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About Recycle Medals

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    About Recycle Medals

    My suggestion is to add on recycle medals for infused gears. For example a 30 or 25c infused old armor that’s no longer useful should sell for more than 10

    Yeah same for 26c at base.

    26c and above should cost 20 medals.

    Infused items should be multipled by the amount of times infused X 10 (or 20 if 26c)

    Ether there costs 500 medals so I don't see why a little +10 medals would be harmful. And if you used a the same gear then you would of technically still gotten 20 medals since if you had sold both it would of equal 20 medals.

    Alternatively ateam could always make it so you could defuse spawned SSR for a ether droplets.

    I dunno I'm just spitballin ideas.

    Also we should get a giant Gundam for a monster because that would be pretty cool. But instead of Gundam let's call then NOT EVAS.




    • SubZer0
      SubZer0 commented
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      I hope this idea gets somewhere lol, im
      Holding on to my old infused ssrs

    • kyocrisis
      kyocrisis commented
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      These are all good ideas I'm on board

    • Miss Bliss
      Miss Bliss commented
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      I had an idea a while back regarding un-infusing gear for ether frags. Years ago ( like 2 lol ), I max infused a 27c weapon, as it was almost the highest cost weapon in game, and now, I don't even use it anymore, so I feel as that ether is just wasted. I wanted to un-infuse it for fragments, it doesn't need to be a whole dropet per infusment, as that would be too easy. People rejected that idea though, stating we get ether from cookies and whatnot. Well yes, we do, but I have tons of gear that I never use that was infused. It makes me want to never use ether again, because 3 months down the road, that gear will be outdated. I do believe we should be able to regain some of that ether back, or like you said, sell the gear and get more medals since it was infused.

      I guess all we can do is hope and pray.

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    • Ateam Avia
      Ateam Avia commented
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      Will bring this idea to the team.
      Seems very logical!