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Some Help With Plus (+) ltems

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  • Some Help With Plus (+) ltems

    Ever wondered what those + numbers on your gear are?
    Fear no more this guide will tell you everythiing you would need to know about them.

    But before we do that, here's a simple tip to make identifying these items easier for you.

    Tip #1
    Turn on + Value Details

    - Go to Menu
    - Other
    - Options
    - turn on + Value Details [ON]
    This makes identifying the top and bottom pluses easier.

    What are plus items?
    Plus items are items that can be augmented into gear to increase its stats even after it has been max leveled/ max reforged/ max infused. Each plus increases the stats of the gear by 5 points when augmented into a gear. Now that you have some idea of what plus items are, let's talk about ways to get them.

    Ways to get plus items
    • FP Spawn
    • Quests (plus items as drops)
    • Event Box Spawn (Heavenly Taspy -- I talk about them a bit later in the guide)
    • Video Ad Spawn
    • Ad TV screen with green border found on the top left corner -- don't really know what to call it (Heavenly Taspy)
    FP Spawn
    tap/click on Spawn >> then find the green icon that says FP >> tap/click on Daily Login Spawn >> tap/click on FP Spawn >> 30 Times Spawn

    You will notice that you obtain some N and R (and sometimes SR) gear each time you do this. Some of these gear have pluses (+1 or +2). These are plus items. Do not sell them.

    Tip #2
    Auto Select for selling non plus items

    After you do the FP spawn and obtain the gear including the + items. You can go to List/Sell. And sell all the gear obtained from the FP spawn without pluses on them (I know this is obvious by now but just showing you an example on the image below).

    Heavenly Taspy
    These are plus items... but cuter?

    You can get them from event box spawns and sometimes by watching an ad by tapping on the green border TV on the top-left corner of your screen.
    Just like there are top and bottom plus taspys there are also top and bottom plus items.

    Top and Bottom Plus Items
    There are 2 different types of + items:
    1. Top + items and
    2. Bottom + items
    And it is important you understand this. Only the top + items can increase the top stats of a gear. The bottom + item can only increase the bottom stats of a gear.

    If you followed Tip #1 you should be able to view the pluses like this

    Top + items
    + 1 / - - -

    Bottom + items
    - - - / + 1

    Both top and bottom + items
    + 1 / + 1

    Now I'll teach you how to add + plus items to other gear or + items.
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    Q. Why you should add + plus items to other + items when you are saving + items?
    Ans. Mainly to save gear locker space.

    Q. Why should you add them to your favorites/favourites when saving + items?
    Ans. So you wont sell them by accident.
    Adding + items to gear or other + items is as simple as augmenting them into the gear/+ item.

    The wizard staff in the image above has a total of 167 pluses. After augmenting the Longbow with a bottom +1 into the wizard staff, the total number of pluses changed to 168 (i.e. 167 + 1).

    And if you have a look at the wizard staff's stats. You'll notice that the bottom stat (in this case MATK) has increased by 5 points even though the wizard staff is fully maxed.

    So + items allow you to increase stats even after the gear has been maxed! By 5 points for each + item!

    And again top + for increasing top stat, bottom + for increasing bottom stat.

    If this is too complicated don't worry it will become easier with practice.

    Q. What are maxed + items?
    Ans. Maxed + items have a total number of 198 pluses augmented into them. And it will not increase after this point (so please don't augment more +'s into a maxed 198+ item because that would be a waste). You can have a maximum of 99+'s in the top stat and a maximum of 99+'s in the bottom stat. As show in the image below.

    The green 495+ (that is 99x5) has been added into each stat, 5 points for each plus.

    People like to add +198 pluses into N gear and then augment that N gear containing 198+'s into their important gear to save gold. So + items are transferable too.

    I hope this helped. And thanks for reading.
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      Wonderfully written. I desperately wish there had been something like this in my early days of UL because I know I sold or dumped (and definitely improperly augmented) SO many plussed items..
      BRING BACK ITEM DESCRIPTIONS. The game feels WRONG without them! =================================


      • Sagi007
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        lol im sortof in the same boat. I used everything for augmenting including the +items till normal pieaces stopped being anywhere near useful to use for augmenting.
        then i sold every single piece incuding the +items.

        sigh so many +s lost

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        Thank you. A few people asked about this. Same here.

      • Priscilla
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      An excellent guide to be sure! I hope the mods or Administrator sticky this thread, because I think it would benefit a lot of people. T'would be a shame for it to get buried.
      I'm trying to care..



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        Thank you. Made it to help a few friends. Glad you like it.

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      This may be a stupid question, but how do you tell the difference between top & bottom +? All I've been doing is piling them all into one n gear, is that bad?


      • Mosaic
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        If you hold down to see the full expansion of the item you can look to see where the plus was.

        Amado (??? idk his name on forums lul) made a thread awhile back suggesting to put it on either the top or the bottom of the item visual so you can quickly see, but so far no response on that.

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        Piling them into N gear is not bad and you can save gold (then augment the maxed plused N gear into the item you want to add pluses to). But once you reach lets say 99+s you should check where the plus is being allocated to. For example if your gear had 99 top pluses. And you augment more top pluses into it they won't be added to the gear. So start saving those pluses in a separate gear.

        And yup you should be able to see where top or bottom plus is by looking at the gear detail of that item (this can be done by holding down on the gear like Mosaic said).

        Pluses are shown in the burgundy boxes at the top of each stat.

        Hope it helped and thanks for the question.

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      Ateam Admin Hey Evan this is a great guide for new players! Can we grab a sticky sticky? c:


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        Thank you

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      Stickied! Very helpful, thanks for the writeup

      Signature image courtesy ekichou.


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        Thanks for the sticky

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      Thanks for this Lol... didn't know there were top and bottom pluses and I'm almost friggin level 100 >.>
      Question everything. ID: 2078755433


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        No problem glad it helped

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      tfw when i wrote a similiar guide and i just read @Asterael comment who made his forum account Jul 2015 ;(

      well great detail guide! Better than mines for sho c:


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        Oh. sorry I didn't kno ^^' should've checked if there was a guide first lol and thanks

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      I wish someone told me about this /before/ I put max +s on Chu...
      ~Retired as of 2.1.17~


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        Wish I realised sooner too.. Hope you get a super useful monster for transferring those pluses.

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      I am new to this game, sorry about the lame question! Can we just buy items with a credit card or PayPal? Must we spawn?


      • JinfortheWin
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        All must bow to RNGesus and hope for good gear. Spawning is the only way to get good gear, other than doing certain events which hold useful equipment.

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        You can buy gems but as far as I know we can't buy items. Yup we must spawn for items X)

      • HotMessExpress
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        If +1 items are your goal (and they should be a goal for everyone) then farming friend points is a good way to get free +1 gear

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      Hey Rabbit!

      I really love how you have compiled every bit of information in regards to the plus gear along with cool tips and whatnot on how to save gold and space. Congratulations for that patience!

      I'm replying here with a strange question, but I'll need to explain first. I was thinking of creating a topic about the additional stats that appear as yellow on the item descriptions and format it in a similar way as this topic with the hope it would get stickied as well. However, I thought I would ask you first - would you like to add the information to this topic as your own project upgrade or would it be okay if I go ahead and create a separate topic about that?

      P.S. I've worked on a really nice google sheet that I can share the link to, should you wish to upgrade this topic. It's accessible to the public and you can either use the link in a topic BBCode or screenshot the whole thing and just add it as an image. It's not that large and monumental (yet!).

      Looking forward to your reply
      IGN: Blackfire/ ID: 2013129570
      135k~ (H'sB/K'sD/VQ/DS/ATK) General / 97k~ Full Healer Bishop (Oracle soon!)


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        Hey sorry I'm years late with responding. But yes you can! Yes, probably a better idea to make your own thread. Don't need my permission. Good luck and again I'm sorry for replying so late.

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      I know this thread is old an all, but i just wanted to add something. I noticed all of the ones that posted in here checked the plus values in the burgundy boxes, but there's actually a simpler way to do it: Just go to settings and activate plus value details, so instead of seeing the plus values as for example +120 you will see them as 60/60 or 32/88, or whatever it is. Being the left value the top plus and the right value the bottom plus. Hope this helps someone.


      • kyocrisis
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        I actually didn't know about that option after 2 years of playing so that's cool, thanks!

      • Vegecat
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        Yeah, reading the 2nd line of this guide is a good idea.

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        Thanks! I've updated it now to make it more easy to understand. Sorry that the screenshots are still old I'll updated them later.

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      Sorry in advance for scaring you. I logged back in to update this guide since I'm responsible for it and yes it was getting old. I'm sure no one expected this. I mean which idiot would comeback to update a 2 year old guide but yes I'm am that idiot. To everyone who reads my gibberish and says nice things thank you and here's a cookie for being so patient. I've updated this guide now (apart from the screenshots which are somewhat still relevant) to include taspys and so on. And yes please feel free to build on this guide or make your own separate guide, you don't need my permission. (I won't be logging into this account to check, the next time I login might be in 2020 so seriously don't wait for me)
      I'll go back into hiding till this guide needs to be updated again. Till then annyeong!


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        That sigpic lol

      • Nemurerumori
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        long time no see

        hi and bye friend

      • Vegecat
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        To answer your question, it seems like a friendly, self deprecating idiot who really didn't have to bother and should value their time more.

        I don't want to thank you, because that'd be like encouraging people to come back and spend time on UL guides even after they quit (the forums or the app), but...

        ...wth, I'll say it: TY. Your guide has been very helpful.

        Gamsa & annyeong ^^
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