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Bring back monster drop farming with stamp rewards

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  • Bring back monster drop farming with stamp rewards

    I'm kind of tIred of all these prestige list events and box spawns and united offenses with rates that make you have to empty the box before you can get whatever it is that you actually want or have certain gear that gives you a prestige boost. Why can't we just have some events like how we used to when people actually had fun farming. Now all you do is try to get the 6 scrolls that you need to unlock monster potentials which most of the time are basically impossible for f2p people to get unless you have a lot of saved up gems. I haven't had much fun farming for a monster in ages.

    Most of my farming now just consists of me waiting for an event with good cosmetics and playing until I get the cosmetics because I know there's a low chance I'll even be able to get an 6 of the needed monster scrolls to get a decent stack stick.

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    Trueee... I remember maxing yuno, he’s great and all but it was hell


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      I agree but I disagree. Farming isn’t as rewarding anymore just get cosmetics and you’re done. But its not like the F2P monsters are that great utility wise anyways. People who are capable of farming all 6 scrolls probably already have better utility and are only farming for stats and I don’t think raw stats are worth it just save for useful procs and utility. Newbies who don’t have any mons should be happy that it’s easy to get at least 1. Back then you had to farm the higher ap to even have a decent chance at the monster. I think it’s fine the way it is but there should also be some variety maybe bring back the old style of events once in awhile!


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        Lol "easy"

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        Depending on just how new they are and, more importantly, how prepared they are, yes, a 0pot Ban&Elaine or Lucy or whatever could be considered easy enough to farm in time without gemming. I'm not exactly new chronologically but I'm a noob that was clueless about the game and half-a**ed everything for approximately forever, and I didn't bother trying to maxpot anything before 7DS (by which time I was, er, I'm an ignorant baddie with a lot to learn but not completely clueless and ungeared any more), and I'm using 0pot Wushi, et al for elemental sets/stat sticks.

        I do consider things like 0pot Lucy, Erza, and Party Limi to be cosmetics and I love them. I'd grab a copy of each even if they did nothing but sit in my locker forever, to occasionally be stared at lovingly for a few seconds. But then, I like UL for the cuteness and nostalgia, and all I care about in terms of progression is being able to farm more cuteness (my reaction on getting 3 Napoleons total across 2 accounts: Hey, this ****-looking thing should help me when events with cute stuff come out, right? Yay!)

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      i miss the stamp rewards
      they made farming feel much more worth it

      Creds to each artist for the gorgeous art<3


      Icons 101


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        Also medals from chests, especially medals from chests.
        Made farming actually rewarding no matter what, every single of your runs mattered instead of just praying to get luckier than your friend in the box spawn/circle of magic or something.

        ¤ LichtKreis ¤


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          I do have to admit. The thing i miss the most are the stamp rewards. I mentioned this before, ages ago. The stamps made farming somewhat enjoyable, since ya always had something to look forward to. This new "stamp" rewards, are more akin to a slap to the face, than a prize.

          "What's that? Ya finished Para/Arcadia/Etc...? Here have 1 of the obligatory farming items. Only 999 to go."

          This is basically the equivalent. Of me forcing ya to walk through a ditch filled with poo, and then afterwards offering ya a tiny poo as reward...

          Either, make it an actual reward. Or just simply remove it entirely. As it stands right now. It's just mocking ya players...