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King of kings championship

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    King of kings championship

    Top jp and global guilds battle for the top spot.

    Cause why not

    Because JP gears are out before us, so they always have newer gear. Moreover, they have exclusive gear that we haven't gotten. That's the answer to your "why not" lol


      Doesn't matter whether they have newer gear or not, jpul and global are on two different servers
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        They also have access to sixth ring abilities that are twice as powerful as ours and are usually 10 to 25 level caps over us with some extra gear cost here and there.

        That level cap difference also includes that they have an additional gearslot, so they could run ten weapons and monsters for superior ATK stats.

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          i might be wrong but i believe that JPUL and Global have the same level (they gave JPUL level 200 around early december, we got it a bit later but we are very similar in levels.