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mask of veluda and ignis raja UR

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    mask of veluda and ignis raja UR

    I propose to give a boost if we have the veluda and ignore raja mask equipped.
    plus the 2 masks are pretty hard to get so it's a good reward.
    Here, what do you think?

    Lol they aren't hard to get, I think I got over 3K-4K gold medals from all of my UL life.

    Would be nice to get a small gs boost tho.


      I propose sticking to one thread instead of three.

      Jokes aside. We should just add new legendary medal gear.


        Step 1: join casual S guild
        Step 2: attend 1 rgb
        100+ gold medals not that hard lol


        • Keiryu
          Keiryu commented
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          YEAH! It's easy. I mean.... Suuuure. Ya forgetting step 3 to 20.But, still. Unless everyone here has casual S rank guilds who let anyone join. In which case. My noob 1000 GS character wants to talk to them. Haha

        • SubZer0
          SubZer0 commented
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          Lmao ik im exaggerating it but I hit 200k on an alt within a week, and its not that hard to find one ppl