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Reduce Monsters' DMG in PvP contents.

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    Reduce Monsters' DMG in PvP contents.

    To start off, I don't visit the forum frequently, so I'm not sure if a topic similar to this has already been proposed. If so, please ignore this thread if this is ongoing or has already been discussed. Also please understand that this is solely my opinion as a 640k Archer (190k/190k), as a 680k Mage (270k MATK), and as someone that passionately loves every type of PvP content in Unison League. And there is one significant matter that should be addressed, as mentioned in the title.
    All PvP modes are filled with one-shot (OS) monsters, and anyone above or roughly above 500k gear score can usually could just throw a damaging monster and kill an entire team if the opponents are unprepared. Granted that it's 'simple' to build a set to 'counter' certain specific unison, but from the countless battles that I've experienced, they are simply not effective in team battles. Because of this issue, PvP content gets exceedingly dull and too expected.
    Roughly a month ago, my team and I participated in a tournament hosted by Khloebunni . It was a throwback tournament where everyone had roughly the same gs; 250k, and all of the OP monsters that have OS potential were prohibited (among other balancing restrictions). Never had we enjoyed PvP to this extent. It involved so much more strategic thinking and teamwork, and mostly importantly, it was very fun and interesting to participate in and watch the other strategies (she streamed the entire tournament). I'm very much looking forward to the next ULTT.
    With that said, I firmly believe that all PvP content would be much more enjoyable and fun without monsters that can OS a whole team any round of a battle. In addition, a Colosseum mode where no one can use unison would be fun.
    To my final point, i would like to suggest that monster damage is reduced in PvP, by either a certain percentage, or a rework of the formula. I humbly urge you to consider this proposal and let the Devs know.

    Ateam Avia Ateam Admin Thank you so much for reading what i have to say.​

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    I'm sure a nerf on the OS monsters the community points out would be sufficient as well. Then they wouldn't have to fix monster's damage or change any of the unison stats and coding etc... Maybe add it in when they change how unisons work in GB


      Comment read and will be considered. Thank you for the feedback!


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        Thank you for your understanding. I genuinely appreciate it!