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    Please do something to increase the inventory .. now you can no longer play fast, as the inventory is always at its best and you always have to sell or reinforce stuff .. I state that I have both cabinet and inventory expanded to the maximum of the game , ie 700 and 500 slots .. there are too many classes and too many elemental sets, now you can no longer keep a fluid game, but it becomes boring to death because it always asks to sell .. you can seriously consider this thing? I think it will be appreciated by all UL users ... thank you
    Ateam Avia
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    ^^^^^^^^ this, and idk how it wasn't pointed out earlier too

    I keep a lot of stuff (even if we have cosmetic keys), some that I might use in the futur and other stuff that I will probably never use, but having my inventory maxed and having to sacrify some stuff each time so i can have like 10 free slot for quest is kinda sad, more inventory slot would be really nice
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      Then? will not it be considered?


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        Please answer


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          Yeah, Ateam needs to do something with the inventory. Especially since the Tower of Judgement and Cost Potion Drink of Enlightenment encourages people to multi-class, and gear can't be put in the gear locker if it's used in one of your gear sets.


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            Ateam Avia Please take this post into account, it is becoming impossible to store items