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Differentiated advancement

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    Differentiated advancement

    Sorry for the awful title. I'm suggesting an idea for future rings that rings wherein players must choose between alternate abilities.

    Imagine the rings as they exist now, except once the top ability is learned, the player must choose between the slots to the right or left. After choosing the next item on both sides becomes available to learn. The player must again choose A or B, until reaching the bottom of the ring, where once again there is a single choice. Reaching the bottom of the 6th ring is all that's required for advancement to the 7th ring.

    Perhaps since each player only learns half of the abilities, make the rings larger. Each layer could be a choice between, say, an attack or a buff. Maybe a choice between a passive to increase class advantage or a passive to increase class defiance. This way each character can be a bit unique while still maintaining viability.

    Instead of locking skills that aren't learned, keep them available for half proficiency. If the A skill was learned for 6k prof, the player could go back and learn the B skill for 3k if they decided the A side didn't fit their build. At that point the A skill becomes unavailable again but can be bought back for another 3k
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    I was going to suggest something similar: Class Branching. Your idea seems less regretful tho, since you can go back. With branching, you'd have to choose a branch and leave the other behind.


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      One of the advertised features of the game is that you aren't locked in to one class. I think a rigid tree system would not be viewed favorably by the devs

    I really like this idea!



      Something like this?