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  • Remake on daily login

    Would it be okay to have 5 Gems as our daily login? Plus with 5 ether drops and potincetial shard too? Bc it kinda still be hard getting them. So why not have it as a everyday daily login in?

    What do u all think?
    Yes? And why?
    No and why?

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    5 gems as daily logins... Really? I feel like ya trolling. Just to clarify 5x30 would be 150 gems per month... That is without counting the other gems, and gem shards ya get for the likes of weekly missions. Sooooo... Yeeeaaaaah... Not happening. Best ya could hope for. Would be the ether/awakening shards. Even then. It would be only like 1 max 2 per week.

    So all in all... No. Simply cause inflation would destroy the game.


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      too generous for ateam


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        Hm.. I wasn't trolling, I was just saying. Bc I think we could get more gems. But I see yall point. But come on now, I'm not the type who trolls


        • Keiryu
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          Considering ya have two posts, and I have never met ya before. Ya can't really blame me, for assuming ya were trolling. Then again. That's why they say ya shouldn't assume things. It just makes an a** out of u and me.

          Still. While. Yes. We "could" get more gems. It does not necessarily mean we "should". People can complain about ateam being greedy, and whatnot. However. They are pretty damn generous with the daily/weekly gems. If people want more gems that badly. Then they should just buy them.

          The only occasion I would like to see a gem increase. Would be in the compensations ateam tends to give out. No, ateam. 1 gem is not a fair compensation for every bug. Not all bugs are made equally. So not every compensation should be the same. Other than that the daily gems are fine the way they are.
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        Current Missions: about 2-3 gems and 30 shards + login is 1 gem = ~3 to 4 gems, weekly mission gives you 2-3 more gems.
        5 ether drops... is huge lol. Everyday? Never gonna happen considering how pricey ether and potential shards are in event exchanges and medal exchange
        I said no because it's excessive, I'm also a little nit-picky with this game I wish the price of medal exchange was little lower for shards, it's possible to get ether shards with 400 limimin cookies so I would choose limimin cookies over that anw. I usually get dupes of monsters so I don't usually need the potential shards as much.
        The difficulty or challenge makes it all the more rewarding and fun. In saying that I don't want them to make it anymore difficult xD


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          If you wanna see what happens when a mobile gacha game dev gets too generous with giving things out, just look at Korean UL which is pretty much non existent now.


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            Se-sensai sama senpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai <3~
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              What would be really nice is a weekly reward thing like daily login during collabs except its for the vanilla game, like an ssr ticket that can give you some weapon, armour or helmet and if you can stay active for a year or a month you get some azure gear.

              I remember eagerly waiting for the clock to hit 8pm during fma collab so i can get my ssr collab guarantee ticket. This sort of thing would really motivate me to come on daily.


              • Vegecat
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                SSR ticket for 19c helm or Behemoth or something? Why not? Even for players with better gear, it’s 10 free recycle medals. If the ticket is weighted correctly, it shouldn’t have much more effect than 40 medals per month at endgame.

                The thing is, if you require a year-long login streak (or even require 7 day logins per calendar week), it might be motivating for you, but it might also be demotivating when someone else doesn’t come on daily; when they’re finally able to log in, they realize they’re missing out because they had to skip a day, and that’s not a good feeling. I think that’s why UL login streak rewards aren’t *that* great and they reset every 5 days of success (at worst you have to repeat 4 days, but you can do that any time, no rush), and why collab login bonuses are for fewer days than the event itself *and* the window stays open a while after the event is over--so people don’t feel punished for skipping a day here and there.

                You have to know your user base and know how they’ll react when you balance things like this. Loss aversion is serious business, which is why older “games” (eg Farmville) would have your crops rot etc if you failed to log in, and while it lasted, people *really really* made *absolutely* sure they logged in on time; it was a big deal each time they made it. And that’s why when people failed to log in on time, it was a huge deal, a huge bummer, a huge negative emotion now associated with logging in. If their sunk cost feels great enough, they’ll suck it up, keep going, and try even harder to avoid failing again, but the experience is a real turn-off.

                Negative punishment (punishing by removing something “good”) is still punishment, and punishment is like carpet bombing, as Jean Donaldson put it. You make people want to avoid skipping logins, but you also make people want to avoid the game entirely after they’ve been hit (and avoid other games made by your company etc).

                The trick is to use carrots well enough to get users addicted, without making the loss of the carrot feel like a stick (or at least, not a heavy, hopeless, overwhelming, insurmountable stick). Make them feel a rush when they do what you want, but feel nothing worse than an “aww, I really gotta do better next time!!” if they fail. If you can’t do it that precisely (and Ateam can’t, lmk when they hire a single decent, relevant psychologist or behaviorist or suchlike), it’s safer to have smaller requirement, smaller reward, and smaller loss, than to have larger requirement, larger reward, and larger loss.

                Another consideration might be that if your users are filled with constant severe anxiety to avoid failing, rather than filled with mild anticipation to succeed, people around them IRL (eg family members who aren’t addicts) might notice that something is wrong and encourage them to quit playing. What corporation wants that?

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              Lmao, nobody is complaining how ridiculously too many for an ether drops to be given. Lmao really, 5, that’s a biga** amount to be fair. I would’ve laughed all night if you mentioned 2 awakening orbs lmaooooooooo
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              • Guruanu
                Guruanu commented
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                Everyone would be able to max out their gear on infusions as long as they had the gold if you got 5 a day. That would just be ridiculous.