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    Please, we need this! We don't have nearly enough presets! And having the option to organize them would be a life send as well! We need this in our lives.

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      I’m still getting by using 4 lol


      • Khloebunni
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        I'd rather not just casually 'get by' lol, but I envy your not worrying about multi-classing for duel rooms, CSA, different element sets for PvE content, event sets, GB sets, and whatever other set you may need periodically.

      It's been 9 months. Why hasn't this been implemented yet? I'm so confusion


      • Vegecat
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        Because when their monkeys would need about 30 years to figure it out, waiting 1 month or 9 months or 20 months makes no difference

      Bump for weeks like this

      4 Colosseum sets because of the different rules (Since I play every class, I prefer 8-9 sets depending on what sounds fun that session).
      8 CSA sets to prepare for runs with guild members and friends.
      1 40 cost set (I have 3 prepared depending on what the party needs—Cleric, Treasure Hunter, or DPS).
      • You may also need to save different raid sets, depending the guild's plan and attendance.
      5 35 cost sets (these got torched first for Colo & CSA sets since the time slots are so awkward).

      In addition to the consistently required:
      6-7 Elemental sets (and that's if you only run one class for each element).
      n Guild battle sets.
      n Duel Room sets.
      n Luxury sets (Augment specific, maximizing a specific stat for Ranks, empty sets for fresh builds).

      Please, please, puh-LEASE add more gear presets.
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        I definitely agree, and I'm pretty surprised this hasn't been implemented yet to be honest


          How to up vote a thread more?

          As Khloe mentioned, there are far too little gear sets available it's almost as if you guys forgot that people multiclass.

          I would really like not having to do eenie meanie mo deciding what set I can do without...
          And having to remake that set a few days

          This past week I've ended up deleting all my ordeal sets to focus more on Csa/40c/colo but I need to farm ordeals too on the weekend :'D

          P. S. Pls make it faster to allocate cost around too my fingers are tired
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          • Miss Bliss
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            I would like to see the cost allocation set as 1/5/10 even. Rapidly clicking 50 1's is tiring lol

          Try getting tendinosis so you can’t tap rapidly at all any more.

          Actually, don’t try it; it’s a pita, it takes forever to heal over (especially if you keep using that body part, but I might die of boredom if I rested my hands completely for months...), and it’s expensive to see specialists (I’m hoping I won’t eventually need surgery). Take care of your body!

          It’s kinda like with the inv/locker space thing... Ateam says, “Keep grinding and spending gems, and here’s a feature to allow you to grind and use gems even more! If you don’t use this feature, you’ll be punished by missing out on stuff and/or being very inconvenienced. Alternatively, if you do, you’ll eventually hit our limit, and then you can enjoy being punished anyway for grinding and spending gems *too much*. Mwahahahahaaaa...”

          Great, I guess we’re supposed to skip most events and only multiclass for ToJ when new floors come out, is that what Ateam wants us to do? Actions speak louder than words, and we’re punished for sticking to our fav class (meta shifts, ToJ), and also punished for multiclassing and playing events (no space for gear and event mats, no slots for gear sets), so I can’t figure out what else Ateam is telling us to do. Or maybe Ateam is telling us to not care at all--I never had a problem with storage space, gear set slots, rotating schedules, etc when I was low level and just playing through the story quest with no thought to gear or abilities, so is Ateam telling me to go back to that?

          Businesses (and others, tbf) should think a little more carefully about their message before they let their actions speak >.<


            Bump. Ateam Avia I'm not sure if we have spoken about this topic yet, tagging you just in case c;
            Although, if this is not plausible too due to server space then the team could cut down the number of lobbies that almost no one uses.

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            • Ateam Avia
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              I've been pushing for a revamp of this for better part of a year.
              I'll keep you posted when I have news!

            Bump, please don't let this idea die.


              I've been struggling with my sets way too much for the last couple of months. The elemental sets alone take half the available slots, then there's the class ones for the Tower of Judgment which is constantly updated, and you're already left with only 2-3 sets available, while you still have to create your mobius, colo, raid, 40c builds just to quote some.
              Basically, we're in desperate need for more gear preset slots.

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