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    Hi! I think this game needs some sort of performance settings in its menu. In some situations (eg. Multiple hits unis, multiple bonds) some devices just can't handle that and crash. Even a "Remove dmg&healing numbers" option would drastcally improve performance. I'll make a poll, just to see what other users think; but I find myself not being able to really play on my iPad because of this. Thanks for reading
    Yes, we need that option
    We don't need that

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    Yes I agree, sometimes my internet connection slows down a bit causing a huge delay when using unison causing my game to freeze for a second and spam all the attack damages and heals in one second causing my game to crash
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    • Wanperc
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      happens to me.

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    What I really want to know is how awful their backend is I haven't seen anything in UL that would excuse this type of performance. Even opening the inventory is a chore for many decent devices, and how did they mess up coding that so badly?


    • Vegecat
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      How about this: 500 items is nothing and should take microseconds to sort/search/filter if it isn't implemented horribly. if you only have 500 files your operating system should search them faster than you can press the enter key.

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      But it's not 500 files, it's more like 500 folders. Each in-game item is a folder containing files to how many plusses the item has, when it was obtained, whether or not it is favourited, what level it is, how many times it has been reforged/infused, its individual stats, skill level, etc. The number of files that the game has to load then goes up by a lot, meaning loading time will be increased.
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    • Vegecat
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      In the universe I’m from (and presumably, the universe most UL users and devs live in), image files have info associated with them, like file name, path, date created, last modified, etc etc, without needing to create a separate file for each of those. But that's not even the point...

      items are just records in a database and there aren't even that many fields per record and 500 records is nothing. this is a solved problem and should not cause any perceivable delay if implemented properly unless you're running it on hardware from the 1970s or something.

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    Have to agree. I have played UL on a few devices. Ranging from bad, to decent, to even fairly good ones. Even on all 3 platforms. Namely phone, ipad, and PCs/Laptops. I have experienced lag spikes several times. Usually during Uni, and 10 man raids, when everyone attacks at the same time.

    Would be nice to have some kind of low graphics settings.


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      I definitely had performance issues on my old 5s. Killed my already bad battery, made my phone overheat like crazy, and my phone thermal throttling itself. Having an option would definitely be nice for lower-end hardware.
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        Somewhat but not exactly tied to your suggestion, I want a check box where if my character starts lagging, immediately put me as a CPU.

        Especially during GB. If I lag, I can't swap with team members. Or if I know they will uni, I can't join them. My character is dead weight. Leaving the game doesn't fix the issue either. When you lag, you cant leave the game normally and if you forcefully close it, it still registers you as there and afk for a few minutes before turning you over to CPU. It's frustrating for both you and your guildies.

        To add to your suggestion though. Cut out the uni animations altogether, not just the damage.
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          One time, my cleric's device shut off. It was 5 minutes of watching my mage sit at, like, 100 hp, waiting for a heal, while my cleric did absolutely nothing, before it went to CPU mode. 5 minutes, according to timestamp. I don't know why they wait 5 minutes instead of doing it immediately.

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        Ateam made an app for that it is called Game boost Master, it helps a lot
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        • Akalaman
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          Checking that lead me thinking it's only a RAM cleaner app tho, and that's not the real problem. Other than that, it won't solve everything with this. We really need graphic options imo

        • SubZer0
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          I can’t find that app on ios..

        • ediblegoat
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          The app was helpful when I used to play on my Android, now my game is overheating, consumes most of the battery on my iPhone 6+.

          I just want android ughhh

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        What specs do you have? I have similar problem. I am thinking it is any emulator from PC to ipad? I play a lot in bns and sometimes when I am traveling need have instant access to the game. I am talking about bns. I am clan leader and I need to give bns gold to my mates. BNS is great game and my brother shows me it when I was little bit younger. We was playing together and make very strong NA clan. Now I need to fly some because of my work and I am thinking how to run game without pc. It is not cross platform.
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        • Akalaman
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          Problem is with my iPad which is an old iPad mini, setting low graphics could help making it have good performance