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Spawning Help (Step Up Spawns with Featured [Platinum] Series Gear)

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    Spawning Help (Step Up Spawns with Featured [Platinum] Series Gear)

    All the featured gear look good, and you can get one of them for 60 gems. I have saved 200 by now and I am tempted to do this. The exclusive abilities on the weapons also look good. I main archer but I am beginning to build up my other classes (magic bias, mage is my 2nd). How many times should one do this? Should I save?

    Thanks as always guys

    i'm just passing by, but :

    kinda would depend on what you want and what you already have

    for me, having one or two good monster is the most important thing (help more than one weapon in most quest/event, depend on elemental lock on mobs a little tho too)

    since you saved a lot, I would say do a full step and see what you get, you will still have 140+ gems wich should be enought if another sure mobs spawn come, or for most thing other than new fresh treasure monster
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    • ehnoymanoy
      ehnoymanoy commented
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      Oh I only have 1 cost 36 gun and 2 cost 37 hats

      As for monsters, I have 2 cost 37 monsters (Wind Lady with Blade and Younger version of Mitsu) from previous step ups

      I might just save

      Perhaps do the new collab ones?

    • niconutela
      niconutela commented
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      the whole first part of the collab spawn isn't realy nice, I would say save for 2nd part, it most likely can't be worst than the first

      child mitsu is a nice hero, worth of spaming (watchout not to get x2 hero debuff if no heal up blue gear, or buff from other monster)

      I looked at the tournament replay, and a lot of top guild used those skill asap (archer one is like a compressed mini wind of courage), so if you pass it, be sure to not have futur regret (could end up with anything tho, a weapon you don't want...)

      weapon should come without much problem from event farming and monthly 200 recycle coins class weapon tickets, might take time, but safer/cheaper depending on what you aim to do (pve/pvp)