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Suggestion: "Event" where you can get all old cosmetics

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  • Suggestion: "Event" where you can get all old cosmetics

    I know not everyone really cares about cosmetics as much, but what if there was some kind of event where you could get any cosmetics from the past, including collab cosmetics? Even old cosmetics from the cosmetic shop?
    There's a whole bunch of cosmetics I missed out on from previous collabs and it sucks since I doubt there'll ever be repeats. It would be cool to have some other way to get them, like a cosmetic medal exchange or something!

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    Collab cosmetics are unfortunately something that we're contractually only allowed to distribute during the collab periods, so that won't be doable sadly.

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      Solar set please


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        It would still be neat if there was a "legacy" medal that allowed buying discontinued cosmetics, reforge mats, etc.

        I still never finished my peliasa or the weapons from nereusa/peliasa quests. I'd hate to ask for mechanized maidens to come back because the quests are old, and the gear is all outdated.

        But those cosmetics though...
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          I really would love for all the cosmetics from shop and old events to come back, there are many I missed and would love to have ;; We could call it Fashion Week! Haha
          Another thing I'd like returned are all the little pieces of furniture that were limited time or we could get from events

          But same as above, I never finished early events like Peliasa/Nereusa or the st valentines dress... They're sitting in my locker still...
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