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    Lmao still waiting for that Sniper Update XD Deadly BBQ is Overpowered
    FW || Shaded Umber, Shadow_Umbreon, DP || Shadow, ->KJ<- Shadow, Topaz Shadow
    ID: 2104982927
    Sniper: 702k
    Lichtkreis is goals <3
    Chloe <3


    • Mosaic
      Mosaic commented
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      I've quit awhile ago, sorry to disappoint. '^^

      Maybe you should try to write a guide yourself! Writing to inform does not need an exclusive membership. Ask friends and other players you know to collect any information you don't have yourself, and just try your best!

    • Shadow_Umbreon
      Shadow_Umbreon commented
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      That sounds like a great Idea xD I might do it Mosaic

    Why is this still Sticky topic? It is a good guide, beside the stuff about hunt, but Its to old.
    Its not nearly actually.

    There 2 New Attacks, and new slots for gear cause max lvl 150 so the cost calculation is wrong Too.

    There are new weapon skills.

    Pls update this post cause thats Really confusing for new peeps


    • Einescii
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      newer archer guide
      Also, Mosaic is retired

    • BlueDragonSonder
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      Einescii Thank you <3

    • Darkjoshi
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      Well, Thats right.
      If i could ill would write a guide Or AT least an update Or Something but my language Skills in English are to bad