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Can we update Weapon and Armour Infusions

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  • Can we update Weapon and Armour Infusions

    I notice that you can infuse different element/stat monsters into each other for 1 Awakening orb if the monsters have same cost.

    I want an infusion update where you can infuse any weapon regardless of class for 1 ether droplet as long as it has the same cost.

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    Did you just say we separate monsters by color?! How dare you! They have feelings just like us! I demand equality for all monsters!

    That aside, as an owner of multiple off-main-class weapons, I do like this idea.


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      Hmm, all UR equipment have infusions. Monsters on the other hand, only certain monsters have infusions right now. Furthermore, monsters are more often than not, much more difficult to acquire. You also are unable to infuse monsters with lower cost monsters as munition. Awakening orbs are also quite recent, much more difficult to obtain than infusion crystals.

      FURTHERMORE, this system has been in place since forever, so it can't simply be changed to suit newer players.

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        This will help people who spawned high cost weapons and want to maximise their class or start powering up a subclass.

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      Of any class... As long as same cost. Tht would be nice... Give me a way finally max infuse my 31 cost world's end bow using my extra lances i got... If they could do the same for body/helms like regardless if clothing/armor or hat/helm you can infuse. Would be nice/interesting

      Just to clarify for future reference: Spawn mon to spawn mon; event mon to event mon. As long as whatever you are infusing is equal to or greater than the cost of the mon you want to infuse and if the pot.s are unlocked for both. Like ama into a twilight bride Yuria it can be do able just need a lot of gold
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      After doing a number of Rates up spawns


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        I wish.. all these staves and relics... Begone!
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