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Next year Xmas idea

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  • Next year Xmas idea

    I've been thinking on this fot a while. Why not use Xmas caroll (maybe i spelled it wrong) as the Xmas event? We could have the spirits of the past, present and future Xmas as spawn monsters, and maybe Evenezer Scrooge as a farmable monster just like Noel is this year. I just think it is such a clasic tale that it would be amazing to have it in UL, sadly my artistic skills are terrible so i can't apport any pics of my ideas, but what do you all think? Wouldn't it be great?

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    Yes, Christmas is if not one of the biggest holidays. So it makes sense to start planing for it months prior. I like these ideas


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      You gonna be playing this time next year?

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        I like this idea a lot. If there’s one thing that UL is good at, it’s putting a unique spin on familiar characters, or using aspects of them in unexpected ways. A Christmas Carol-themed event should turn out very interesting indeed.

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          What if we had Jesus chirst as a literal monster in UL?

          I mean we already have Lucifer, and archangels.


          • Hugh G. Rection
            Hugh G. Rection commented
            Editing a comment
            Ability: idk what to call it-
            That Turns a wave into wine bottles that rush at the enemy, (almost even like how that girl does it in aqua man)
            Damage 200 x4 at a success rate of 90
            Curses Enemies at 50%
            Casts ressurection on all allies
            Casts awakening on all alies
            Heals allies for 100%
            Continuous heal of 20% every 5 seconds for 20 seconds
            Casts Elevation on your char