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Feasibilty of an Anti-Mage Soldier

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    Feasibilty of an Anti-Mage Soldier

    How feasible for a Soldier/General to be an anti-Mage? Would it take Reflect-related procs and skilled armors? Can it be done on its own? Or needed 2-3 more people for a Soldier to deliver final blows against a mage? Usually of a tanky kind (High PDEF + High MATK, hence being the Magical Tank by firepower).
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    An equally geared player should always lose vs its anti-class.

    Only thing you can do is stack Magic Reflects and pray for the best.

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      my sword will cut down the mages before me...and then i die to hot rocks :<


      • Hatsya Souji
        Hatsya Souji commented
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        If my whole 2016~2017 gemspawning will keep spitting Lux Axe 5++ more times at me (carry 2 of it, maximally infused, along with Secret of the Sword, and Heart of the Soldier), I'll be a happy camper. I wanna play a violent baseball with a mage's hot rocks.

      • Tesuna
        Tesuna commented
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        Hatsya Souji make a reflect set
        its fun having 9-10 stack reflect

      • Hatsya Souji
        Hatsya Souji commented
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        2x (3x Infused by same copies of the axe) Axe of Lux Lv5 Heart of Reflect XL
        that 200 legend medal Secret of the Sword-skilled sword
        Hero's Triumph Axe / that blue axe

        :: ::

        Probably pray, draw for RNGesus to give you Reflect, Phys Reflect, and Magic Reflect armors? (Scifi, Chosen Drake, ...???)

      My ears perked up when I saw the title for this thread lol. As I've been wondering if this was possible myself. Unfortunately when it comes to mages it seems like there isn't much we can do.

      7-9 stacks of reflect is nice at deterring a mage from raining down fiery hot rocks upon you lol. But in my experience a smart mage will just leave you alone and bully another player once reflect pops. But depending where your standing in formation when you have reflect active, you might make a mage second guess using that AOE Meteor.

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        Well..there is always the somewhat forbidden Cost 35 Veluda Gear that IF it procs can null mag damage and Reflect-based gear, but in general (no pun intended) RIP.

        If anything the closest you can to being (not anti-butdamnannoying) against mages is probably an even Mdef and Def score, where you specialize in building those two up and suffer in the ATT score while carrying something like Divine Smash(4th ring first skill), and Dual Sword. That's the most likely scenario I can come up with. Basically what you would need to do is buff up your defenses so that when you use those two moves, your main modifying damage will come from your Def
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