the rewards are awful and the spawns were awful.

        None of the monsters were remotely competitive aside from Shinji x Kaworu and that one water element x 10th angel... and their monster awakenings were absolutely awful. And no one wanted to $$$roll 28 cost UR stuff from 2 years back.
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        • Yosharu
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          Lol did you just say Eva, one of the most despised animes among the non-Normie weebs is good?

        • ReZero
          ReZero commented
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          “Most-despised”??? By who???? What the heck is a non normie weeb??????

        There are a lot of great anime's out there that would make for great collab content. However, the companies that own the rights to the work, need to be willing to license collab opportunities with ATeam. A big part of the reason why we've seen so much MIKU and Evangelion for Collabs is that those companies were able to come to agreements with A-Team. Probably planned several months out.

        Also, what licensing agreements that JPUL ATeam acquires, does not necessarily cover global.

        I agree that I do hope there will be collab with new Anime's in the future. When done right, it's a great change of pace for UL as a whole.


          Final fantasy vii. Just because it's cool :>


            I don't agree with you that the choices of content used for past collaborations were bad. But agreeing or disagreeing with your opinion is moot; you are certainly entitled to dislike it and not play the event.

            My opinion is that they have had some great choices. Personally I enjoy the story in the the Fate series and I am a big fan of FMA. Again, people can dislike some of the choices, that is acceptable; and wishing for your desired content is also reasonable, though it may not be that easy or possible as some have referenced the difficulty due to licensing or conflict of interest on mobile games.

            Going beyond the discussion of story choice, I think Nemu above touched on a more salient topic: the idea the monsters and spawns in our recent EVA collab were a tad underwhelming.


              Atleast we're lucky enough to get collabs :cc
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                I'm totally laughing at you saying mecah anime is bad and then bringing up moe anime as good. I just... lolololol

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                • Yosharu
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                  I forgot that everyone here isn’t an actual weeb and has bad taste

                • Andromeda
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                  We don't have bad taste we just love elevator scenes.

                • DeadmanShiro
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                  Andromeda oh my god LMAO

                Fate, Madoka Magica, and FMA are bad animes?


                • Imperialroyal
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                  Just a hardcore weeb that doesn't like animes that are recognizable to many people


                What? Did anyone really expect me to reply properly to this? This is literally someone who dislikes collabs, just cause they didn't include their own favorite Lil show. I recall seeing way to many of this to bother. *Looks at the Kirito's... *

                So I reply with Poo collab. Because I at least provided a proper idea, when I first suggested it. The Mighty Poodragon shall be mine...

                Also. Anyone who calls Mecha "bad". Just cause they don't understand it. Just makes me lose all respect... Anyone openly tell me mecha is bad, after watching TTGL. I fight ya behind the school gym!


                  Yeah, um, I’m still gonna stick with the Despacito collab, amrite Eteam?
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                    moe better than mecha? lol


                      Love Live, Angel Beats and Blend S over Eva FMA and Madoka?

                      Lmao bye


                      • Yosharu
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                        I never said anything about FMA or Madoka but okay

                      • Keiryu
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                        "Collabs are *ALL* bad anime." - Yosharu - 02-01-2019

                        Yes. Because the word "All", does not include "All" animes/collabs... Seems legit.