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  • Get rid of MVP.. or...

    The "Choose the MVP" is just "extra time" in between farming quests. When some of us only have limited time each day to farm quests, it just seems like we are just mashing the skip button, and nobody actually hand picks the MVP so it just auto picks for us.

    Either get rid of such a redundant feature or provide daily/weekly gem rewards for collecting MVPs.

    Can even offer one of the nice "Subskill tokens" I suggested in another post as a weekly reward.

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    It takes like .5 seconds, and you dont even have to vote, you can just ignore it.


    • Stuicide
      Stuicide commented
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      You get 1000 mvp points in like a month, or two, and then it is completely redundant. either get rid of it, or add weekly missions/daily mission for it.

    • Stuicide
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      2-5 seconds (longer if lag spikes) just to "skip" it, that is a half an hour to an hour worth of "redundant time" ever 1000 quests. One could do several more quests in the absence of the redundant feature that serves no purpose after 1-2 months of gaming.

      This is not an obsurd request, the feature serves literally no function, absent getting 1-3 gems in first couple months.

      Anyone arguing against this fact has no insight to how much time it will suck up after a few years of playing the game, to which once again, serving no actual purpose other than sucking up said time.

    • Ragnarath
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      Stuicide i think you need to lay off the pot a bit

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    I agree with stuicide but I'm gonna put MY twist to the suggestions.

    Okay now here me out cause this gonna sound crazy.
    What if we

    Skip the MVP screen and when your at the lobby you can click on members (or whatever the button is called that's beside the leave button) and vote MVP if you truly desire to. And if you don't care about the MVP then you can just leave the lobby.

    It's a win-kinda win scenario.

    Also more MVP missions plox.


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      It's Japan. They love clicking stuff. Personally. I don't mind. It isn't that much of a bother to me, compared to some serious problems. This is really just busy work.

      Also. Sure. It takes about 5 seconds. However. It's not that much in the big picture. Unless ya like a guy who counts every second of ya life...


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        Flip cards take longer. Even with the new option to “not pick, and just get the prize in your inventory”, it’s still long.

        If there was any debrief portion I wish there was an option in settings to disable, it would be for the flip cards. Or at least set it so it will default to giving you the prize of the “random” card the game picks for you.