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About the divine grace spawn compensation

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    About the divine grace spawn compensation

    I know I have no grounds to complain as the compensation meets all the complaints, but I still feel refusing all players a refund is not right. I think, at the very least, players who never spawned a jackpot and only got errors should have the option of having their gems refunded. The reason is that those who got jackpots appear to be less affected by the error (as they either got lucky fast and stopped spawning or continued to spawn, ignoring the errors).

    If I'm overstepping my bounds, please ignore this post. I'm just a f2p who feels rather cheated by this spawn. (The rates on the divine grace itself seemed strangely low to me as well, but that might be the norm now?)
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    It's just unfair no matter who is f2p or not, whether the gems were from saving or bought, those who spawned who had no idea that the spawn was jacked to begin with is a bit unfair if you can't receive a refund. I am most certainly sure lots of people felt cheated, including me. I got jackpots that weren't even suppose to be there to begin with. Had I known the spawn was like this, I definitely would have used it on something else or continue to save. The compensation might sound like it'll fix the problem, but really it's just upsetting, I just would rather have everything that was spawned taken away back and refunded with the gems I had used. That's all I asked for in the email I sent out.
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      As a broke F2P I wholeheartedly agree with this. :')


        So you want a refund because you didn’t get what you wanted and other people did? Tough luck, all of these divine grace spawns are complete luck and you knew exactly what you were getting into when you hit the spawn button.


          I would not go as far as to say that... I mean while it is true that there was a problem with the spawn. if you remove the bug factor from the equation, it would not have put the jackpot in the chest those players opened that contained one super augment quest key or a 25 base ssr gear.

          I think that giving the item (the keys) you were supposed to get and the possibility to spawn again for the right gear (26 cost gear) is good enough of an approach.

          You are receiving what you were supposed to get in the first place the first time you opened that chest.