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  • Mosaic
    started a topic Archer 102

    Archer 102

    HEADS UP: This information is only viable up until the release of 34 costs monsters and Fifth Ring. (Mostly because Fifth Ring is OP).

    If you want fifth ring info, I'm technically working on that (Mostly some nerd stuff testing now), but in fifth ring for CB skills use WOC, Arabesque, Qwaser. And the last skill is up to you but you should be able to perfectly use all cost with just those three skills. ) For Questing use Arabesque Qwaser EE and whatever else of your choosing. Essentially Fifth ring OP.


    I’m Mosaic. I’ve played Archer for quite some time, and since the last time I visited creating this guide, I’ve learned a lot. So I would like to update it I’ve been glad to hear that lots of people read this guide and it was able to help. In any event, I’ve originally put this together to help all new archers, and to improve the oddball switchover who I see every so often, and that goal has not changed. I will be leaving some sections intact, while editing and elaborating on others.

    If you want fancier credentials, I'm in the guild that won RGB in Season 5<?>. Not bad. Hue.

    My text is always stylistically over flowery, so please bear with me.

    Warning: This May be a Long Read, so i separated into a series of posts to be easier on the eyes.

    Class Overview:

    As stated by the game, the Archer class is
    A robust all-arounder, this class enjoys a well balanced composition with a wide range of attacks and high magic defense. The Archer can handle itself with confidence in all situations.

    The game is correct that Archer boasts arguably the highest versatility of any class. However, the current meta forces a lot of this versatility to be given up in favor of a pure glass cannon. The archer does indeed have passives that specifically boost magic defense, making it possible to stack less Magic Defense and instead, pool resources into another stat while still achieve relatively balanced defense. Once hitting 105, an Archer has ~53k hp [Between the pools of Lancer and Cleric]

    The Generality of Pros and Cons:

    Archers are broken.
    Yeah, broken by 200k Dual Swords.

    Uses both Magical and Physical Damage, leading them to be absolutely deadly on things once the defense barrier is cleared (Or break is Applied)
    Due to their Magical Attack, they can also provide sufficient Cleric Heals for themselves, their party is a bit of a stretch with cost management, but can be done
    Best Procs in the game 10/10
    Highest Potential Damage from stacking only damage.
    ☆Gains benefits from all buffs.
    ☆Anti-Class against most common class in game.
    Archers possess a wide range of support skills. World Tree’s Blessing, if run by multiple archers, can suffice as a healing for a full party, but I don’t particularly suggest you try this.
    ☆Possesses best damage under “broken” enemies.
    ☆Can equip a wide range of monsters for all sorts of utilities.
    ☆They have Hunt, leading into strong combos from already strong skills.

    In optimizing attack, many archers end up forgoing defense.
    ☆Almost as high as mages on the “To Kill List”, especially in Colloseum.
    ☆An extremely Proc dependent class.
    ☆Usually to optimize damage, archers run around with paper thin defenses.
    ☆Low Base AP. Multiple hit skills makes bypassing the defense wall difficult without procs.
    ☆Their anti-class is the class that is their natural enemy. Soldiers stack high defenses, so there is almost nothing one can do unless pray for a perfect proc and support from a teammate.
    ☆Soldiers are a lot more common now, so rest in peace with 200k dual swords.
    ☆It is laughably easy to kill yourself on reflect with this class, as archers possess some pretty slow skill animations.

    Gears, Equips, and Monsters:

    Originally posted by Fujin. View Post
    Oh yeah just slap anything on and call it an archer.
    While, unlike the quote stated above, you cannot actually slap ANYTHING on, a lot of gearing options are open to you as an archer.

    Currently, you have set amount of cost in the “end” this game, and when you allot ~180 to monsters and ~160 to weapons, you will have 182 to distribute between your hats and clothing.

    Of course, this is simply the most common cost allocation, 180 to monsters to be able to fit 6 30 cost monsters for crystal breaking, and then 160is a common amount for fitting in all six weapons. With the assumption you are using both Ranked Guild Battle Bows, or other higher cost weapons. Pull or manipulate as you see fit to optimize what you have yourself.


    Your passives as an archer directly boost your magic defense, so it tends to be most beneficial to obtain your magic defense from your hats and clothing. Pieces of gear that are hats and clothing do tend to give Magic Defense, giving you the most for less cost.

    It is more beneficial, especially if you play CB (Crystal Breaker), to be armor heavier in terms of cost. That way, you can equip more Fatal Armors that are readily available for 200 Bronze Medals in the medal shop.

    ☆Armor Procs:

    Currently, you want to optimally balance your procs between constants, and reflects. Two constants is the maximum you can equip and still have take effect. Damage downs are plain, but do the trick.

    The best type of gear currently available is from limited time spawns that pop u

    ☆Must Have Weapon Procs:
    ★ Heart of the Archer: [All Procs available before fourth ring]
    ★ Heart of the Deadeye: [Increases abilities of Circle Snipe, High Circle Snipe, Lethal Strikes]
    ★ Fatal Testament: All hits of the casted Ability are Criticalled. [Note, the only increase from M, L, and XL, are proc chance.]
    ★Secret of the Arrow: [Boosts Circle Snipe, High Circle Snipe, Lethal Strikes, and Imaginary Shot]
    ★Secret of the Bow: [Boosts Marksman’s Abilities Imaginary Shot, Burkesnipe, Jinx, and all abilities boosted by Heart of the Archer]

    Essentially these skills are what you need to be a successful archer. Seeing as the set of abilities that offers you the highest potential damage is the Circle Snipe Set, you naturally choose weapon skills that boost those attacks. Heart of the Archer is essentially a deadeye. Fatal Testament is for the beautiful red and white numbers, or your “criticals”. The Latter two are more recently introduced and rather on the overpowered side. You can obtain exactly one Secret of the Bow proc from the Medal shop, exchangeable for 200 grand medals.

    Fatal procs at a higher frequency, but does not stack. So technically, being balanced or deadeye heavy will do you a large favor. Deadeyes and Archers stack as skills, but since Fatal is simply forcing all hits to crit, it cannot stack

    ★Light: Light Valkyrie, Nezha
    ★Dark: Lilith, Banshee, Dark Valkyrie, Aizen
    ★Wind: Shinatobe, Wind Valkyrie, Kirin
    ★Water: Water Valkyrie, Ephemeral Siren
    ★Fire: Kagutsuchi, Fire Valkyrie, Joan
    ★Haste: Fiine

    Monsters on the other hand, are the actual slap everything on. From each element, I personally chose a few of my favored spawn ones that are beneficial for archer and the party in PvE to list on this thread. They are mostly chosen for their Abilities.

    Wind will be your main “go to” element as an archer, especially if you choose to go glass cannon and take advantage of the physical and magical attack stats provided. To balance out your defenses, I recommend picking more Fire and Light monsters so that in total you have more physical defense than magic from your monsters.

    While Water element doesn’t offer any attack, it is still an element to consider. This is especially true if your defenses are lacking from your armor and hats. It is also viable to make up for a large amount of Wind unisons equipped.

    Fun Fact: While the 30 Cost monsters are good for stacking stats up high, they actually have the worst cost efficiency of all monsters. However, they are necessary stat sticks, so grab them during the short weeks their events are up!
    The one you will be aiming for is known as “Alice” obtainable from “Alice’s Adventures”

    If you want a full list with the monster’s abilities, you can visit Des’s lovely thread here:
    It is also a sticky thread so This one is fully update dated and my bae over there does the best she can
    Last edited by Mosaic; 08-25-2016, 12:01 PM.

  • Darkjoshi
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    Well, Thats right.
    If i could ill would write a guide Or AT least an update Or Something but my language Skills in English are to bad

  • BlueDragonSonder
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    Einescii Thank you <3

  • Einescii
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    newer archer guide
    Also, Mosaic is retired

  • Savatar
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    Its just outdated and wont be updated if you wanna say that why dont you make a guide that gets sticked but you you are right its no good anymore but as for new people not really new people are still new this mostly applys to them its still good for them its only by the time they get to the new stuff they should have friends or newer guides to guide them to the right place if they are not like me

  • Darkjoshi
    Why is this still Sticky topic? It is a good guide, beside the stuff about hunt, but Its to old.
    Its not nearly actually.

    There 2 New Attacks, and new slots for gear cause max lvl 150 so the cost calculation is wrong Too.

    There are new weapon skills.

    Pls update this post cause thats Really confusing for new peeps

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  • Shadow_Umbreon
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    That sounds like a great Idea xD I might do it Mosaic

  • Mosaic
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    I've quit awhile ago, sorry to disappoint. '^^

    Maybe you should try to write a guide yourself! Writing to inform does not need an exclusive membership. Ask friends and other players you know to collect any information you don't have yourself, and just try your best!

  • Shadow_Umbreon
    Lmao still waiting for that Sniper Update XD Deadly BBQ is Overpowered

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  • Noggins
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    Reflect for pvp and Damage Down for pve.

  • BlitzJager
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    I'm not an archer main but I like Reflection. I also use 2 (M)DEF constants. The only way I'd see myself using Damage Down would be if it was for both atk and matk. Is there such a thing?

    Currently using 4xReflection, 4x phys/mag reflect, 2x constant def/mdef (Depending on class). I like even numbers so my next armour will probably be a Damage Down... Or Reflection
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  • Bevgebra
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    I have a mixture of both but I really like the reflect ones cuz I get to indirectly injure people. It's great

  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    I keep asking this in chats but nobody answers me bahahaha

    Should I be focusing my armors on Reflects or Damage downs? I have a lot of both, but I'm not 100% sure what I should be using. Some people tell me Damage Downs and others tell me Reflects. Opinions please? ;-;

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  • KatsuXT
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    That's a very sad news
    When I was a noob Archer I learned so much from reading your guide and I've become much better because of it so thank you
    Good luck in you after UL life!

  • Kuroi
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    :c goodbye mosa you will be missed