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About supervia, what does he actually do?

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    About supervia, what does he actually do?

    Some days ago i got supervia from the step up spawn and when checking his ability i was trulu impressed of how cruel he was. I was happy to see that not only he reduced uni by 20 but also it stated that it casted a continuous uni reduction of 3 every second for 60 seconds, which adds up to 180. As you can see it would be extremely OP and i tought he actually did that until i read the english description (i play in spanish) wich said that it reducided uni gauge filling by 3 for 60 seconds, so instead of a continuous reduction on what you have, it was only a reduction on what you get, wich is still good. But the question is: which one is the correct effect, continuous reduction (aka emptying your uni) or gain reduction (aka filling your uni slower)?

    If someone else speaks spanish you can confirm what i'm saying is true
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    I read the JPUL version and it's the same as the English version.


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      Thanks for that, both effects are sooo good but sadly i would have loved the one written in spanish version. Oh well, it would have been extremely broken anyway and it still helps a lot in pvp