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An alternative method for using SAQ keys?

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    An alternative method for using SAQ keys?

    - Takes about 1min & 30s for an entire SAQ key quest.
    - Roughly 1h & 45 mins in average for a normal 5-keys matching SAQ runs; each person contribute 5 keys, making it 25 keys total for a 5-man keys run.
    - Matching 10+ keys with 5-man runs would take at LEAST 3h. (50+)

    Matching 5 or more SAQ keys consume quite a few hours to finish with 5 people. They are awfully tedious and if you are unlucky to be in a SAQ party with people who has slow connection, it will drag the quests out longer than needed due to late-joining and slow hosts; which is not an uncommon occurrence during SAQ key quests. With that said, I believe a solution is needed to address this common large time-consuming problem.

    Possible solution: SAC (Super Augment Chest). As the name implied, using SAC keys to open chests in order to obtain augment materials within a few seconds and doesn't consume AP. However, implement a party-like function so that the 4 other selected people could also get the augment materials. Ultimately, this solution would help save time and avoid the late-joiner people that usually slows down the matching.
    In addition, a similar concept could also be apply to EXP & Prof key quests.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion!
    Ateam Avia Please consider and determine if something such as this could be implemented! Thank you.
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    Or Ateam can implement something like a " Quick Ticket " (from VC) to use all your keys, idk just an idea
    Edit : if people wanna join, they gotta use the tickets too
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      25 SAQ taking 1hr 40min is just an efficiency issue (ive done more in 30 minutes). As tedious the game is, real time questing rewards active players. Just imagine what whales could do with a quick ticket system in this game.


      • JosUL
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        Cant work in event quests, just keys, normal quests WITH ALL MONSTERS THAT ARE WANTED defeated*

      • Lyrexio
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        SS || Miracle that would be nice for angelmin farming tbh

      Interesting suggestion.
      I'll make sure to bring this to the team.