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Option to use old GUI

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    Option to use old GUI

    Having a button to use old GUI for those who liked it would be nice, it would go in the same menu the + values shown option is, and just switches to old GUI.

    Obviously many people hate the new system because its bulky and cluttered. So having an option to switch between the 2 would be nice.

    I feel as if it's less cluttered imo. I mean, it's different, but most tabs are in the same spot. The only issue I had was all the bugs that came with it, other than that, it just takes some time to get used to.


      If this was a reasonably coded program run by reasonably competent devs, there'd be no reason for me to argue against giving users options like these (lol a mobile app respecting player choice? lolol but anyway)...but who would think that describes UL?

      Even if they tryharded and managed to do it for a day, can you imagine the next time they had to change one button? XD

      It's just asking for yet more opportunities for trouble. No, keep it as simple for them as possible, which is unfortunately not very.


        Err I don't know about cluttered it's less cluttered imo. As someone who has made small wallpapers off of several screenshots around a lobby I can guarantee you it's less cluttered. My only problem with the new UI is where the macros are located now. I think being able to swap to the old UI is too much to input.
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          Truthfully I enjoy the new UI. It is by far a lot less clutter and it looks great!

          It may not have as much detail per icon but once you get used to where they rearranged everything, it's not bad.

          Dont get me wrong, I like the previous UI too, but once they added additions to the game it made it very cluttered. So the updated UI resolves the issue.

          The only gripe I have is the blue and pink side bars on the right... the blue stays minimized, but when I minimize the pink and go to a different room (ex. From main lobby to guild lobby or from duel room 001 to duel room 002) the pink bar comes back out, which is very annoying.

          I can kind of see why Ateam does it bc it shows the current events they have. But I can easily see current events through "notices" or by simply tapping on the minimized pink arrow.


            Besides the bugs that came with the update, the new UI is alright for me. I like that I can access stuff like mission and notice in my own room, but I hate that they replaced the community tab with store...
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              As much as I liked the old UI, I have to agree with Vegecat on this one. It's not infeasible for a game to have multiple HUD layouts to suit a player's preference, but I just don't see Ateam reliably pulling that off.

              And I don't think the new setup is bulky or cluttered, quite the opposite. We can see more of the lobby screen than ever now, which is great! My problem is that there isn't much direction to any of it. I go into more detail in this thread (if a little zealously), but too much style was sacrificed just to free up a little screen space. I sincerely hope a compromise between the new and old is settled upon, but I fear it could be a long time before that happens, if ever.

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                I think youll get used to the UI soon. If this UI was the original and ateam just changed it to the old UI people would want this UI back


                  it's less bulky and cluttered

                  you have access to probably 15% more screen space, which is a massive gain in regards to UI

                  I can get by with people thinking it's less pretty and could use more bells and whistles on some of the designs, but I heavily prefer this over the last one.

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                    I still think it looks like a 2015 UI and not a 2019 UI, but, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t an improvement in several/most ways.

                  Wow, this is just like the Neopets revamp reactions all over again. XD