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Stream line Augmenting/Reforging and storage management.

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  • Stream line Augmenting/Reforging and storage management.

    Augmenting is a tedious endeavor as it stands right now. We all enjoy min/maxing as such is the appeal of the game, maximizing Gear Score gains. However, once we get to a comfortable power level we wind up not doing any augmenting until we absolutely have to in order to free up space. I believe a few solutions could make the process more streamlined.

    First of all, item stacking. For basic materials like Limin, Keymins, and Tapsys, being able to stack these should be worked out.

    A new Locker category for specifically "Materials" as well. with tabs for the different categories. Material Mons, +lvls, and reforge crystals.

    An option to store into the locker from your basic inventory.

    Lastly.. lets deal with the massive elephant in the room.. +lvls.

    Now, farming basic gear for the lvls is fine, but only being able to augment with 5 at a time to reach to +198 is ridiculous.

    I suggest another "recycle" type mechanic, where you extract the +lvls into one of two items. A heavenly/earthly material (to compliment the mons) or like a "holy/unholy material" (for the plus top/bottom stats) respectively. This way you can stack these, and when you want to max a new gear, it is but one click away from taking from your inventory into the new gear.

    Lastly, the ability to use material directly from your locker.

    The implementation of the Material inventory space was a great idea but take it a step further.

    This will allow for more Maxed gears to be able to sit in our inventories to actually use our multiple Gear Sets to their full potentials.

    One other final (final) idea, an "armory", where you can store Gear sets, and switch them with your available slots of Gear sets, so we can actually have every class with every Element focused.