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Elemental set blessings

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    Elemental set blessings

    Here is an idea.

    Like the class blessings set, the elemental blessings consists of weapon, armour and helm.

    They can be exchanged with ordeal medals.

    The elemental blessings gives 10% advantage over the element it's strong against. Eg : Water > Fire. It also gives 10% defense against the element it's strong against. Eg: Water > Fire.

    Do you think this is a good idea for elemental quests ? Please comment down below

    10% is a small advantage compared to what you can get with the current elemental system. You can easily triple, maybe even quadruple your offence stats with the current system, so elemental blessings will not make much of a difference.
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      Editing a comment
      Hypothetically speaking if they're in the game, the gears will have the same elemental values as other spawn gears so would it not be the maximum elemental attack / defense plus the 10%