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  • Investing Gems

    In advance this is probably one of the worst ideas I’ve ever thought of but hey might as well share it.
    I’ma just suggest a system where you can put in gems at the start of the week, like monday or something, and get back more at the end with a limit of 10 gems a week.
    Like put in 10 gems a week at the beggining to get 15 gems at the end of the week.

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    Investing? Next thing you know Ateam will be adding taxes... I'd rather keep financial stuff in the real world.
    Tristan is absolute rubbish... Firemin is way better


    • Night-Hawk
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      *tries to do 30 gem spawn with 30 gems*
      The sales tax is 10%, so 3 gems. You do not have enough gems. Would you like to go to the shop to buy some?

      *tries to gem AP*
      You need 1 gem and 10 gem fragments. You do not have enough fragments.

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    was expecting a low effort troll with a name like that


    • Christian16
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      LOL honestly same

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    This would be a good idea if ateam used this. A system similar to the way players in lords mobile can invest their gems in increments of 7day 14day 30day investments. I see F2P players mainly benefiting from this and would be an excellent method to stock pile gems for treasure spawns and collabs. I dont think it would hurt ateam bottom line at all since whales and super whales are very apparent in this game


    • ediblegoat
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      Bruh, you cannot mention other gaming apps here
      Heads up for ya, buddy!

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    I am all for this - just a few logistical questions (that aren't very important) - can you add or remove your investments anytime during the week?

    ex: I put in 6 gems Monday and put an additional 4 in Tuesday - would I get, say, 12 gems next Monday, or 15 gems on Tuesday?
    ex: Opposite as above applies. If I put 10 in Monday, could I remove 4 on Tuesday. If I did, would I get 12 Monday, or 9 on Tuesday?

    How would the cycle work? If I put in my gems at 5pm Monday, would I get it at 5pm next Monday, or at the start of the day Monday or Tuesday? This matters a bit more as one extra day can mean the end of a spawn.

    Can you invest fragments?
    If you can - I think it would be amazing to allow you to invest gold, ether, and orb frags as well. Obviously, the rewards would be much lower and take much longer for the frags.
    What A Pain


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      I could see this as a nice way to get some extra gems. However. I would limit it to gem fragments, and make the return smaller. Simply cause anything that gives ya gems seems like a big no no when it comes to ateam.


      Monday: invest 100 fragments

      Thu-Sun: Receive 50 fragments each day.

      Monday: Receive 300 fragments.

      So while ya lose ya initial investment of 100 ya still get 300. 200 are profit while the other 100 are to invest again. That way ateam won't actually lose anything since it only totals to 2-3 gems a week.

      It might seem like a small amount. However. Since it should only be a little boost to ya pocket. I feel like it is enough. Anything above 2-3 gems a week would just be to much monthly profit. Considering ya also have the daily/weekly missions. At least those are my two cents about it.