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Auto Augment

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    Auto Augment

    Similarly to how furniture obtain Exp to lvl up, add ANOTHER auto augment feature would saves time and effort to lvl up multiple selected SSR/UR gears simultaneously without having spend time to select augment materials. To avoid the aug exp being widely disperse to all non-max lvl gears, add a function that only allows a few selected gears that would receive those exp. Meanwhile, allowing players to farm Augment quests constantly without taking breaks due to full inventory and having to go to Gear>Augment and lvl up a selected gear; it's simply not time efficient and it's worse if the device in use is slow due to whatever reason. In addition, to avoid having an excessive amount of wasted exp pouring into a max SSR gear, add a notice/pop up for whenever the selected gear(s) is/are maxed lvl; enabling the player to unselect the gear and add a new one.
    Ateam Avia Please consider this suggestion!
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    In other words, have Gear gain EXP just from being used (with augmenting being kept as a faster way to level EXP up)?


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      Correct, or allowing the players to select for example up to 3 gears to simultaneously receiving the exp if 30+ gears at the same time isnt possible, assuming you're lvl180. The exp in this case comes from the augment materials that the player is obtaining from quests such as normal augment quest, SAQ, Box spawn etc.

    This is a pretty solid idea, thanks.
    I've been asking for the option to select more than 5 pieces at once, but this would make life even easier.
    Going on my list of suggestions to pass to the team.


      a maybe aprovement to this idea.

      don't forget the Skill lvls.

      In quest it could be after certain amount of exp gained and an option in normal augmenting sort for skill would be nice