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    Lancer guide 2.0

    Lancer guide V.2.0

    Hello, and welcome to the new and improved guide for lancers! There is another guide by the no-longer-active “Cobalt” However, I believe we need a new guide as it has been many months since Cobalt wrote his guide and much has changed. Therefore, I am writing this guide with the help of some VERY skilled and seasoned lancers to hopefully provide the community with a more extensive and detailed guide. The guide will be divided into three sections covering three different topics: The build(s) for lancers and general information on lancers, PVE and PVP.
    •Quickest attacks in game (discounting dragon crush)
    •Extremely high power single hit attacks
    •Second bulkiest class in game
    •Damage has low reliance on RNG
    •Basic attack can hit like a truck (watch out confuse attack)
    •Anti class strength is extremely common in top play, while anti class enemy is shy from the frontlines
    •Stings are extremely powerful abilities during boss phase. A sting snipe for an early break can net a bonus damage of around 200-300k extra damage as well as a full break stack worth of unison in between staggers.
    •Fastest and most powerful combo attacks in the game. (Except dragon crush which is slow)

    •Like archers rely on fatal and Deadeye procs, Lancer depend on heart of the spear to add a ton of bonus break.
    •AoE options are very poor (Although mage is really the only good AoE class)
    •Good haste pets are a rarity, class passives steer lancer more towards P defense gears to give majority a lack in M defense.
    •Proc system favors main slot (Including main armors over sub weapons), causing their set bonus to interfere with heart of the spear procs, reducing the chance of causing break.
    •New basic attack weapons replace one of the best abilities a lancer currently has for DPS
    •the class description makes people think lancers are the main dps class
    •Although rare, any archer who wants you dead WILL make that happen.

    Builds, Abilities, Gear and general information
    The lancer class is the physical DD (damage dealing) class of unison league. It boasts the highest attack power if we’re talking about single hit attacks; Lancers DO NOT deal the most damage overall compared to the other offensive classes. This class is the second tankiest as lancers possess the second highest HP pool and our gear focuses mostly on physical defense and physical attack. The main priority of a lancer is to apply Break. Break is a status affect that can be cast onto a single opponent at a time. This effect can technically be applied by any class however, lancers apply it most reliably and effectively. Break also increases the damage dealt to a target that has been broken. The higher the chain on break, the higher the damage taken by a monster/player that has been broken.
    You know that you’ve applied Break because you will see the player/monster glow and see the text: “CHAIN START!!
    Details on ‘Break’
    • The orange bar that appears when break is applied shows how much time is left until the break status disappears, until you re-apply it.
    • The break affect works as a chain. Once break is applied, hitting the target afterwards will increase the chain affect by 1 for each hit, capping out at a maximum of 10.
    • The point of break is that once it wears off, all players on your team will receive a boost to their unison gauges depending on the chain. For example: If a chain goes up to 4 and then wears off, my team and I will receive a 4% boost to our unison gauges.
    Break also acts as a damage amplifier, meaning that a broken target will receive increased damage. A broken target with MAX chain= Damage dealt to this target will ignore roughly 80% of their physical/magical defense. *This 80% figure is applied to PVE only, not PVP.

    Details on ‘Builds’
    A lancer’s build can go in a few different ways.
    Nuke: This type of build is characterized by having 6 weapons and 6 fire/neutral/wind (ideally go with fire but all these elements boost ATK) this type of build maximizes physical ATK to deal out the most damage a lancer possibly can. Designed to kill mages quickly and deal good decent damage.
    Hybrid: The ‘Hybrid’ Build uses 6 weapons, 5 helms, 5 armors and 4 monsters or, 6/5/5/4 This build lowers attack power however, it provides a significant defensive boost to your lancer thus, making you able to withstand more damage. *Good for PVP since it allows you to not fall to archers and mages as easily.
    • *The lancer "Nuke" build is the exact same as the archer build and similar to the mage build so if you’re disillusioned with the class at some point, know that you can always switch.

    Details on ‘Abilities’ (I’m only going to cover the important abilities)
    Pierce: AP (Ability power) 120, damages one enemy, bonus to break. This skill is your weakest skill damage wise however, it deals break very efficiently for very low cost.
    Thrust: AP: 130 damages 1 enemy 15% chance to paralyze. The thrust skills are more PVP oriented but they’re very good when you actually inflict paralysis. Using pierce, sting or savage sting increases the paralysis chance to 40%.
    Sting: AP: 140 damages 1 enemy, bonus to break. This is basically a stronger version of pierce (should replace pierce ideally)
    Sharp thrust: AP: 140 damages 1 enemy 15 % chance to paralyze. Same thing as thrust but with more AP, cost and cooldown.
    Savage sting: AP: 150 Damages 1 enemy, bonus to break. Ideally you should be using this and sting as your break abilities along with 2 other abilities. If you don’t have 2/3 heart of the spear lances then you might want to take pierce as well.
    Dragon thrust: AP: 150 damages 1 enemy, 15% chance to paralyze. Stronger version of previous thrust skills.
    Knights blitz: AP: 210 damages 1 enemy. This is your nuke skill, meant solely to deal high damage very quickly and it does this very well. Great for PVE and PVP, but it does come at a slightly expensive 15 cost and 14 second cooldown.
    Break thrust: AP: 140 damages 1 enemy, not affected by damage down or damage reflect. This skill is completely useless for PVE so don’t bring it. It is useful for PVP since its damage is not affected by the enemy’s armor or helms ability to lower physical damage or reflect damage. So break thrust can deal very reliable somewhat low however, damage.
    Double sting: AP: 100 damages 1 enemy twice, bonus to break (*Damage per shot increases to 110 when used after savage sting). This is a very niche skill and from my experience isn’t better to bring into either PVE or PVP settings. If it procs however it can deal higher damage than knights blitz. Should only be used if you have both ranked weapons.
    Dragon crush: AP: 190 damages one enemy and its surrounding allies. This is basically a slightly weaker knights blitz that can damage 3 enemies at once. It is useless in PVE. In PVP it is somewhat useful to finish off enemies that your mage friend can’t completely kill with meteor rain. However, it does have a very expensive 25 cost and 40 second cooldown so use it cautiously.
    Attack stance: Increases AP of all attacks by 20 for 40 seconds while increasing incoming damage by 25 AP for 40 seconds. Cost: 0 cooldown: 40 Seconds so can be used successively. This skill is a double-edged sword because it increases your attack power but also decreases your defenses significantly. I wouldn’t recommend this for PVP (unless you’re a soldier) this skill could definitely be used in PVE but that’s only if you’re solely dealing break. What I mean is: don’t take knights blitz and try to get aggro (monster’s focus) while your already weak defense is lowered further by ATK stance.
    • Berserker's spirit: Increases Attack of all allies by 20% for 60 seconds. This skill is a nice buff to have, increases damage output by your whole team significantly. Very helpful for lancers that are on CB. (Crystal break. Players designed to damage a guilds crystal.)
    Details on ‘Gear

    • Heart of the spear: This is going to be one of your most important lances since this ability procs (triggers) your break skills: Pierce, sting and savage sting. Have these kinds of lances at the very front of your weapon slots in PVE to apply break much more effectively.
    • Heart of puncture: Procs thrust, sharp thrust and dragon thrust. This along with heart of rage is really going to be almost useless. However, this can be used in PVP if you are using the thrust skills. (Not really recommended)
    • Heart of the blitz: Procs knights blitz. This lance is very niche as it only boosts one type ability. Use only if you don’t have 2/3 physical testaments lances/heart of the lancer/apollo’s glory or favor.
    • Heart of the thrust: Procs Break thrust. This ability, like knights blitz only boosts the one skill but it is a very useful skill. Break thrust's one flaw (aside from not dealing break) is that it has somewhat weaker damage than other skills because break thrust bypasses damage down. So heart of the thrust makes up for the lack in damage by boosting it, definitely a must have if you decide to use break thrust.
    • Heart of the lancer: Can proc ALL abilities except the ones from the archdragoon class. One of your best lances that you obtain by redeeming 50 legend medals for the scythe “Armageddon”
    • Secret of the lance: Can proc every single lancer ability including the ones from archdragoon class. Your best lance that you can obtain by redeeming 200 legend medals for the lance “lance of fervor”
    • Physical testament: Can proc every attack you have including basic attack. Stack at least two of these kinds of lances.
    • Apollo’s glory: Exact same thing as physical testament. Obtain this lance from the apollo event and ifrit quests. *The lance that boosts this skill can only be infused twice however, it is a stronger then average 26 cost lance and gives you a sizeable boost to your ATK when you have the apollo lance, helm and armor equipped at the same time.
    Lance Order
    When you click on “Equip” you will find that your character has 6 slots each for four different pieces of gear. This would be weapons, helms, armor and monsters. Now, we went over the fact that there are several different categories of lances that boost the effects and damage of different lancer abilities, like heart of the spear boosting the break chance of pierce, sting and savage sting. These lances have a level that boosts your gear score when you augment it and a skill level that is boosted when augmented with EXP and skill limimins. Skill level affects the chance of activation for their ability.
    Now onto order… You remember how you have 6 slots correct? Well one very important thing to remember is that the order of lances affects which lance’s ability activation chance is prioritized. For instance, a heart of the thrust lance will activate more frequently in the main slot (1st slot) then a heart of blitz that is placed in the 4th slot. *See PVE and PVP sections for what orders you should use.

    Armor/Helm order
    Lancers have lower magic defense because our passive skills solely increase physical defense, so magic armor and helms are extremely important.
    For either the nuke style build or hybrid style build, the armor/helm order should basically be the same.
    ● Put magic damage down/reflects in the first 2-3 slots on BOTH armor and helms. One magic damage down constant is also OK. In the remaining slots, put in physical damage down/reflects.
    Ideally you want to have 3-4 total gear pieces that have "Magic damage down/reflect" abilities to give you a chance of surviving mages in PVP, and not dying easily to magic monsters in PVE.

    What you want to have for a nuke – style build is 6 fire monsters (a UR haste monster like jabberwock, is also fine)
    The monster you want to maximize your ATK and DEF is Apollo. He is the only 30 cost fire monster as of right now so he gives you the biggest boost to physical defense for lancers. Ifrit actually technically gives the highest boost to ATK (100 more points than apollo) but also 600 less DEF points so apollo is overall better in gear score, which means better at winning unison battles. Apollo is what you should strive for, if you happen to summon a fire Valkyrie or kagutsuchi or any other good fire monster then those can definitely be used until you can get more apollos. Including a utility monster such as joan, a Valkyrie or shinatobe can also be used but you should have mostly fire element monsters. At early levels and when you don’t have the cost for several apollos, using fire kesapasas or renballs are a very nice filler.
    Nidhogg is a VERY nice addition to the fire monster list. He deals good damage and debuffs at the same time, not to mention he's 30 cost so you're not gonna lose out on GS. Definitely use him if you can get him.

    For a hybrid style build your 4 monsters should still be fire element so that you don't lose out so much on attack.
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    Question everything. ID: 2078755433

    PVE (player vs environment)

    A lancer’s role
    Lancers, your primary job is to apply Break to enemy monsters so that your party can fill up unison Gauge as fast as possible. You may be thinking “I thought we were the ‘powerhouse’ Class that bulldozed our enemies.” Yeah that’s what the class description says but it’s not true. We deal the highest single hit damage out of all classes but that doesn’t mean we deal the most damage overall. What I mean is a lancer may deal 100k damage with knights blitz but an archer might deal 5 hits of 30k damage, for less cost and with a much lower cooldown on their skills. Don’t be that lancer that brings thrust skills or something to a quest, no one needs that. Now that doesn’t mean we can’t deal damage, lancers still deal strong damage but, prioritize applying break. *Ideally you want 3-4 lances that can proc pierce/stings to deal break reliably while still having enough room for physical testament/apollos glory to deal decent damage.
    Recommended skill-sets for PVE
    • Pierce – sting – savage sting – ether exchange
    • Knights blitz – sting – savage sting – ether exchange
    • ATK stance – sting – savage sting – Ether exchange (Do not use ths ATK stance setup for nuke builds. Only use it if you're going hybrid)
    Recommended lance order for PVE
    • Secret/ heart of the lance should be placed first and second if you have them.
    • Heart of the spear comes first since you want to deal break reliably in PVE. Have at as many as you have placed in the first few slots, or, 3 lances that boost pierce, sting and savage sting in the first 3 slots.
    • Physical testaments/apollos glory can be placed anywhere after 3rd slot it doesn’t really matter.
    • Heart of the blitz should only be used after 3rd slot if one does not have physical testaments.

    *Depending on the quest, you may want to swap out ether exchange/knights blitz for a different utility skill such as: balancing, mass refresh, etc.

    PVP (Player vs Player)

    A lancer’s role
    Now as stated before, lancers do not deal the most damage overall. This doesn’t mean we should just let soldiers take our job as the physical damage dealing class.
    Our anti-class is the mage class. This means that the damage lancers deal to mages are increased by 7-45 AP (depending on how far along you are in learning the anti class passive skill)
    Now mages are VERY prevalent and strong in PVP (and annoying) so a lancer’s primary role in PVP frontline is to kill the enemy mage(s) as quickly as possible because we’re most proficient at it. Lancers hit the fastest so take out an enemy mage with knights blitz and maybe another attack or two if needed. Archers and mages are ideally meant to be on crystal breaking duty because they deal high damage and are usually too squishy (weak in defense) to serve on the frontline of a guild battle. So the lancer’s role in guild battles is usually to be on the front line, taking out the enemy mage(s) before they take your team out first. Also, it helps that we break so we get our teams unison up quicker.
    Fighting on crystal battle is also an option, but it requires MAX focus on attack. Don't be deterred, there ARE endgame lancers in high ranking guilds (top 100 in A-block) that fight only the crystal during guild battles and they are very good at it make no mistake.
    Recommended skill-sets for PVP
    •Knights blitz - break thrust/dragon thrust - guard - Ether exchange. (Personally recommended)
    • Knights blitz – break thrust – savage sting – ether exchange
    • Knight’s blitz – savage sting– cheer – ether exchange
    • Sting – dragon thrust – knights blitz – ether exchange
    • Knights blitz – dragon crush -- Ether exchange -- guard. (Use only if you have other lancers/mages using AoE skills)
    Pierce - sting - savage sting - soul of the berserker
    *The above skill set is for lancers that specifically fight crystals.

    Setup for lancers in colosseum is basically the same thing as the PVP setup since we're not that versatile.
    The only thing different is your abilities, I personally recommend the following: Knights blitz, savage sting/break thrust/double sting, heavens breath and ether exchange.
    This is just a general setup that works pretty well, honestly I could list about 20 other slightly different setups but that would he overwhelming.
    Find out what works for you, maybe you find that balancing is more useful than HB or maybe you can even take 3 attacks.
    At the very least you want two attacks though, we have very high single hit damage but two attack skills are what you need to take down most mages and squishy targets.

    Recommended lance order for PVP
    • Apollo lance in first slot if you want the sun incarnate blessing. If not, then use secret of the lance/heart of the lancer. If you don't have those, then use heart of blitz/thrust/sting/spear depending on your ability setup.
    • Equip about 3-4 physical testament lances (including apollo lance) after first 2-3 ability boosting lances.

    after note: thank you all for reading, if the community likes this guide I hope it gets stickied but if not then I hope this helps. Let me know if it needs anything or if you have questions/comments/concerns feel free to post your thoughts and please be civil.

    CREDITS (These are the people that played an instrumental role in writing this guide, I in no way take most of the credit for this guide)
    From the forum
    Laconic leaf
    From the game

    And of course, Cobalt. For without his/her guide, I still wouldn't know what break was.
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    Question everything. ID: 2078755433


      Still typing out my thoughts to improve this guide a bit more. I'll be sending them through PM as usual.

      IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

      This Is How You DO Play Lancers


      • Vostera
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        Once I finally make sense of all the math and numbers I'll make it a bit more detailed xD thanks man

      You weren't kidding vostera about you guide project ! Nice man I hope new players can learn from this guide also


        Great guide! Thread stickied

        EDIT: I removed the sticky from Cobalt's post as it was a little outdated, but I think there's still some useful stuff in it so I'll link to it here in case anyone wants to check it out.

        Signature image courtesy ekichou.


        • LaconicLeaf
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          Rise, our Lancers! Rise! Take your sorrow, and turn it into anger!

          Cobalt thirsts for the strength of his Lancers! SIEG COBALT! :P

        • Vostera
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          Ty ty 😆 sieg cobalt!

        Tho I do not wish to rain on your parade, I had some plans for an even more detailed Lancer guide based on my experience through all stages of play (from newbie to now top 10) with wonderful pictures and such. However, since you have gone first, I must hear your opinion on such first!

        How to use Ether Exchange and how not to...

        Strongest Lancer/Archer/Cleric - Wolf Healer Prophet #1 in ALL RGB even those that I never attended because I am the strongest
        Healer Guide - ​
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          Reading back seems like I was trying to say your guide was no good (sorry for that) Your guide, that I read, is on point to what a true lancer is and what they need to focus on. It is a great beginner guide to the classes role, and it will help a lot of new players decide if this class is right for them.

          I like how right off the bat, you state they are not dps classes like a lot of people mistake them for

        • LaconicLeaf
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          Ateam Admin Posting my own guide on this? Well... I think I'll consider it. But it will feel awkward having another thread based on the same thing.

        • Cervantes
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          At least add on to this guude the more input u put in the better it will be n more helpful which is the goal

        A few things I would like to note about lancers that you can include in your guide:
        1. Break chance has a base value, which is increased by five factors:
        *damage(According to Reo it`s raw ap, not damage - people might say both are the same things, but they arent, if it is raw ap, then buffs like valkyrie buffs won`t affect the break chance, while buffs like Joan will) - I would say it is affected by both since my break chance increases with valk buffs and further increases with raw AP increase. Due to that, the best lancer break setup is Ether exchange, Attack stance, sting, savage sting, basic attack
        *enemy defense-self explanatory
        *enemy remaining health - remaining, not total HP. The lesser the HP is, the higher chance to break
        *stings - self explanatory
        *sting skill procs(heart of the spear etc.) - self explanatory
        It is wise to not use Apollo set if you plan to run break build since Apollo glory huge proc chance will collide with heart procs and reduce their proc chance. Either remove it, or leave helm and armor skills to level 1 if you really want the set bonus so their proc chance remains low.
        2. Lancers have the best benefit over basic attack since they are the highest attack class in the game. Furthermore Attack stance increases it`s damage even more, so in the above break setup, your ideal combo would be break->spam basic attack till break wears off->repeat. Another option if you run knights blitz on PvE is break-> basic till max chain -> blitz at max chain -> repeat. The main problem of the basic attack is, you will need stacked physical testaments to make it proc more often, which leads to you being unable to equip heart of the spear lances, thus unable to break. So run basic attack only on certain situations (crystal breaker lancer for example)
        3. GvG wise:
        a) The Nuke build works well with crystal breaking as long as you have enough lancers willing to take on that role, and considering that each crystal level increase makes it harder for archers to one-shot, in the future updates we might see lancers replace archers on crystal breaking due to their high raw AP on skills.
        b) I do not recommend carrying 3 offensive skills on front-line. Ideally it would be two or even one offensive skill, one defensive skill and one utility skill. Recommended builds for me are 1)knights blitz, break thrust, guard, EE; 2) break thrust, guard, cheer, EE; 3)break thrust, soul of the berserker(pumping your damage makes up for the low AP of that skill), guard/cheer, EE.
        Other than that, good guide


          Before my thread on the effects of Break fades through the pages of this forum, I'll list its effects, and also link the thread in question:

          Monsters (PvE) - 80% DEF and MDEF penetration

          Players (PvP; also includes if a player gets hit by Break in PvE too) - 10% to 20% DEF and MDEF penetration (hard to tell how much, difficult to test in PvP since it relies on inactives and Clerics not spamming Barriers, unless you can have 2 friendly guilds agree to set it up properly)


          And then of course there's a ton of information in the PMs I sent. Don't worry, take your time.

          IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

          This Is How You DO Play Lancers


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            Right, I added that a while ago xD thanks a ton for the info. I've been trying to gather data on the PvP break affects but no guilds ever wanna cooperate Lol

          Break Tolerance tiers of mobs by quest

          30 cost - Low (can be Broken without procs; minibosses, Rare Monsters, and boss require 1 proc)
          Orb quests - Medium (requires 1 proc to Break)
          34 cost - High (1 proc isn't enough to break in 1 skill, but 2 procs always Breaks)

          Take note that the first waves of most quests have mobs with extremely low Break Tolerance. You can Break them without even trying. But as you get to later waves, the larger enemies require 1 proc to inflict Break.

          Lancer PvE tips

          - Take your best utility monster in your main slot, whether it'd be a Kirin, Fiine, Valk, whatever, so the party host won't classify you as a "Cancer Lancer" and kick you. If you have absolutely terrible spawn luck and don't have good SSR base rarity Rare Spawn monsters, go farm an Amaterasu if you haven't already. There's a reason why her second highest difficulty is 36 AP Sherpa rather than 40 AP Elite, you know. 30% Reflect mitigation is a high asset to the team, and it also helps the Cleric if they're inflicted with status effects, or if the team has status effects spread out all over the place where one Area Recovery won't hit everyone. Another acceptable option would be Carbuncle, an R base rarity monster. Unlike Amaterasu, his shield is not a Reflect, but a Barrier. It also lasts for 60s rather than 40s, but trades in the Mass Refresh utility. The longer duration allows it to be spammed whenever, rather than at the boss only (buff timers still run with the "WIN" message shows up).

          - Your standard setup for Event Quests should be Attack Stance/EE/Sting/Savage Sting/Basic Attack. The other Basic Ability skills aren't viable; they've more suited for PvP due to giving more burst damage (but Break Attack is still a terrible Basic Ability, doesn't even Break players in one hit afaik). When the quest begins, everyone typically EEs right now while the Cleric casts Dignity, then uses their main moves. However, Lancers have a different way of starting off the quest. They do this combo!

          Sting > Savage Sting* > EE > Attack Stance** > Basic Attack

          By doing this basic Bread-and-Butter Combo, you will be able to Break a monster before your Archers/Mages/Soldiers charge in with Lethal Strikes/Meteor Strike/Dual Sword, respectively. This ensures you will get a Max Break Chain instantly, drastically boosting your Unison generation. If done correctly, the entire team can buff Unison right when Wave 2 starts, though you'd have to throw out a few more moves since Basic Attack has poor Unison gain.

          * If you fail to Break with Sting, go ahead and do Savage Sting.

          ** Using Attack Stance at the first wave is timing-based. If the mobs have high damage, like the Limimins in the 1st wave of Sakura 45 AP, or Homunculus/Val Leo in Boss Rush 45 AP's first wave, then skip Attack Stance and go straight to mashing the Basic Attack button. Once you kill one of the mobs, that's when it's safe to use Attack Stance.

          - What do you do when Attack Stance expires? Sure, you can simply click it again to refresh its effects, but you'll be locked in this long animation for a few seconds. During that time, your teammates might already be attacking a target that isn't inflicted with Break. Only use Attack Stance after you inflict Break, a combo like Sting > (Savage Sting) > Attack Stance > Basic Attack. If you Break a monster and its HP is already low, wait a bit for your allies to kill it and then Break the next monster before reapplying Attack Stance.

          - When should you NOT be using Attack Stance? I already mentioned "Hard-Hitting 1st Waves," but bosses with multi-hit attacks are another thing. Some examples include Apollo, Succubus, and Sakura. 25 AP damage received applies to each hit of those attacks, so if you aren't careful, it can pierce through Kagutsuchi's ward and kill you. But if you applied shields from Amaterasu/Carbuncle/Nezha, it should be safe to use Attack Stance.

          - There is an exception to the Sting > (Savage Sting) > Attack Stance > Basic Attack combo rule. If you're fighting a monster with a regen buff (like Nine-Tailed Fox), or if you're fighting a boss and you have tons of cost to spare (you should have around 60+ cost if you did your role effectively by the last wave), feel free to go ham with Sting and Savage Sting when they're off cooldown (as in use Savage Sting even if Sting inflicts Break). But if you do, make sure the enemy isn't at Max Break Chain so you have a chance to reapply Break (though people often Single Uni after reaching this to reset the counter). Since you have a Secret/Heart of the Spear proc on your main slot, and more of those procs than Physical Testiments, you'll end up doing more sustainable damage with those two moves compared to the Basic Attack. Even so, the Basic Attack is still not useless since its cost and cooldown efficiency carries your cost to the boss, and the damage adds up over time.

          - Are there other Lancers in your team? If they mindlessly mash Sting and Savage Sting, let them Break the enemy, and then you can mash Basic Attack (but if they don't Break, take it from there). If they know what they're doing, use Sting if you don't see them proc Heart of the Spear. Coordinate with them to use cost efficiently and keep Break on monsters to kill them more quickly


          A common question asked by other players right as the quest begins. This typically comes from some DPS Soldiers (but not all of them) or Lancers who bring EE/Knight's Blitz/Sting/Savage Sting; the latter is usually the first sign of the embodiment of everything wrong people do with playing Lancers. These kinds of players spam Sting, Savage Sting, and Knight's Blitz whenever they're off cooldown (before the boss wave too), which burns cost faster than a faulty automobile burns gas. It's a bad habit which tends to show its ugly face during endgame content.

          We used to use Haste since bringing EE to randoms (before Party Play was invented) is risky if a Cleric doesn't show up (all dem "Retire" messages popping up), and it's a powerful all-purpose, one-size-fits-all buff. However, due to recent powercreep with monsters, and EE now being a staple of movesets due to Party Play ensuring a Cleric, it's better to use buffs like Valks, Shina, Joan, and Kirin.

          Lancers using the Attack Stance/EE/Sting/Savage Sting moveset won't need Haste. Let's break (heh) down the Basic Attack again:

          - Cooldown: 4 seconds
          - Cost: 5
          - Damage: 60 (80 after Attack Stance, 115 with Attack Stance + Joan)

          The animation for this attack is about 1 second, so if you use the Basic Attack back-to-back, your cost will stay constant with natural recovery. If you have Cost Recovery, however, you can actually use it to deal damage without spending AP, and have a net gain of 5 cost, which adds up. If you were to grab the Cost Recovery Sword as well, you can recover 10 cost from double procs, greatly increasing the cost efficiency of any skill you use. But by doing so, you'd lose a very noticeable amount of attack by having a Sword instead of a Lance, and a slot which could've been a Physical Testiment.

          By exploiting the Basic Attack's high cost and cooldown efficiency, Lancers have a deceptively strong attack for DPS. If used correctly with the right buffs and procs, it can hit for as high as 45k to 100k damage (the latter is certainly possible with more ATK investment). This move also makes Haste not required to clear higher AP quests.
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          This Is How You DO Play Lancers


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            Doesn't the attack stance strat only work for hybrid lancers? If you use it on the nuke/glass cannon build you're gonna get wrecked by events Lol

          • LaconicLeaf
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            Vostera Yup, forgot to mention that.

            Also like to add that 2 Elementalmins make up for the loss in ATK if you're attacking with an elemental advantage. If you see Joan/Valk/Shina being used (only 1 Valk being used) and you have a Firemin, throw it out to get to 8 stacks of ATK. You'll get a ton of X_X faces, but it's still a considerable difference. It gives +30% ATK when max skilled, which is still leagues above Apollo in terms of utility.

          Er... question for the lancer community. A favor. Can somebody talk to this player? Anybody have him/her on friend list?

          Today on Thanatos event they had HB, cure, and area cure on their skill bar. Not sure what the fourth ability was, as i saw them spamming for self-survival at every opportunity. Even the area cure was only hitting two people, because they were at the end and couldn't target the person next to them to heal three people.

          I'll admit, i was rude. I feel bad about it now, but i was in cruise control for cool mode during unis yelling about how bad it was. I stopped healing as soon as i realized what the build was, because somebody like that isn't contributing to damage, and that's a lancer's job. They said something about having bad experiences with clerics, and i'm sympathetic since i'm sure a lot of us healers aren't competent either, but it doesn't make it okay to neglect one's duty just because others have
          Hot Mess Express 2086796674


          • LaconicLeaf
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            Wooooooooooooooooow bugged Lancer mechanics dood. There was nothing he could do! Thanks Capcom.

            Heart of the Blitz on Main Slot? Really?
            He needs to swap that for at least a GB 1.0 weapon, or any Heart of the Spear proc. Then he needs 2-3 more of Heart of the Spear, then the rest as Physical Testament and Cost Recovery, or 2 Heart of the Blitz if he literally has no other options for procs. (May as well farm the free Physical Testament weapons lol)

            And that's just the beginning. Tell him not to run heals, and run 2 Stings (not Double Sting since it's not compatible with Heart of the Spear), Knight's Blitz, and a utility skill. His defenses aren't high enough to run Attack Stance properly.

            P.S. You can resize images through Imgur desktop site. Just set the left dimension to 350, then keep the proportions box checked.
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          • HotMessExpress
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            There's no way he was running attack stance, or anything else that might compromise survivability. Plus attack stance is a waste when carrying it means your only attack is basic attack.

            But you're giving advice too advanced, when what he needs is somebody to reassure him it's okay to trust the cleric to keep him alive. Still, the heals surprised me. Lancer heals were bad enough before the recent nerf, but now they're just atrocious. Even with his too-high MATK (higher than mine actually, as a 130k cleric) he was only healing like 15k, and mine would be a bit shy of 50k if i carried Cure

          • LaconicLeaf
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            Joan buff still helps out the Basic Attack. Combine it with Cost Recovery, since if it procs, you're effectively attacking for free.
            Don't forget Attack Stance also boosts the damage of Sting and Savage Sting; Double Sting becomes noticeably stronger with it since the boost applies to BOTH hits. If you're against a boss, and you have excess cost, feel free to use Sting and Savage Sting, even when Break is in effect.

            Basic Attack looks weak, but you can use it twice while a Sting move is on cooldown. 3 Basic Attacks is also just as strong as 1 Knight's Blitz when both moves are under Attack Stance. Best used against targets with Break so the damage doesn't get cut off.

            Advanced information aside, tell him Clerics are the main healing class, and that heals recently got a total rework that nerfs them for ALL non-Cleric classes. As long as that Lancer doesn't take too much damage from the mobs, the Cleric should have enough cost to heal everyone on the team. Plus, Unisons like Light/Water Valk, Fiine, Emilia, Shina, and Gaia also provide heals, thus making Cure Lancers even less practical.

          Now talking about GvG sets and weapons, I'd say stacking Physical Testaments isn't enough to run Double Sting or Break Thrust effectively. I tried:

          - Heart of the Thrust (main)
          - Secret of the Spear
          - Physical Testament x4
          EE/Guard/Break Thrust/Double Sting/Dragon Assault

          ATK was about 55k since I don't have some of my Lances +99 top stat.

          And it doesn't double, let alone single proc often. Unless I was that unlucky with procs. Learning from the hard way, now I can see why DPS Soldiers are upset about having no procs for Dual Sword, having to cut into their armor procs with Apollo's Glory.

          Probably need to wait until I get my GB 2.0 weapon to try it again. Maybe with that and 1 more Heart of the Thrust and Double Sting proc, things would go more smoothly.

          For now, I think of using:

          - Secret of the Spear (main)
          - Heart of the Spear (+99 top, full infused Aequor)
          - Heart of the Lancer
          - Physical Testament x3
          EE/Guard/Savage Sting/Double Sting/Dragon Assault

          ATK in this build is 58k, since everything but the last Physical Testament skill is +99 top stat. Still trying to figure out a build without the GB 2.0 Lance, which I'll get after next RGB ends. Due to how I only have one Double Sting proc, idk, it might be better to use Knight's Blitz instead, and take off a Testament with Heart of the Blitz.

          Is the Apollo set viable for GvG? I'm aware about how bad it is for PvE due to it nerfing Break proc chance, but it helps a 6/5/5/4 Lancer become just as strong as a 6/4/4/6 Lancer that lacks the blessing. But, idk. Even if the 6/5/5/4 Lancer gets more defense procs than the glass Lancer builds, I still feel as if 6/5/5/4 with the blessing is more squishy due to sacrificing main slot defense procs.

          Playtesting Dragon Assault atm, and I still need a few more matches with it. If you swap from the Crystal Assault, you'll have enough cost to do your full combo anyways during the next battle phase. But if a Mage is at low health that a Basic Attack will kill them, you'll miss that opportunity. Also, Dragon Assault has insanely high cost and cooldown, so if you're doing a combo, you better make it count.

          IGN: FN || Leaf ID: 2042811095

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          • LaconicLeaf
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            HotMessExpress Made my wording confusing right there. What I meant to say was more armor/helm skills, not more defense procs. Now that I realize it, 6/5/5/4 with the blessing only has 8 total defensive skills, none of which are in the main slot. So assuming main slot procs have double the proc rate of sub slot procs, the 6/4/4/6 without the blessing has effectively 10 sub procs' chance worth of activating, more or less. (6/5/5/4 without blessing has comparable proc rate to 12 sub procs)

            Maybe I would wait until GB 2.0 Lance to really use the above build in this post. Or try playtesting the Apollo blessing a bit to see how much of a difference it makes.

          • HotMessExpress
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            Yes, that's what i was talking about. In terms of defensive skills on armor, the 6/4/4/6 actually has the edge, even though their absolute defense stats will be lacking.

            Would having the blessing be enough to compensate for having fewer monsters? I think lancer has diminishing returns on stats because of their high ability power skills. Playing 6/5/5/4 may actually be more offensive and less defensive than 6/4/4/6 if you choose to go the Apollo route. More defensive and (slightly) less offensive if you don't - since monsters have poor cost efficiency anyway, and only half a monster's stats are going to ATK on top of that
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          • LaconicLeaf
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            HotMessExpress Double Sting benefits a ton from raw stats and procs. Since procs are flat AP damage, it will affect both hits of Double Sting. Having about 55k - 58k ATK myself, the Apollo blessing gives around 5.5k to 5.8k ATK, plus 2 offensive procs that cover up the loss of about 9k ATK from monsters.

            Procs also help Break Thrust too due to its True Damage characteristics, only being stopped by Guard, Knight's Loyalty/Devotion, and null damage buffs. With double procs, Break Thrust can hit from 200 - 220 AP damage, and defensive procs can't mitigate it (Physical Testament L should be around 30 AP boost if XL is 40 AP).

            Maybe Knight's Blitz and Savage Sting make more sense for a 6/5/5/4 build that doesn't run Apollo blessing. Those two moves already have high base AP damage anyways.

          My guide has been replaced? I'm rolling in my grave.

          Welp, you have my blessings. Keep updating your guide, and make it better than mine ever could.
          No longer playing.


          • Vostera
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            O.0 cobalt sensei xD
            Thanks, Lol I'll keep updating it as more info is gathered and things change. Your guide definitely shaped mine in a huge way 😆 have you tried playing again?
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          • LaconicLeaf
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            What? Cobalt was alive this whole time? 0_0

          Double Sting looks like it would be insanely impractical for PvE. However, flat AP modifiers, like Attack Stance and Joan, greatly boost its Cost Efficiency.

          Here's a chart showing how much additional AP you need for Double Sting to equal another one of Lancer's attacks in terms of Cost CE, assuming both skills got the same AP boost (the point of this is so you can see how much additional AP leads to beneficial returns for using Double Sting, or better CE):

          AP Comparison Chart

          - Comboed Double Sting deals 110 AP x2 damage, so its base CE is 12.222.

          - Flat AP modifiers affect both hits of Double Sting, meaning it scales better for damage and CE.

          - I took the values for comboed Double Sting because it's not worth using it off-combo. 100 AP x2 damage has terrible CE, at 11.111.

          - This chart is for single-target skills, so Dragon Crush isn't included.

          - Thrust moves were also omitted because they don't have much use in Event Quests where monsters are immune to Paralysis.

          - The maximum possible Additional AP you can have is 140 (and when the Basic Ability Lance that boosts AP by 20 and Crit Damage by 20% comes out, 160 AP). This is done with max Physical AP buffs (Joan), Attack Stance, and double XL procs.

          Skill Name (AP/Cost) AP Required For Comboed Double Sting Cost Efficiency
          Pierce (140/10) > 160 30
          Sting (150/11) > 70 20
          Savage Sting (160/12) > 40 16.667
          Sting comboed (160/11) > 115 25
          Savage Sting comboed (170/12) > 70 20
          Knight's Blitz (220/15) > 55 18.333
          Basic Attack (60/5) < 2.5 12.5
          Break Attack (80/12) 0 12.222
          Dragon Assault (160/18) 0 12.222

          Sample Calculation (Ex. Pierce vs Double Sting)

          [ 2(110+x) / 18 ] = [ (140 + x) / 10 ]

          20(110+x) = 2520 + 18x

          2200 + 20x = 2520 + 18x

          2x = 320

          x = 160 Additional AP required

          Overall, it's just a basic algebra problem with cross-multiplication.


          - Pierce's CE is simply too high for Double Sting to out-CE it. It then boils down to procs based on how much either skill gets in actual combat.

          - There's a HUGE difference between Pierce and Sting in terms of CE. Pierce out-CEs a comboless Sting, but a comboed Sting out-CEs Pierce until over 60 additional AP, where Pierce gets better.

          - Cost of a skill matters. Pierce scales well with flat AP modifiers since its base cost is low. Same applies to the Basic Attack.

          - Nothing compares to the Basic Attack in terms of CE for any Lancer attack. NOTHING!

          - Adding to the above fact, Basic Attack is a reverse example for a comparison with Double Sting. It takes over 2.5 AP just for the Basic Attack to beat Double Sting's scaling in CE, no matter how high it goes.

          - Break Attack and Dragon Assault have the worst CE scaling in a Lancer's arsenal. So please, just stay away from those moves in PvE... x_x

          - When you bring along Attack Stance and Joan, Double Sting is much better than Savage Sting or Knight's Blitz in terms of CE. It also has utility compared to the latter skill, too! (Break)

          "Which Sting combo set should you use?"

          Combo 1 - Pierce + Sting
          Combo 2 - Savage Sting + Double Sting

          This table below is if all moves in the combo receive the same AP modifiers:
          Sting Combination (Total Cost) 0 AP (Base) 20 AP (Attack Stance) 40 AP (1 XL Proc) 55 AP (Attack Stance + Joan) 60 AP (1 XL Proc + Attack Stance) 80 AP (2 XL procs) 95 AP (Attack Stance + Joan + 1 XL Proc) 100 AP (Attack Stance + 2 XLProcs) 135 AP (Attack Stance + Joan + 2 XL Procs)
          Pierce + Sting (21) CE 14.286 16.190 18.095 19.524 20 21.905 23.333 23.810 27.143
          Savage Sting + Double Sting (30) CE 12.667 14.667 16.667 18.167 18.667 20.667 22.167 22.667 26.167
          Cost Efficiency Difference 1.619 1.523 1.428 1.357 1.333 1.238 1.166 1.143 0.976
          (Red text shows effects which are constant)

          There's not much difference in CE, but as more and more AP is added, the CE difference shrinks slowly but surely. If you're wondering how much AP is required for Savage Sting + Double Sting to beat Pierce + Sting, you'll hypothetically need over 340 AP for Savage Sting + Double Sting to out-CE it!

          Though if you proc with Double Sting, you'll get more CE returns for it compared to a procless comboed Sting. But the reverse is true, so it's like rolling the dice.

          - Pierce + Sting doesn't require much investment to inflict Break consistently. Both skills have low cooldowns, so you don't have to wait as long to attack again. Also, Heart of the Spear procs are easier to get than Secret of the Spear or Heart of the Sting, since the proc is available in SR > UR Lances, and not exclusive to SSR > UR.

          - Savage Sting + Double Sting sacrifices CE for more DPS. It's more of a gamble than the above combination because if you Heart proc with Double Sting, it not only deals high damage, but it also gives more Break Counters to an enemy. 1 Heart of the Sting proc for Double Sting = 2 Heart of the Spear procs for the lesser Sting Skills, since you do two hits with the skill; the proc adds the Break Counters to both hits of Double Sting as well. So if you happen to double Heart proc it, then you'd have 4 Heart of the Spear procs into one attack!

          (Is that right? For what it's worth, it takes 3 Heart of the Spear procs to inflict Break on Varma, the first United Offense boss. Does that mean a 1-proc Double Sting + 1 proc Savage Sting, or a single 2-proc Double Sting inflicts Break on him?)

          Edit: Tested out Double Sting (see comments below), and it seems like only the first hit of it deals Break. So Heart procs boost the first hit, and not both hits, which means 2 Heart procs for Double Sting shouldn't be equal to 4 Heart procs.

          So I'd say if you have the GB 2.0 Lance, plus 2 more Lances that Heart proc Double Sting, I'd give Savage Sting + Double Sting a shot in PvE. Mobs in the more recent content have gotten higher Break Tolerances, where 1 Heart of the Spear proc simply isn't enough.

          (And as usual, feel free to ask questions if I had any errors, or if it sounds confusing)
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          • LaconicLeaf
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            Now, I tried out Double Sting in United Offense, and found out a 1-Heart Proc Savage Sting + 1-Heart Proc Double Sting doesn't inflict Break on him. It seems like the additional Break Counters given to Double Sting are just slightly higher, but not enough to inflict Break (as in it brings the target closer to the threshold than a 1-Proc lesser Sting move does).

            Or maybe only the first hit of Double Sting receives the additional Break Counters? I noticed when I inflicted Break with Double Sting, the first hit caused it, not the second one.

            Another fact I didn't mention with Double Sting is if you inflict Break with it, the chain immediately starts at 2-hits. If you were to inflict Break with another Sting, it goes Start > 1 > 2 rather than 2 from the get go.

            Rather rough to test it out, since I had to also watch if other Lancers didn't proc their Stings; fortunately when I tested it, there was either 1 other Lancer or one that didn't focus on using Stings (usually bringing Knight's Blitz, aka ''Giga Impact'').

            I'd probably have to until I get the GB 2.0 Lance and one more Double Sting proc to use it more properly. Only have 1 Secret of the Spear proc, and nothing else for it.

            So I feel if you the GB 2.0 Lance, a Secret of the Spear proc, and one Heart of the Sting proc (if you can't get another Secret of the Spear), then you're set for using Double Sting. That is, if you don't mind running 2 Physical Testaments rather than 3, taking one out for a Heart of the Spear.
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          Before this Divine Grace spawn announcement, they released another Basic Ability weapon that I almost forgot about. It was supposed to be released before the CDR Lance, but for some reason they pushed that one out first.

          Soul of the Ogre

          This Basic Ability definitely give other choices some competition.

          One experimental build would be an Archer-Lancer Hybrid build with Fatals and self-buff yourself to max Crit Damage with Berserker Spirit (which I'd like to call the "Berserker Archer" build). Sure, the accuracy has a lot to be desired, but with 4 other Archers providing WoC, you can do a ton of damage.
          (Provided the physical arrows actually hit, which get the AP buff and more ATK from your Lance)

          CB Lancer set (Berserker Archer):

          EE/Berserker Spirit/HCS/LS/SotO

          If you stack Fatal procs and have good bows for your weapon slots, the damage will definitely rack up, considerig you'd have the ability to self-buff to full Crit Damage. Sure, a Kirin uni may outdamage a Berserker Archer, but that requires a backline uni. Berserker Archers can deal more damage in the time it takes for you to reach 100% Uni to use Kirin.

          It seems good on paper, but the 50% Accuracy rate and uneven offensive stat power does make its damage erratic. There's also the option of Bestial Shot + Weaken Resolve support for the last person of the CB team. I will not be responsible for any damage done to you when trying to test this set out. Thank you. (Only recommended if you're an Archer main who happened to come across this Lance in spawns)

          Using it as a true Lancer... well, I guess it makes Double Sting quite strong? You can stack this with Attack Stance and have the equivalent of a Physical Testament XL constant going on. You'd have an attack that hits for 130 - 150 AP comboed, and it becomes even more dangerous with Fatal proc Lances, which are coming Soon (TM). Probably the more practical way to use this, making your burst skills even more lethal.


          This skill gives a Cooldown Reduction effect of 20%, so it's like having an unskilled Athena buff in your pocket. Here's how all the Lancer moves scale with one cast of Urgency:
          Skill Base Cooldown (s) Urgency Cooldown (s)
          Pierce 8 7
          Sting 9 8
          Savage Sting 10 8
          Double Sting 11 9
          Knight's Blitz 15 12
          Break Thrust 10 8
          Dragon Crush 40 32
          Note: If a skill results in a decimal, the game will always round it up as a ceiling. It should work similarly to an Athena buff.

          Urgency boosts the DPS of your skills with the lowered cooldowns, and the seconds shaved off your cooldowns can make a difference in doing a Knight's Blitz 3 seconds earlier than you normally would, or a Double Sting 2 seconds faster. Those few seconds can mean the difference of a Cleric healing a target on time or not.

          In terms of how I'd rank the Basic Abilities:


          Basic Attack > Break Attack > Soul of the Ogre > Urgency > Dragon Assault

          - Nothing beats out the Basic Attack for PvE. It becomes OP with Attack Stance and Joan, and is the highest contributor to Lancer's DPS. If you use Stings as a utility skill to inflict Break, you won't be as reliant on EE compared to the other three classes. The cost efficiency of this skill becomes really good with more procs, but Cost Recovery lets you use it for free; if you stack 2 of them, a double proc gives you a 5 cost advantage, but one Cost Recovery should be enough.

          - Break Attack comes next if you miss out on a Break. Although the Break counters it gives doesn't seem to be worthwhile, and it doesn't benefit from Heart procs. Think of it like a worse version of Cleric's Prayer.

          - Everything else comes next, with Dragon Assault being last. I still see other Lancers that bring that skill, and I'm like, "Why?". It may have good burst power, but terrible long-term efficiency and DPS. Just keep that skill in PvP.


          Frontline (Revised June 28th)

          Soul of the Ogre > Dragon Assault > Basic Attack > Break Attack > Urgency

          - Soul of the Ogre will be intimidating once Fatal proc Lances come out. This makes your Crit Damage even more lethal, even to Soldiers. Sure, you might have just two attacks (Break Thrust/Knight's Blitz, Savage Sting/Double Sting), but the damage difference is really noticeable.

          - Dragon Assault hits really hard compared to the Basic Attack if you're willing to sacrifice DPS and efficiency for more burst power.

          - Enemies typically have enough DEF to hinder the damage of the Basic Attack. Unlike in PvE, Break does not penetrate a target's defenses as much as it does for monsters. It does have uses, like chipping down Mages before surprising them with a Knight's Blitz or Double Sting.

          - Urgency looks good on paper, but in practice, it's outclassed by literally everything else. It takes up an attack slot, and unlike SotO, its effects aren't as good.


          Basic Attack > Soul of the Ogre > Break Attack > Dragon Assault

          - Like in PvE, nothing beats the Basic Attack in terms of DPS. The Crystal Defense is pretty high, but you have 8 stacks of ATK anyways, and can use things like Bestial Shout + Demoralize to greatly reduce the Crystal's DEF.
          - Soul of the Ogre gives CB Lancer possibility, but you can only have one Lancer in the CB Team (4 Archers provide 8 stack WoC already). It's listed here as an experimental kind of thing thay seems impractical, since you pretty much have to be an Archer main who happened to spawn the Lance.

          - Urgency does boost the DPS of your other skills, although it sacrifices a slot for another attack.

          - You're better off at the frontlines though, since the Berserker Archer set only really works if you were already an Archer main who got the Basic Ability Lance.


          While I may not actually have any of the Rare Spawn Lances with Basic Abilities, the PvE one sounds accurate since Basic Attack is that pivotal to Lancer's gameplay. If anyone has tested Urgency and Soul of the Ogre in PvP, feel free to leave your thoughts on the comments below.
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          • Shiki
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            Actually cb lancer does need basic attack more than he needs any skill replacer so I disagree on the cb part where soul of the ogre is better. I used to agree on that but over time I realized that nothing will outbeat your DPS with basic.Urgency?-you'd run out of cost fast and will miss the potential 8 basic attacks in between.SotO? You still won't have enough damage for the cb part.
            Soul of the ogre is more of a front line PvP skill rather than pve or cb. I can see its primary use with break thrust and a fatal lance. The buff will give BT same ap as savage sting while also giving critical damage bonus. And as you know- critical multiplier isn't reduced by defense so it will make it even more dangerous in PvP,BUT not for crystal breaking. Honestly this is the only basic attack replacer I'd recommend .Break attack gives another sting with high cost, dragon assault gives a mini KB with high cost/CD , urgency is not as great as people think cuz your main role isn't dpsing , it is breaking(in pve) and nuking( in pvp) so it doesn't work with neither of them

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            Shiki Didn't know crit multiplier wasn't affected by defenses. I'll go revise the order for both. *Drill and hammer sounds*

          • Shiki
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            Basically if your attack hits for 10 k and def drops the attack to 5k, if you crit you do 15 k but defense only drops 5 k so you hit 10 k with crit. This is why people often question why skills like lethal strikes crit for more than say knights blitz. Its because crit multiplier isn't reduced by def so you have the impression that lower ap skills crit for more but in reality it's the fact that multiplier isn't reduced by def that makes you think so

          Vostera ur guide always gives me th e best advices

          5th ring is upon us and rhe lancer army will return !!

          Plz update this great guide when 5th ring comes plzzz


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            Oh sorry I mean leaf ....

            Leaf reply back to know u read this and I could ... erase this comment

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            Ooooh a 5th ring? I may just come back and check stuff out, maybe lancers will be OP as hell again cause why not. Better get on it leafy lol