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  • Get rid of MVP.. or...

    The "Choose the MVP" is just "extra time" in between farming quests. When some of us only have limited time each day to farm quests, it just seems like we are just mashing the skip button, and nobody actually hand picks the MVP so it just auto picks for us.

    Either get rid of such a redundant feature or provide daily/weekly gem rewards for collecting MVPs.

    Can even offer one of the nice "Subskill tokens" I suggested in another post as a weekly reward.

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    It takes like .5 seconds, and you dont even have to vote, you can just ignore it.


    • Stuicide
      Stuicide commented
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      The point is, it is redundant and serves no point. Unless they added a daily and or weekly mission reward for collecting them.

    • theValkyrie
      theValkyrie commented
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      That is where you are wrong. There are missions for VIP already. And you also get FP from MVP which adds up.