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  • PresidentPeople
    started a topic Pipe Dream Alert!

    Pipe Dream Alert!

    A list of ideas I've been gathering since I started playing, ranging from new customization options to quality-of-life improvements. Some of these might be a bit half-baked, but I feel that many can be built upon with some discussion. With enough support, one or two could gain some traction if we're lucky. Please let me know what you think!

    Guild Closet

    A shared cosmetics pool that all members within a given guild may access. This could be implemented in a few ways:

    (A) All members allowed immediate access to other members' unlocked cosmetics, so long as they remain within that guild.

    (B) Cosmetic keys (or a special variant of the item) are spent to allow access to guildmates' gear on a per-item basis.

    (C) Keys (see above) are used at the holder's discretion to unlock gear for the closet. Gear unlocked in this way is linked to the guild, remaining accessible if the unlocking member leaves the guild.

    Guild Hall Decorations

    All members of the guild may decorate the guild hall as they please, using furniture from their own collections.

    Guild leaders have the option to allow/disallow regular members to decorate.

    CPU/Autobattle Settings

    Allows players to fine-tune the behavior of their own CPU stand-in. Frequency of attacks, timing of buffs, preferred unison monsters, healing ability threshold, the list could go on.

    Music Selection for Rooms/Guild Hall

    Alternate music that can be applied when decorating a room, and selected for the guild hall by the leaders. The list includes songs from various story mission battles and seasonal/collab event screens. (While not terribly festive, the Christmas event screen music was rather catchy, no?)

    Players may choose to always play the default music in their settings.

    Cosmetics Inspection Screen

    An addition to the player status screen, letting other players inspect the names and stats of equipped cosmetics. The holder has the option to hide/show stats, infusions, and skills of their cosmetic gear.

    Name Change Library

    A list that allows players to switch back to a previously purchased name. The initial cost of creating a new name will remain 10 gems, but recalling an older name is free, with the exception of the wait period between changes.

    Furthermore, tapping a player’s name on their bio screen will display a list of their other names. Players may customize their own list (described above) by hiding/showing (or deleting?) their aliases as desired, to condense similar names, show just their favorites, or hide ones best forgotten.

    04/03/18 Edit: Clarified on the cost a bit, went into greater detail.

    Limimin Race Bronze Medalist

    Placing third in the Liminin race either breaks even at 100% cookie returns, or 50%. A bronze medal is still a medal! Something ought to be gained back for ending up in third.

    Room guest limit increase for guildmates

    Allow up to 5 extra visitors into one room if they are guildmates (or friends?), capping at 10 players total, potentially letting an entire guild visit a member's room all at once.

    03/19/18 - - - - - - -

    New/updated cosmetic shop menu

    Introduces a process similar to transfusion in return for cosmetic items. Unwanted armor or weapon pieces are selected, and exchanged for a new currency: we'll call them cosmetic fragments, I guess. The amount returned is appropriate to the material's rarity/cost. The fragments can then be turned in at the cosmetic shop for a selected item. In order to avoid obsoleting the use of gems in the shop, the fragment cost would still have to be pretty high, while still offering an alternative, and a way to use excess Friend Points and N-Rarity quest drops.

    Recently Visited Friend Sorting

    A new option for sorting your Friends list. Sorts in ascending/descending order the friends that have Liked your room most recently. An additional option sorts friends in the order you've Liked their rooms.

    Favorite Rooms

    A system accessed from the Room menu for saving your favorite rooms to visit, and may wish to return to/Like on a regular basis, without fear of them dropping from the Like History list.

    Daily Room Like Indicator

    An icon that appears on various stat screens and menus (primarily, the Like History), showing at a glance that you've Liked a given player's room today. Should make one's daily Like routine a lot smoother, especially when coupled with the two above requests.

    03/27/18 - - - - - - -

    CPU Commands

    A set of macros/emotes meant for instructing the often clueless CPU players. After issuing a command (see examples below), the CPU best equipped to fulfill the task is nudged into doing so. If the task cannot be fulfilled by any CPU, it will not be made available for selection. To prevent conflicting orders, a single human player has access to the menu at a given time, with control passing to the next available player every 30 seconds or so. Some examples of what commands might be useful (inspired somewhat by the default chat macros):

    • Attack my target!
    • Maintain the Break Chain!
    • Unison with a [Element] Monster!
    • Heal my target!
    • Remove our status ailments!
    • Use buffs!
    • Debuff my target!
    • Don't attack yet!
    • Do whatever. (Default behavior)

    07/11/18 Edit: Control over the commands could also be limited to the party leader. If the leader wishes, they may pass or enable control for other players.

    Form a Party Info

    A short description set by the gatherer in the Form a Party menu, outlining what is expected from joining players, or relaying important points about the quest/what strategy to follow. Saves the gatherer from having to alter their character bio to relay information on a single quest. Can be viewed from the Find a Party menu without having to join the party.

    CPU Class Designation

    Allows the party gatherer to assign CPUs of the desired class to any open player slots after gathering is complete, but before a quest is launched. Alternatively/additionally, allows CPUs from the gatherer's Friends list to fill in, similar in function to the Quest with Friends menu (I'm positive this has been requested elsewhere before).

    Cosmetic Furniture

    Cosmetic Keys (or a new item) can be used to unlock furniture a player owns. They can be utilized in two ways:

    1. Unlocks a selected furniture piece, allowing unlimited duplicates to be placed (while staying within the room's max item count). Placed duplicates do not affect overall inventory count, as they are not technically items at all.

    2. Recalls a previously owned furniture piece for cosmetic use. These cannot be put towards stat bonuses. Automatically unlocks use of duplicates. Ideally, these would not count towards the furniture inventory limit either.

    Monster Placement in Room

    Allows the placement of a monster as a furniture piece of sorts. Plays attack animation when interacted with. Previously owned monsters can be unlocked with Cosmetic Keys (Or the possible new item mentioned above).

    05/08/18 - - - - - - -

    Cosmetic Preview Option

    From certain menus, such as medal exchanges and Gift Shop, and before purchasing, players may preview a given item on their character with all other currently equipped cosmetics. Here are two ways this might be done:

    (A) The user is brought to a screen very much like what is found in the Cosmetic Shop, and can apply the desired items to their character before purchasing for as long as they remain there.

    (B) Within the user's room, Guild Hall, or another player's room, items for purchase may be previewed by wearing them directly. Leaving the space for any reason will remove the items. This option allows players to walk around, test emotes, and show guildmates and visitors the items as they would be worn before actually buying them. Or just goof around, heh.

    Cosmetic Gift Exchange

    All items in the Cosmetic Shop can be gifted to other players using the same system as the Gift Shop. Ideally, special currency for specific events (such as the 3rd Anniversary Medals B) could also be spent.

    Card Flip Token Counts

    During special events, relevant prize exchange and box spawn tokens are displayed beneath the player's gem count above the card flip area. This allows the player to keep an eye on their event item counts without having to skip the card flip altogether, or leave the Quest menu.

    Elemental Icon Emotes

    Themed emotes that can be used for quick responses concerning elements. A simple set representing the seven elements would be pretty straightforward, but it could be taken a step further by including elemental attack, defense, and monster emotes, and maybe animate them to quickly convey a specific advantage during a quest. For ease of access (and to prevent clutter), a new menu tab might be needed. (Bonus points for elemental Limimin emotes)

    Animated Elemental Advantage Chart

    For players that aren't already familiar with the new Star element and the changes to the advantage chart, an animated or interactive version might help them catch on quicker. Tapping each element will dim the rest of the chart, displaying only the selected elements advantage(s). Additional sword and shield icons (similar to ones on the player's own advantage chart) are overlaid, representing the attacking and defending elements for each scenario.

    Updated Colosseum/Mobius Furniture Prices

    Addresses two common concerns: 1. Users have too many Furniture Medals and not much to spend them on. 2. Colosseum and Mobius aren't frequent enough acquire all of their rewards (Which includes Gear Awakening) in a timely fashion. To mitigate the problem, the events' respective furniture items' costs could be cut, with a sizable amount of Furniture Medals (upwards of 100) filling in the reduced Event Medal cost.

    As for players who have already exchanged for the event furniture at the original price, a special submenu would be made accessible (probably from the Shop screen's lower menu, and the events' respective medal exchanges), where they may exchange the Furniture Medals they would have paid in return for the appropriate amount of event medals on a per-item basis.

    Gear/Ability Swapping within Gear Sets

    From a Gear Set's overview, players may directly modify desired gear and abilities without having to first equip the set. Like the set's naming field, changes would be automatically applied. A new button would be used to discard any changes made during the current inspection. An undo button for removing single changes at a time could also work.

    Favorites mode in List/Sell menu

    A mode that allows users to set/unset gear Favorites without having to inspect individual items and modify them one by one. Like the above, a new button discards any changes made to favorites during the current inspection.

    07/11/18 - - - - - - -

    Recall Recent Activity/Results

    Occasionally, the player may be distracted from what's happening onscreen and miss information that they were watching for. This function would allow the recollection of results/attendance of various actions the player performed recently, including, but not limited to:
    • Quests (with Event prestige and Card Flips)
    • Spawns (and rates, where applicable)
    • Limimin Races
    • Augmentation
    • Expedition Limimin

    Quest Favorites List
    A list of quests the player may customize. Difficulty tiers within a quest may be favorited individually. If a party is being gathered, the same red indicator from the Find a Party button will appear on the respective quest's banner. Timed events such as Ordeals and Gold quests will be grayed out and moved to the bottom of the list if unavailable, to be returned to its original desired placement in the list once it becomes joinable again.

    Guild Contribution Bonus Reroll
    Checkbox at the contribution screen that enables rerolling of the daily contribution bonus. Resets to unchecked each day.

    Swipe Scrolling for Tickers
    Enables swipe scrolling for the Quest menu, Spawn menu, and Guild Profile tickers, similar to the screen shown when updating the game. A way to halt auto-scrolling may also be useful. This could be accomplished with a pause button, or making the regular tap input pause instead.

    Scroll Bars for Additional Lists
    Scroll bars on Room Likes list, Friends list, Present Box, Guild medal exchange list, and Spawnable Gear lists. Well, pretty much every list.

    Great Success for +Values
    If augmenting using a Taspy or material that has a +value in any of its stats, and a Great Success is triggered, a bonus +value is added to the result.

    Cosmetic Favorites
    Allows the player to move their favorite cosmetic items to the top of the Cosmetic equip list for ease of access. This includes hair, faces, locked gear, unlocked gear, and held gear.

    Cosmetic Item Stats
    Hovering over an item in the Cosmetic equip list will display the item's encyclopedia entry (in much the same way as the List/Sell menu or anywhere else). This provides a closer view of some gear, as well as helps differentiate authentic items from their cosmetic counterparts by displaying default stats and skills (if that matters to you).

    Restore Outfit/Equipment
    An option that reverts any changes made in the current editing session. While this is mainly for the Cosmetic equip menu, it could also work for the main Equip menu.

    Room Visitor Preview
    Displays the user's own room as though they were visiting it, hiding all buttons flanking the screen, and displaying the room's name and admin information along the bottom. Additionally, interactive items may be triggered in this view.

    Room Rank Up Rewards
    In addition to the current rewards, an additional reward is given each time the Room Rank bar is filled. At max Room Rank, the bar may still be filled, encouraging players to continue Liking rooms and/or gathering Likes.

    The additional reward could simply be Furniture Medals, or a new item altogether. Perhaps a special ticket that guarantees a furniture piece that hasn't yet been collected by the player?

    Experience/AP Gain at Max Level
    Allows the EXP bar to fill and "level up", granting AP for max-leveled players. The player does not stockpile levels for the next cap increase in this way, but is kept at the current maximum level.

    EXP Amount and AP Regain trackers
    Tapping the EXP or AP bars at the top of the screen will display the amount needed until the next level (information currently found only on Quest completion), and the countdown until the next AP point is regained, respectively.

    Sparring Emotes
    Adds four new emotes to the lobby menu that mimic some general attack actions in battle. Like attacks, the execution can change depending on the equipped cosmetic weapon:
    1. Slash (Soldier)
    2. Thrust (Lancer)
    3. Shoot (Archer and Mage)
    4. Cast (Cleric)

    To keep things from getting too rowdy, a number of options could be made available to hide/show these emotes to the player's preference (A few might be enabled by default):
    • Trust Guildmates
    • Trust Friends
    • Disable in Main Lobby (includes Quest Complete lobby)
    • Disable in Chat Lobbies
    • Disable in Guild Lobby
    • Disable in player's room

    Randomize Lobby Autophrase Order
    A checkbox added to the Autophrase options that enables/disables autophrase randomization in the lobby. Disabling will play them in the order shown on the autophrases list.
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  • BeautiDuwanger
    Wow, how i didnt saw this thread before. Personally i like your first suggestions. Sharing cosmetics and the chance to decorate the guild hall. Rooms really need an update, the way they works fells a bit old rn.

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  • PresidentPeople
    Alright, it's been a good while now. Time to unleash the next round of suggestions! Find them under 07/11/18 in the OP. We're all over the place today, but most of these pertain to cosmetics or statistics/interface of some kind.

    As always, please let me know if you think a suggestion can be improved!

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  • Saiyo
    can we also have a setting in guild raids so we can set it for only guildleader and sub leaders can start the guild raid but if they don’t if they don’t start it within the time it will start like 30 min after initial start time window or something like that. And can we do another design contest. Sorry to add this randomly on your post but do you like these suggestions too?? Maybe you can revise them or they will inspire a new idea for you!

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  • PresidentPeople
    commented on 's reply
    Thank you both for clearing that up! I’ll continue adding as long as I have new ideas, then.

    If there’s anything I can do to improve the OP, don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Ateam Admin
    commented on 's reply
    The only rule regarding thread bumping is really for "repeated" thread bumping and mainly there so we have grounds to punish users who try to keep dead/off-topic threads visible for selfish reasons. This doesn't really apply and is honestly preferable to posting a new thread for each suggestion (since you have so many!)

  • Ateam Avia
    commented on 's reply
    I don't believe Ateam Admin has made any specific rules on the reviving of threads. It might just be that a lot of information in older threads is old and may be more easily overlooked/ignored.

  • PresidentPeople
    commented on 's reply
    I was under the impression that adding to a thread didn't constitute a bump. I've updated it a few times in the past, and it didn't seem to be a problem then. I can certainly stop if the practice is against the rules, and just make a new thread or smaller threads for each update.

    Ateam Avia, is it alright to be doing what I have? The rules are unclear on the subject of posting etiquette regarding suggestion threads. I probably should have brought this up sooner. Sorry for the trouble.

  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest commented on 's reply
    You dare revive this thread?

  • PresidentPeople
    Some new ideas under 05/08/18 on the OP! Some more cosmetic system ideas and some element-related stuff. Hopefully the Colo/Mobius one isn’t too far-fetched. If anyone cares to weigh in, I’d love to hear what you think.
    Last edited by PresidentPeople; 05-08-2018, 05:27 PM.

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  • DoomSkuller
    I would personally like to have the ability to see our friends' class loadouts and have them use them when taking them out on quests.

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  • Bevgebra
    monster placement in room


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  • PresidentPeople
    I know it hasn't been long, but some new ideas hit me over this week as I've been playing the collab. Flavors of the Day: Party Gathering and Furniture! Listed under 03/27/18 on the OP.

    On a forum-side note, does the option to edit thread titles become available after a period of time? I'd like to revise the title a bit. Currently, a text box is visible to me, but cannot be edited.

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  • Harukage
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    Yikes, why was my formatting so bad..

  • Night-Hawk

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