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Collaboration armors.

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    Collaboration armors.

    Quick easy little suggestion here...can the next round of collab armor have Magical reflect XXL? Life of a Lancer and Knight is harsh with people wearing so many XXL reflects, would be nice to see mages and archers suffer a bit with us with a mix up of some Magical XXLs thrown into the mix. Ive had some newbies kill me just because of a lucky 2x XXL reflect on a broken cross assault attack, it hurts my character physically, and my soul ;~;
    A few suggestions:

    1. There wasn't any collab that gave physical reflection XXL. Only physical eflection XL.

    2. Lancers and knights have access to either break thrust or rage slash both of which ignore all procs and reflection/barrier.


    • Disevve
      Disevve commented
      Editing a comment
      For now only they do, but with the new movesets and changes upcoming that wont be for long.

    • Bryan_the_guy
      Bryan_the_guy commented
      Editing a comment
      Then why complain about them at all if you know that archers can go to berserker class for an ability similar to rage slash and break thrust.

      Meanwhile mages can now use starburst to ignore procs such as magic damage down XL/XXL. So really this whole thread is kinda irrelevant.. Armor is now really irrelevant unless its wielded by a rook...
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