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Card flips for Super Augment quests

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    Card flips for Super Augment quests

    Ever since Ive done Super Augment quests, the card flips for it tends to be the most underwhelming bit of it, simply because of the silver grade gear. Not sure why Super Aug flips would have such inferior augment gears for a flip compared to the quest itself, they should be updated to have SR and SSR augment mats only as well.
    A few suggestions:

    I'd like to agree with this post and add onto it a little, in hopes of seeing something happen with it

    I feel like Super Augment Quests are a little like a slap in the face in general.

    I did about 20 of them this morning and probably over half of them were 4-5 big limi-gear, and 1 king-limi gear... It felt very much like wasting all of my keys on normal Augment quests.

    Not to mention the card-flips at the end are very disheartening. I'd like to see Super Augment quests guarantee more than just 1 King, and also offer Kings in the card flip.

    Can I get an "Amen!"?

    [Edit]: Not to mention it makes the super aug keys from treasure spawns feel like you sat down hoping for a meal, or even a snack, and got handed a single pea. :P
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