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Archer 102

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    Archer 102

    HEADS UP: This information is only viable up until the release of 34 costs monsters and Fifth Ring. (Mostly because Fifth Ring is OP).

    If you want fifth ring info, I'm technically working on that (Mostly some nerd stuff testing now), but in fifth ring for CB skills use WOC, Arabesque, Qwaser. And the last skill is up to you but you should be able to perfectly use all cost with just those three skills. ) For Questing use Arabesque Qwaser EE and whatever else of your choosing. Essentially Fifth ring OP.


    I’m Mosaic. I’ve played Archer for quite some time, and since the last time I visited creating this guide, I’ve learned a lot. So I would like to update it I’ve been glad to hear that lots of people read this guide and it was able to help. In any event, I’ve originally put this together to help all new archers, and to improve the oddball switchover who I see every so often, and that goal has not changed. I will be leaving some sections intact, while editing and elaborating on others.

    If you want fancier credentials, I'm in the guild that won RGB in Season 5<?>. Not bad. Hue.

    My text is always stylistically over flowery, so please bear with me.

    Warning: This May be a Long Read, so i separated into a series of posts to be easier on the eyes.

    Class Overview:

    As stated by the game, the Archer class is
    A robust all-arounder, this class enjoys a well balanced composition with a wide range of attacks and high magic defense. The Archer can handle itself with confidence in all situations.

    The game is correct that Archer boasts arguably the highest versatility of any class. However, the current meta forces a lot of this versatility to be given up in favor of a pure glass cannon. The archer does indeed have passives that specifically boost magic defense, making it possible to stack less Magic Defense and instead, pool resources into another stat while still achieve relatively balanced defense. Once hitting 105, an Archer has ~53k hp [Between the pools of Lancer and Cleric]

    The Generality of Pros and Cons:

    Archers are broken.
    Yeah, broken by 200k Dual Swords.

    Uses both Magical and Physical Damage, leading them to be absolutely deadly on things once the defense barrier is cleared (Or break is Applied)
    Due to their Magical Attack, they can also provide sufficient Cleric Heals for themselves, their party is a bit of a stretch with cost management, but can be done
    Best Procs in the game 10/10
    Highest Potential Damage from stacking only damage.
    ☆Gains benefits from all buffs.
    ☆Anti-Class against most common class in game.
    Archers possess a wide range of support skills. World Tree’s Blessing, if run by multiple archers, can suffice as a healing for a full party, but I don’t particularly suggest you try this.
    ☆Possesses best damage under “broken” enemies.
    ☆Can equip a wide range of monsters for all sorts of utilities.
    ☆They have Hunt, leading into strong combos from already strong skills.

    In optimizing attack, many archers end up forgoing defense.
    ☆Almost as high as mages on the “To Kill List”, especially in Colloseum.
    ☆An extremely Proc dependent class.
    ☆Usually to optimize damage, archers run around with paper thin defenses.
    ☆Low Base AP. Multiple hit skills makes bypassing the defense wall difficult without procs.
    ☆Their anti-class is the class that is their natural enemy. Soldiers stack high defenses, so there is almost nothing one can do unless pray for a perfect proc and support from a teammate.
    ☆Soldiers are a lot more common now, so rest in peace with 200k dual swords.
    ☆It is laughably easy to kill yourself on reflect with this class, as archers possess some pretty slow skill animations.

    Gears, Equips, and Monsters:

    Originally posted by Fujin. View Post
    Oh yeah just slap anything on and call it an archer.
    While, unlike the quote stated above, you cannot actually slap ANYTHING on, a lot of gearing options are open to you as an archer.

    Currently, you have set amount of cost in the “end” this game, and when you allot ~180 to monsters and ~160 to weapons, you will have 182 to distribute between your hats and clothing.

    Of course, this is simply the most common cost allocation, 180 to monsters to be able to fit 6 30 cost monsters for crystal breaking, and then 160is a common amount for fitting in all six weapons. With the assumption you are using both Ranked Guild Battle Bows, or other higher cost weapons. Pull or manipulate as you see fit to optimize what you have yourself.


    Your passives as an archer directly boost your magic defense, so it tends to be most beneficial to obtain your magic defense from your hats and clothing. Pieces of gear that are hats and clothing do tend to give Magic Defense, giving you the most for less cost.

    It is more beneficial, especially if you play CB (Crystal Breaker), to be armor heavier in terms of cost. That way, you can equip more Fatal Armors that are readily available for 200 Bronze Medals in the medal shop.

    ☆Armor Procs:

    Currently, you want to optimally balance your procs between constants, and reflects. Two constants is the maximum you can equip and still have take effect. Damage downs are plain, but do the trick.

    The best type of gear currently available is from limited time spawns that pop u

    ☆Must Have Weapon Procs:
    ★ Heart of the Archer: [All Procs available before fourth ring]
    ★ Heart of the Deadeye: [Increases abilities of Circle Snipe, High Circle Snipe, Lethal Strikes]
    ★ Fatal Testament: All hits of the casted Ability are Criticalled. [Note, the only increase from M, L, and XL, are proc chance.]
    ★Secret of the Arrow: [Boosts Circle Snipe, High Circle Snipe, Lethal Strikes, and Imaginary Shot]
    ★Secret of the Bow: [Boosts Marksman’s Abilities Imaginary Shot, Burkesnipe, Jinx, and all abilities boosted by Heart of the Archer]

    Essentially these skills are what you need to be a successful archer. Seeing as the set of abilities that offers you the highest potential damage is the Circle Snipe Set, you naturally choose weapon skills that boost those attacks. Heart of the Archer is essentially a deadeye. Fatal Testament is for the beautiful red and white numbers, or your “criticals”. The Latter two are more recently introduced and rather on the overpowered side. You can obtain exactly one Secret of the Bow proc from the Medal shop, exchangeable for 200 grand medals.

    Fatal procs at a higher frequency, but does not stack. So technically, being balanced or deadeye heavy will do you a large favor. Deadeyes and Archers stack as skills, but since Fatal is simply forcing all hits to crit, it cannot stack

    ★Light: Light Valkyrie, Nezha
    ★Dark: Lilith, Banshee, Dark Valkyrie, Aizen
    ★Wind: Shinatobe, Wind Valkyrie, Kirin
    ★Water: Water Valkyrie, Ephemeral Siren
    ★Fire: Kagutsuchi, Fire Valkyrie, Joan
    ★Haste: Fiine

    Monsters on the other hand, are the actual slap everything on. From each element, I personally chose a few of my favored spawn ones that are beneficial for archer and the party in PvE to list on this thread. They are mostly chosen for their Abilities.

    Wind will be your main “go to” element as an archer, especially if you choose to go glass cannon and take advantage of the physical and magical attack stats provided. To balance out your defenses, I recommend picking more Fire and Light monsters so that in total you have more physical defense than magic from your monsters.

    While Water element doesn’t offer any attack, it is still an element to consider. This is especially true if your defenses are lacking from your armor and hats. It is also viable to make up for a large amount of Wind unisons equipped.

    Fun Fact: While the 30 Cost monsters are good for stacking stats up high, they actually have the worst cost efficiency of all monsters. However, they are necessary stat sticks, so grab them during the short weeks their events are up!
    The one you will be aiming for is known as “Alice” obtainable from “Alice’s Adventures”

    If you want a full list with the monster’s abilities, you can visit Des’s lovely thread here:
    It is also a sticky thread so This one is fully update dated and my bae over there does the best she can
    Last edited by Mosaic; 08-25-2016, 12:01 PM.


    ☆As an archer, you have the wonderful capability of taking advantage of both +s on your weaponry. In doing so, you have more to gain from it than most other classes. [Soldier actually has the most to gain from plusing if they went pure defense for tanking.]

    After the standard issue of +198ing a monster to use for Unison in guild battles, most likely an Alice if you're a Crystal Breaker, you should move onto your weapons. While weapons can be phased out quickly, they also obtain the % boosts from your marksman passives as they are bows. I would only reccomend +ing up a weapon if you are certain you won't replace it and intend on infusing it even. Otherwise, the best use for your +ing would be another Alice.


    ☆ Infusions was a recent updates, and of course, Infuse them all <!> Anything you have dupes of, you may as well do that when you find free time. Just make sure you have enough to be able to sacrifice to improve one. [Ex. If you only have 6 bows, and 1 of them is a dupe, don't infuse it and leave yourself with five bows!] Infusion is already well explained so I won't do that here. If you don't have a dupe, you have to be very certain of what you want to infuse, because now you also need to use the currency of tears, which are actually quite limited, as the quests for farming them haven't come out. There are currently only 7 that have been given out if I am remembering correctly. However, you can obtain them by repeatedly clearing end game content like 55 APs. The game will initially give you a least a few to get started with. A good example of what you can infuse is the 30 medal Colosseum bow into the 50 Medal RGB Weapon Heron if you do not like the Cost Recovery Ability, since to be honest, it’s not the most useful thing on archers. This will cost 1 ether. I advise against infusions that cost more than one ether.

    I strongly suggest not infusing until you haev reached 150k+ gearscore, and know for sure which bows you will be taking permanently before you spend ethers on them.

    Trumpets: [Alice Blessing]
    ☆There was a new update which involves the blessing skills. Alice will give a 5% to each attack stat when you obtain her Weapon [100 medals], Dress and Hat [Rare drops from Dungeon]. They must be UR'd [orbs farmed from the preceding and overlapping event Flora] using two orbs each. The weapon will be 26 cost at UR and is pretty good. I personally recommend it when it comes out. Also, as the armor and such are farmable you can infuse them too <!> [That would be 14 Orbs though]

    Currently this event has already passed, but it will come back, even if for shorter times. I suggest having gems ready at the time when it reappears so you can farm. The Blessing is really nice, plus the Rabbit Defense Gear is a Physical damage down clothing! Which you don’t see much of c:. I personally did Alices dresses for cosmetics and such though~

    Once you obtain blessing, you will most likely be keeping it on main slot for essentially most scenarios aside from Collo.

    ☆Cost Allocation:

    Most archers need 180 in monsters, as they will be equipping 6 thirty costs (Read as 6 +198 Alices). Their weapons will be dependent on what costs you have, but just fit what you can. Once you satisfy your offensive requirements, you can pretty much go as you wish. Although, it is a good idea to keep cost you are not spending. [Ex. If you have no more UR helms/Armors with good skills, don’t spend cost just to obtain a rare or SR to slap on.] Since New Gear slots are bound to come soon, I would advise against recklessly spending. However, the archer of level 105 can probably stand to have 6:3:4:6.

    ☆Basic Gear and Ability Set Up: [PvE]

    Have a full Fatal and Deadeye set on weapons. It’s best to keep some semblance of balance in defenses, usually attempting to keep at least 25k is what to shoot for. The emphasis on this set, as accordance with Meta, tends to be Glass Cannon, with at least 40k in each offensive stat. As for abilities with this set, Hunt and Lethal Strikes are taken, and usually High Circle Snipe. If not, then it is used for a support ability, such as a heal or Balancing. The fourth slot is completely up to the wielder as well. Alice Blessing is also something to wear, so your main slots will be taken up by that for the additional 5% in both attacks. If you do not have Alice Blessing, then you should equip a Deadeye bow in your main slot, and then your main armors should be reflections.

    Ability Matchups that I just made up:

    Hunt Lethal High Circle Snipe Recover

    Hunt Lethal High Circle Snipe Ether Exchange

    Lethal Imaginary Recover Ether Exchange

    Lethal Jinx Imaginary Greater Healing

    For Monsters, as long as you bring one utility (Whether Haste, Valkyrie, or another good buff), you can pretty much get away with a bunch of Alices or other 30 costs as stat sticks. With the most common allotment being 180 cost in Monsters for Crystal Breaking, you really have no restriction with what to equip in terms of cost. Try to keep a decent amount of defense though! If you’re doing a hard dungeon, being one shot is no fun.

    ☆Basic Gear and Ability Set Up Pt. 2: [PvP]

    Personally playing Crystal Assault, I can confirm the fact that most guilds look for archers with 50/50 for their attack stats. For this set up, utility and defense is completely ignored and you simply boost your damage.This might mean having 15k in both defenses As a crystal assault, you will most likely miss on the unison buffs, so either bring your own [Wind of Courage] or simply rely on your procs. Most guilds rely on Wind of Courage to buff their archers against the crystal so they don’t hit like wet noodles.

    Aside from good procs, you want to equip as many fatals on as you can. If you do not have Alice Blessing, it’ll go in your main slots for armors, but if you do, just slap on as many in sub slot as possible. If you can’t come across any Fatal helms, I personally just put on some Magic/Physical Testament hats and call it a day.

    For CB, one slot will always most likely be taken up by Wind of Courage. Otherwise, take your guild’s pick between Lethal Strikes, High Circle Snipe, Imaginary, Ether Exchange, and whatever else! [Always wanted to try attack stance myself, but I get shot down faster than a dove, so someone test this for me!]

    As a Frontliner, the phrase “A Dead DPS is no DPS” applies. You want to make sure you have at least enough defense to be alive after one hit. A good minimum to shoot four would be 30k while still retaining around 40k Attack. Marksmen in the front lines have an advantage the first ~2 seconds, as they start off with 5 more cost than other classes. However, not many guilds would take a front line archer, as it is currently seen the only use for archers is in the backline. I actually recently frontlined as an archer just to troll my guild [Nearly then got kicked but eyyyy wurf]. I brought World Tree’s Blessing, Cheer, Heaven’s Breath, and Lethal Strikes. I had a good time, but can confirm not the most efficient way to run an archer.

    As a frontliner, you can sort of consider it like Collo, except you actually need to follow call commands unless you are 100% confident that by killing that one squishy lancer, you will become the savior of your team. Unison League is coordination!
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      CD : Cost
      Note: It is unspoken, but the Ranked GvG weapon, Caladrius’ skill (Heart of the Archer) procs on all the below skills that can proc.

      Hunt: 4 : 2
      Reduces the Aggro generated by your next Ability. 15% Chance of Nullifying next magic damage taken for 10 seconds.
      ☆Basic Attack: 5 : 5
      Hits 1 enemy for 60 Ability Power Physical Damage.
      Overall, a Hunt is a great ability to keep around. Surprisingly, that chance of nullification can save lives. Especially since our current event monster, Amaterasu, deals hard hitting magic attacks. Hunt also is the “combo” skill of the archer class, leading to a +30 AP increase per hit of single target attacks. It also, like in the Charged and Poison set, will increase the debuffs dished out.
      Meanwhile Basic Attack is mandatory, and although it seems self explanatory, you use it to finish off nearly dead enemies.

      Magical Defense:
      ★Dress Up: Levels 1-3. In total Increases Magic Defense of Clothing Gear by 15%.
      ★Hat Up: Levels 1-3. In total increases Magic Defense of Hat Gear by 15%.
      ☆Accuracy Boost:
      Increases hit chance of “Circle Snipe”, “High Circle snipe”, and “Lethal Strikes” by 20% when a bow or gun is equipped in your weapon main slot.
      ☆Healing Wind Boost:
      Increases the effect of “Healing Wind” and “World Tree’s Blessing” by 5% when a Bow or Gun is equipped in your main weapon slot.
      Rekt those bishes. +25 AP against them [+45 once Marksman]
      ☆Shot Up:
      A: Levels 1-2. In total increases Physical Attack of Bow and Gun Gear by 5%.
      B: Levels 1-2. In total increases Magical Attack of Bow and Gun Gear by 5%.
      ☆Shared Trait:
      Found at the end of each class ring. In total, increases Magic Defense by an additional 15%.
      Many of these abilities will be obtained along the way to getting the active skills you desire. Of course you should get them! The shared traits will be brought over to other classes you may decide to play, so it is exceptionally helpful. The Shot Ups are in the Marksman tree, and are actually the first attack boosts given to archers. Anti-Lancer is also amazing for allowing us to kill the most common class around (especially if you have higher magic attack, since lancers tend to have lower magic defense) [Don’t quote me on that though]. Accuracy boost is self explanatory, After all, who doesn’t want more arrows to hit? Healing Wind’s Boost on the other hand, makes the regen skills a uniquely Archer trait. This boosts the initial 5% for each skills to 10%, letting procs take it up to 40% heals. Archer or not, magic defenses are a must have; try spawning for more hats and clothings for higher gear score and stats, That is, if that request is even possible x3

      Circle Snipes: [Boosted by Heart of the Deadeye]
      ☆Circle Snipe 5 : 11
      Damages 1 enemy with Ability Power 80 one time Magical Damage and one time Physical Damage.
      ☆High Circle Snipe 6 : 12
      Damages 1 enemy with Ability Power 70 two times Magical Damage and two times Physical Damage. Chance to miss.
      Combo effect: When used after having used HUnt, Ability Power of the hits increased to 90. Chance to Miss.
      ☆Lethal Strikes 7 : 13
      Damages 1 enemy with Ability Power 60 three times Magical Damage and three times Physical Damage. Chance to miss.
      Combo effect: When used after having used HUnt, Ability Power of the hits increased to 80. Chance to Miss.
      Most Archers use this ability set as it boasts the highest potential damage in the game as well as low cool downs. I personally use this as well. However, this category of skills is also known to be fickle and proc dependent. The damage is boosted an amazing amount by Deadeye. Fatal, Physical, and Magical Testaments also apply. Circle Snipe is a pre-given ability and is not used too often. Most Archers run: Hunt, High Circle Snipe, Lethal Strikes, and some sort of support ability.

      Poison: [Boosted by Heart of the Poison]
      ☆Poison Attack 6 : 10
      Ability Power 110. damages 1 enemy with physical damage. 25% chance to poison target for 20 seconds.
      Combo effect: When used after Hunt, Ability Power increased to 140. Chance to Poison Target increased to 40%.
      ☆ Poison Assault 7 : 11
      Ability Power 120. Damages one enemy with physical damage. 25% Chance to Poison Target for 20 seconds.
      Combo Effect: When used after hunt, Ability Power increased to 150. Chance to Poison Target increased to 40%.
      ☆ Deadly Poison 8 : 12
      Ability Power 130. Damages 1 enemy with physical damage. 25% chance to poison Target for 20 seconds.
      Combo Effect: When used after Hunt, Ability Power increased to 160. Chance to Poison Target increased to 40%.
      This is the ability set notorious for being useless. I’m not going to deny this. Poison calculates as a percentage[5%] off of the enemy’s current HP. This means that as your party DPSes the boss down, you will get less and less damage from the ticks; there aren’t enough benefits to choose these abilities over the Circle Snipes. If perhaps poison wasn’t calculated as it was and did some consistent damage, this set would be made viable. Fatal and Physical Testament can proc on this set.

      Charged Abilities: [Boosted by Heart of the Charged]
      ☆ Charged Shot 4 : 10
      Ability Power 110. Damages 1 enemy with magic damage. Reduces Target’s Magic Attack by 10% for 40 seconds.
      Combo Effect: When used after Hunt, Ability Power increased to 140. Target’s Magic Attack reduction increased to 20%.
      ☆ Charged Snipe 5 : 11
      Ability Power 120. Damages 1 enemy with magic damage. Reduces Target’s Magic Attack by 10% for 40 seconds.
      Combo Effect: When used after having used Hunt, Ability Power Increased to 150. Reduction in Target’s Magic Attack increased to 20%
      ☆ Charged Rain 25 : 15
      Ability Power 70. Damages 1 enemy and its adjacent enemies with physical damage. Chance to hit 1-3 times.
      How to know if your archer is bad: They used Charged shot.

      Contrary to popular belief, this set isn’t useless EVERYWHERE. Despite the high ability power, the descriptions forgot to mention that the skill takes several seconds to cast. During these seconds, your character is rendered immobile and helpless. However, Charged shot offers an amazing magic attack debuff, especially against super strong magic attacking allies. The debuff can be stacked up to 80% and is the archer equivalent to the soldier’s physical attack debuff via Clash ability set.
      Fun Fact: If you cast one of these abilities before an enemy in GvG switches out, you could possibly kill them because the cast time is so slow. :3

      Healing Wind Abilities: [Boosted by Heart of Healing]
      ☆ Healing Wind 20 : 15
      Heals 1 ally for 5% of their maximum HP every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.
      ☆ World Tree’s Blessing 40 : 20
      Heals 1 ally and its adjacent allies for 5% of their maximum HP every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.
      While these abilities are mostly neglected outside of the colosseum in favor of Cleric heals, these two abilities can rack up BP points in the arena like crazy. When a proc occurs on this ability, it will bump up the regen rate to 40%. With a frequent tics every five seconds, out damaging the healing rates would be quite difficult. If either is cast before the start of a unison, the team can heal in between the hits of each monster, increasing your team’s survivability rate.

      Buffs and Debuffs:
      ☆ Defensive Buffs:
      ★ Forest Guardian 15 : 12
      Increases the Magic Defense of 1 ally and its adjacent allies by 10% for 60 seconds.
      ★ Spirit Guardian 25 : 15
      Increase Magic Defense of all allies by 10% for 60 seconds.
      ★ Soul Guardian 35 : 20
      Increase Magic Defense of all allies by 20% for 60 seconds.
      ☆ Wind of Courage: 40 : 25
      Increases the Attack and Magic Attack of all allies by 20% for 30 seconds.
      ☆ Balancing 40 : 20
      Removes Buffs from all enemies.
      Literally no one I know uses the Defensive buffs. This is mostly traced to the generic buff set of two Valkyries, rendering the defensive boosts useless in PvE. Wind of Courage, on the other hand, is useful in PvP for a Crystal Assault, especially on first assault when the team has yet to unison. It is also useful to add onto existing unison buffs if your guild did not achieve minimum 70% buffs to both attacks. Also, Balancing is god. Soldiers take it to wipe unison buffs in PvP, and monster buffs in PvE (rendering some incapable of one-shotting your team). Ex. Hecatoncheir [Hand to Victory], Dies [Harvest Time], Hraesvelgr [Sacred Tree’s Blessing]

      Marksman Unique Abilities:
      ☆Imaginary Shot 6 : 12
      Ability Power 80. Damages 1 enemy five times with magic or physical damage chosen randomly. Chance to Miss.
      ☆Jinx 15 : 14
      Ability Power 100. Damages 1 enemy and its adjacent allies with magic damage. 50% chance to curse [Prevent Healing] target for 30 seconds.
      ☆Burkesnipe 13 : 15
      Ability Power 110. Damages one enemy with once physical and once magic damage. Ignores target’s Physical and Magical Defense.
      These new abilities are what brings the new twist to the Archer skill set. It is important to note though, that Physical and Magical Testament cannot proc on Imaginary shot [Fatal still can], as the damage chosen is random. However, Imaginary procs on Heart of the Phantom, a weapon specifically for this skill. Many archers see Imaginary Shot as inferior to High Circle Snipe as the “non miss” passive does not apply to it. However, it does not require hunt, and therefore has a much faster cast speed. This makes it perfect for sniping down someone before they get healed.
      Jinx is useful in both PvE and PvP. In GvG, it prevents heals, and is the perfect block to World Tree’s Blessing. Meanwhile, when fighting monsters, it prevents things like Hraesvelgr’s healing ticks from Sacred Tree’s Blessing, which can be helpful towards clearing Ultimate Labyrinth faster.
      Burkesnipe fundamentally is a great skill as it completely ignores defense. It is good for shooting down the tankiest of enemies, such as soldiers, Golems, and Red Passa Kings. However Burkesnipe's cast time is ridiculously long, making it nonviable for most situations.
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        Common Questions:

        Imaginary Shot or High Circle Snipe?

        Well, let's look at the pros and cons of this. Let me straight say, in my eyes, it's completely situational. There is no "right" or "wrong" skill. It is personal choice and this should be highlighted.



        ☆ Faster Cast Speed [I can not stress enough how much time matters though]
        ☆ Doesn't need Hunt
        ☆ Has Higher Ability Power Values than a Hunted Circle Snipe


        ☆ Deadeye doesn’t help this skill, but once again, if you have those Secret Procs, use this skill to all **** by all means
        ☆ Needs a seperate weapon skill [Heart of the Phantom] that was limited time [iirc]
        ☆ Accuracy Boost does not work on this Skill
        ☆ Misses a lot
        ☆ Magical and Physical Testament cannot proc
        ☆ Is a marksman skill, so cannot be used if you temporarily switch to another class. Also costs more proficiency to obtain.

        High Circle Snipe:


        ☆ Works with Heart of the Deadeye, a skill most archers have that also works with Lethal Strikes. Deadeye is a very common ability on weapons.
        ☆ Accuracy Boost applies to this Skill
        ☆ Magical and Physical Testament can Proc
        ☆ Higher AP per hit, so clears defense barriers easier
        ☆ Takes relatively few proficiency to get, and most everyone has it.


        ☆ Slower Cast Speed [Due to using Hunt before hand]
        ☆Far lower AP value without Hunt
        ☆Hunt is necessary

        While this seems one sided, both are viable skills, though it is recommended that people with more Deadeye abilities go with High Circle Snipe. Imaginary tends to shine more in GvG when you want to cast a skill quickly, especially when finishing a target or rotating three skills as a crystal assault.

        Note on Hit/Miss Rates: HCS and LS ave a 70% hit rate due to the accuracy boost, while Imaginary shot is only 50%.

        What about Hunt?

        One thing no one brings up [Which I'm also pretty sure I'm the only that cares about it] is the chance to null magic damage hunt gives. It saves lives~~ 15% is not actually as bad as everyone says. [These were originally things other people said, and you can look back on the initial thread for who said what. Editted most of them except Nemu’s because he pretty much fancy talks like me ish]

        In terms of ap, hunt is the strongest ap to cost ratio, making it a very cost efficient choice.

        As an example:

        An archer with 40k atk/matk and a target with 30k def/mdef
        Without Hunt: LS would deal 3660 damage per arrow without procs, for a total of 21960 if all of them hit
        With Hunt: LS would deal 6780 damage per arrow without procs, for a total of 40680 if all of them hit
        Almost twice as much damage. All with spending just 2 more cost.

        Hunt is essentially an additional 120 AP of damage for 2 cost. Calculating miss rate, that's an average of 84 AP of damage added directly on top of your attack. This additional 120 AP is not reduced by defense, as your hit count does not increase (unless your enemy would have reduced over 60AP worth of damage).
        If you think dealing 42 AP per cost is a bad idea... you're wrong. Hardly any ability in in this game even has half of the cost efficiency of Hunt. Almost every single attack ability in the game rests between 12 to 21 AP per cost. That's why Hunt is such a broken ability and remains to be so. Now if you stack this on top of both Lethal Strikes and HCS...

        The only reason why an archer shouldn't use Hunt is so they can have a more flexible ability bar. If you're carrying Jinx, Burkesnipe, Wind of Courage, heals, etc. for utility purposes, you don't have room for Hunt.
        The only scenario where an Archer without Hunt will out damage is when they are cost dumping with thr
        ee attacks, but they will sorely do much less damage per cost.
        As for the PvP scenario, the reason why it works to not have hunt at crystal assault for back row archers is entirely because people are disregarding cost efficiency to deal as much damage as possible within a 45 second window after collecting 50+ cost by not participating in the front lines.
        Only reason people don't bring hunt is to cram very inefficient raw damage due to excess cost pool or to carry additional utility for the team.

        However, by taking Hunt, you ruin your chances at immediately bursting down an enemy. Those seconds can be precious, and time is the most valuable form of currency. The meta in this game revolves around 1 turning guild crystals, even if it is much harder with level 30 crystals, it can be done. Or as said before. for the sake of flexibility, Hunt can be dropped in favor of a second utility. (Ether ex + Purifying Light, Balancing, Heal)
        Hunt is no longer a mandatory skill for an archer. That is an important thing to keep in mind. While there are many benefits, at the end of the day, sometimes it hurts to take it.

        If you take ether exchange, you can solve most cost issues.

        In Conclusion:

        Archer is a highly versatile class. You have options and choices, and play how you personally want using the abilities in the class, and even the ones from other classes. Despite the abundance of glass cannon archers, there is more than one way a person can play archer. The most efficient archer is not only one who brings dps but also support to the table. They make great team players, and it is up to style and preference as to what abilities one may carry.

        And if this is the only part you read, then, just equip a few bows, equip the corresponding skills, hope you’re doing it right and call it a day =w=)b

        If you have any questions or want to obtain help or advice for your specific build, please feel free to message me in game and we can transfer over to LINE for picture usage. If you comment on this thread for correction or addition to the above or below information, I will add it in if it's addition (most likely without telling you since I don't find it that necessary) and for corrections, I will respond to you. If you request clarification, I will add then tag you with your answer if I have not given it in the guide, or just straight answer if for you c:
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          For you Nerds:

          (Credit Nemurerumori. Essentially the math dude calculated.)

          Proc Rates for Archers:

          *Quick note that this is not 100% accurate, but provides a decent guideline. Question Marks indicate a lot of uncertainty.

          **Time has passed since these tests were done so uh, take it with some idea, but don't trust it as gospel.

          Main Slot % : Sub Slot %


          Fatal Testament - 30 : 15
          Heart of Archer- 40 : 20
          Heart of Deadeye- ? : 10
          Alice's Favor- 40? : 20?
          Heart of Phantom- 40 : 20
          Secret of Bow- 40? : 20?
          Secret of Arrow- 40? : 20?

          Original if anyone cares, the changes are mostly formatting and additional clarity as well as a neatened up title:
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            Oh damm... This is soo much more information than the other one.

            It's like reading a book about archers.

            Also, I never played archer and I main cleric but can you add some things on how to fight against an Archer or how to play with an Archer? Some things you need to be wary of or things you need to be thinking about.

            Vice Versa with Archers fighting against other classes.


            • Mosaic
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              Haha, I didn't add that much more information! Only a few new sections. Working on a cost allocation one right now. The abilities section mostly covers how to play an archer, and fighting against archer's should be writing the other class' guides jobs<!>

              With other classes, it's mostly judgement of not hitting the guy with 110k defense, and playing cooperatively with your teammates<!> That means, no matter how tempting that squishy lancer is, you should follow your team's calls on who to kill first. On other notes, if you think your team is stupid, just play by anti-class then!

              It's very similar to any other class.

            I have a question on the last post about the average damage. Were they calculated or tested? If it was calculated, what is the hit rate for LS/HCS and IS? Maybe it's because I own XXL fatal bows, I just can never go back to HCS because the hit rate seems to be about the same. The speed is also another reason why I will go with IS; by finishing a skill faster, I may be able to dodge a hit. Not to mention occasionally I like to gamble on a monster that can reflect. That delay from HCS is be a killer.
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              It's calculated!

              Hit rate is 70% for LS/HCS and IS is 50% due to passives boosts.

            Marksman's Bow: Heart of the Phantom is permanent, along with the rest of its batch.

            +1 to this guide.
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              Archer One O TWO huh... in hindsight my Lancer 101 has gotten way too in depth and complex to be considered a 101. Too late to change things now. I think it's better to just merge this with your original guide to reduce clutter.
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                I'm asking Evan to desticky my old one and let it die ;; If it was destickied it would be put waaaaaay back but someone recently commented on it so idk ;;

              Originally posted by Mosaic View Post
              Of course, this is simply the most common cost allocation, 180 to monsters to be able to fit 6 180 cost monsters for crystal breaking
              bb I wanna know where you get 6 x 180 cost monsters :O looool XP


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                Whoops ty for catching that!

              I disagree with a lot of this guide, 60/60 attacks or go home and don't even think about bringing that poor excuse of an ability you call Hunt.

              But other than that illusion of choice the rest is good.

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                Des bb I'm going to have to spank you

              Sticky updated!

              Signature image courtesy ekichou.


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                Ty Evan<!>

              Originally posted by Mosaic View Post

              Fatal Testament - 30 : 15
              Heart of Archer- 40 : 20
              Heart of Deadeye- ? : 10
              Alice's Favor- 40? : 20?
              Heart of Phantom- 40 : 20
              Secret of Bow- 40? : 20?
              Secret of Arrow- 40? : 20?
              How much time did you spend trying to test this? Love this info!


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                It's changed a lot since then and would need retests

              • Mosaic
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                I'm just passing it on<!>

                The tester said it was only done casually if that helps xD

              • bgarretth
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                So... Would you suggest having a Heart of Archer, Fatal or Deadeye in the main slot basing it off these percentages?

                I like higher damage, but I sometimes I need to save my Guild with healing ;p
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              Actually, Imaginary Shot isn't 50%. It's at least 70%. Whether this is from the Accuracy Boost from Archers (and not having it in the description) or if Imaginary Shot just has a naturally higher hit rate, it's impossible to test since you can't use the skill with other classes. However, it isn't 50%.

              Here are my results from one trial of sample size 100 arrows in 20 runs of Wave 1 Labyrinth of Tartarus. I will do additional trials and post my results once I have time to try and pinpoint what the actual percentage rate is. CarmineCoffee also ran tests with Imaginary Shot and came to the same conclusion that it wasn't 50%.

              Runs with arrows hit.
              1. 3/5
              2. 8/10
              3. 12/15
              4. 16/20
              5. 19/25
              6. 22/30
              7. 26/35
              8. 30/40
              9. 33/45
              10. 38/50
              11. 43/55
              12. 46/60
              13. 50/65
              14. 53/70
              15. 58/75
              16. 60/80
              17. 63/85
              18. 66/90
              19. 71/95
              20. 74/100
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                My results from 200 trials each:

                IS: 78.2%
                LS: 80.1%

              • Mosaic
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                You mentioned you were finalizingg results with a larger sample size?

                Write me a 10 page papaer with your fianal results- jk.

                Tell me the final results and I'll put it in mmk?

              • boltthecat
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                So I tested IS without a bow, the rate is still about the same. It looks like it's natural accuracy is around 75%.

              I'm going to do some trials, maybe heart of phantom and secret of arrows may boost the rate too

              Stay tune!

              Ok, so I did 92 trials, here are my results for imaginary shot:
              Trials 91
              Hit 346
              Rate 0.76
              Phantom 9
              Hit 29
              Rate 0.644444
              SoA 29
              Hit 106
              Rate 0.731034
              No proc 55
              Hit 218
              Rate 0.792727273
              Trials = The number of trials, using one secret of the arrows and one heart of phantom in the subslot
              Phantom = heart of phantom
              SoA = Secret of the Arrows
              No proc = nothing proc'd
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                Thanks for testing! Also, I completely forgot you can remove the bow! So it does seem like natural accuracy afterall. 75% also sounds about right. I will do more testing this weekend!