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On Constant Damage Reduction Skills

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    On Constant Damage Reduction Skills

    I know that constant damage down effects are quite strong, but can anybody tell me what the difference is between Damage Reduction and Armor Up? Damage Reduction reduces damage taken from both physical and magic attacks, where as Physical Armor Up and Magic Armor Up reduce damage from their respective types. I would assume that Damage Reduction does both, but has a weaker effect, but then how much weaker is it? Would it be stronger to have two Damage Reduction XLs or to have one Physical Armor Up XL and one Magic Armor Up XL?

    I'm surprised no one has come to answer your question sooner. Basically, Damage Reduction XL reduces damage by 10% at skill level 5. Having two Damage Reduction XL's nets you an approximate 20% damage reduction boost from all non-piercing attacks. Indeed, you are right in respect to the Armor Up's giving higher individual percentages. The Armor Up skill nets you roughly 15% approximate damage reduction for the specified attack type; therefore, two Armor Up's of the same attack type net an approximate 30% damage reduction for such type. A set utilizing Damage Reduction XL's has always seemed to be more viable than a set up using Armor Up's; however, don't let this discourage you from using Armor Up's because they are more viable when dealing with a single damage type class.


      Lv5 is 10% damage reduction for both physical and magical damage taken. Stacks additively with Barrier & Guard.
      Lv7 is 15% damage reduction for both physical and magical damage taken. Stacks additively with Barrier & Guard.

      Armor Up specifies either physical OR magical. Does not have a higher % value.

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